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ARC 2014 SWIFT Cloud Porfolio


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An update about SWIFT's cloud ortfolio

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ARC 2014 SWIFT Cloud Porfolio

  1. 1. SWIFT Cloud Portfolio Simplifying your SWIFT Environment François AMEGUIDE June 2014
  2. 2. Solutions Alliance Lite2 Alliance Converter Alliance Lifeline Alliance Remote Gateway 2
  3. 3. Introducing Alliance Lite2 The easiest way to use SWIFT
  4. 4. Introducing Alliance Lite2 4 Alliance Lite2 provides a simple, secure, cloud-based SWIFT messaging solution
  5. 5. Alliance Lite2 – Light footprint 5 1 2 3 Standard broadband Internet connection Standard Internet Explorer browser Standard Windows PC / laptop 4 SWIFT security tokens (USB)
  6. 6. Alliance Lite2 6 Secure workflow SWIFTNet Interface USB Token to sign messages and files Secure connection Automated File Transfer SWIFT Community All SWIFTNet flows Browser screens Customer Premises Internet or Alliance Connect VPN SWIFT Network Financial Institutions Alliance Lite2 Servers Secure server Network SWIFT Operating Centres How Alliance Lite2 works
  7. 7. Alliance Lite2 – Highlights 7 Easiest way to connect to SWIFT Cloud-based, with a light footprint Peace of mind with SWIFT’s world-class security, reliability, service and support Suitable for manual and automated operations for most message volumes Low start-up cost and usage-based pricing
  8. 8. Alliance Lite2 – extensive services offering 8 • Requirements assessment and solution design • Customisation to your specific needs • Remote installation • User tutorial • End-to-end project management ‘Turnkey’ Setup • Additional configuration changes • RMA management • Other options available – ask your SWIFT representative Additional options* Operational • Standard+ Support (Global 24/7/365) • Fully managed, highly resilient SWIFT Operating Centre • Includes two standard configuration change requests annually at no extra charge *Additional charges will apply
  9. 9. Alliance Lite2 Pricing Messages and files sent are charged as per standard SWIFT prices  9 No surprises, all inclusive One-time setup fee All-inclusive monthly subscription fee based on usage
  10. 10. 10 Full-featured, secure & reliable All SWIFT message types and files, all SWIFT Browse services Light footprint In the Cloud: No heavy infrastructure to maintain Peace of Mind World-class security, reliability and support
  11. 11. Alliance Converter Makes linking your systems to Lite2 easy
  12. 12. The drivers for integration solutions • Business applications are not designed to connect to SWIFTNet • Discrepancy between internal message formats and SWIFT formats • Applications are updated annually because of new standards releases • Specialised SWIFT skills are hard to find • Complications are multiplied: multiple systems, multiple internal and external teams involved 12 ? Customer world Lite2 world Lite2 AutoClient Lite2Alliance Converter
  13. 13. Benefits of the Converter No extra machine No need to update your own systems Less risk in implementing SWIFT End-to-end SWIFT products and services offering for end-to-end SWIFT communication Footprint and TCO reduction Exchange proprietary messages with SWIFT One stop shop solution model Smooth integration with Lite2 13 Perfect match with the AutoClient, Lite2’s local footprint Enables SWIFT in the cloud !
  14. 14. Summary • Connecting to SWIFT in the cloud is now possible for all who need it • The Integration of business applications through Alliance Converter makes this possible • Only SWIFT can offer a true end-to-end solution - from the network to your business application • Alliance Converter offers key benefits Uses the SWIFT know-how Leverages Alliance Lite2 to do the messaging Offers powerful translation capabilities Handles SWIFT syntax and protocols 14
  15. 15. Alliance Lifeline Stay connected to SWIFT no matter what happens
  16. 16. Introducing Alliance Lifeline 16 Alliance Lifeline keeps you connected to SWIFT no matter what happens
  17. 17. Alliance Lifeline could be right for you if … • Inability to exchange SWIFT messages could have severe financial or reputational consequences for your business • You want additional protection in case your connection to SWIFT becomes unavailable • You need an alternative connection in order to comply with regulatory requirements • You like the flexibility of having a subscription-based emergency connection without the need for additional upfront investment • You’re a remote office and you want a backup solution in case you cannot connect to SWIFT via your head office 17
  18. 18. What is Alliance Lifeline? 18 Internet Optional: Alliance Connect Alliance Lifeline HSMInterface MV-SIPN Connect to SWIFT via Alliance Lifeline Browsers @ AutoClient Primary / backup / DR infrastructure at customer site Alliance Lifeline light ‘footprint’ at customer site Application When your main SWIFT connection becomes unavailable
  19. 19. Alliance Lifeline – Light footprint 19 1 2 3 Standard broadband Internet connection *Option to connect using VPN Standard Internet Explorer browser Standard Windows PC / laptop 4 SWIFT security tokens (USB)
  20. 20. Alliance Lifeline – Highlights 20 Always ready, activated on demand All SWIFT message types and standards Peace of mind with SWIFT’s world-class security, reliability, service and support Manual and automated operations Cost-effective cold standby solution
  21. 21. Alliance Lifeline – Activation process • The Alliance Lifeline user interface (GUI) is always available • The SWIFT connection is dormant and must be activated to be used In case of emergency / disaster: • You must contact SWIFT to request activation of your connection • You can already prepare messages so they are ready to send • SWIFT validates your request in line with normal security procedures and activates your connection • Your connection remains live until you ask SWIFT to deactivate it* * A daily usage fee will apply for each day your connection is active 21
  22. 22. Alliance Lifeline Pricing 22 No surprises, all inclusive One-time setup fee All-inclusive annual subscription fee Sent messages and files are charged at standard SWIFT prices Daily usage fee when service is activated 2 days per year free of charge to allow testing 
  23. 23. 23 Light footprint Private cloud based fallback solution (in case of disaster) Peace of Mind 24/7/365 activation on request Full-featured All SWIFT message types, standards and Browse services
  24. 24. Alliance Remote Gateway Your Alliance Gateway hosted by SWIFT
  25. 25. 25 Alliance Remote Gateway drastically simplifies your SWIFT infrastructure
  26. 26. What is Alliance Remote Gateway? 26 Alliance Connect Alliance Access or Alliance Entry HSMs Alliance Gateway Customer premises SWIFT Customer premises Customer premises Alliance Remote Gateway Back-office applications Replace your Gateways, SNLs, HSMs Alliance Connect* * All Alliance Connect versions are supported (Bronze / Silver / Silver+ / Gold), optional internet
  27. 27. Alliance Remote Gateway – Light footprint 2 SWIFT security tokens (USB) * support for software certificates coming soon 1 SWIFT VPN boxes (Alliance Connect) • All options supported (Bronze/Silver/Silver+/Gold) allowing to connect using leased lines and/or internet • Secure & reliable, with resiliency built-in 3 Alliance Access or Entry on Windows, Linux, AIX and Oracle Solaris Simplify your systems: • No need to run Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link or HSMs at your premises • No need for additional software (Alliance Access and Entry have built-in support for Alliance Remote Gateway) 27
  28. 28. Alliance Remote Gateway – Highlights 28 Alliance Gateway hosted by SWIFT Peace of mind through SWIFT’s highly secure and reliable operations and support Less complexity, effort, and infrastructure for you No change to features, screens and integration capabilities of Access or Entry All SWIFT messages, all SWIFT flows including FIN, InterAct, FileAct and Browse
  29. 29. Alliance Remote Gateway Pricing Messages and files sent are charged as per standard SWIFT prices  29 One-time setup fee Yearly subscription fee replaces Alliance Gateway, SNL & HSM yearly fees Contact your SWIFT representative for an offer
  30. 30. Setup and Support Services 30 • Remote setup and assistance with activation • End-to-end migration management • Customisation to your specific needs (*) Setup • Assistance with migrating FTA/FTI from Alliance Gateway to Alliance Access (*) • Other options available – ask your SWIFT representative (*) Additional options (*) Operations / Support • Standard+ Support (Global 24*7*365) • Highly secure and reliable SWIFT Operating Centres (*) Additional charges will apply
  31. 31. 31 Cost-effective Save money by letting SWIFT host technical components Highly secure Designed and operated by SWIFT Full-featured All SWIFT message types, SWIFTNet flows and Browse services
  32. 32. 32 Questions? ?
  33. 33. Thank you! 33 Merci!