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Standards Moscow 2013 MyStandards

  1. 1. SWIFT Standards ForumMoscow 2013MyStandardsMatthieu de Heering, Head of Russia, CIS andMongolia, SWIFTMoscow, 11 April 2013
  2. 2. Market Infrastructures Corporates Manage releases Understand and implement specificationsProvide usage guidelines Provide usage guidelines Set and follow market practice Market Practice Groups Correspondents 2
  3. 3. Market Infrastructures Corporates Manage releases Costly Understand and implement specificationsProvide usage guidelines Prone to errors Resource-intensive Provide usage guidelines Set and follow market practice Time consuming Market Practice Groups Correspondents 3
  4. 4. Managing standards with MyStandards Content … a collaborative web platform MyStandards to better manage standards definitions and usagein the financial industry Features 4
  5. 5. Centralize all of your standards-related information on-line Content Base Standards: SWIFT MT/MX/ISO 20022Contributors ISO 20022 Global market practices Market Market Local market practices infrastructures practice groups Bilateral guidelines Financial Internal specifications institutions 5
  6. 6. Manage your standards processes with a set of powerful features Browse Capture guidelinesAnalyse Publish Implement Collaborate 6 Features
  7. 7. MyStandards – there for everyone Market practice groups Financial Market institutions infrastructuresB usiness analysts S tandards implementers P roduct managers O perations staff 7
  8. 8. Enhancing customer service Improve quality Easy for customers to access information Enhancing Easy to maintain customer your guidelinescommunication Easy to stay aligned with industry guidelinesSave cost and time Enhance collaboration Reduce risk 8
  9. 9. Standards for MIs – the challenges How to capture and maintain the usage guidelines ?Where can I findthe latest version ofspecifications – as How to managewell as the latest releases?base standards? MemberDo I need toplough throughendlessdocuments? MemberHow can Iaccelerateimplementation? How to ensure How to share compliance with information with my guidelines? 9 Member my customers?
  10. 10. MyStandards for MIs – the solution Increase internal efficiency Formalize and accelerate Understand and find all creation and maintenance specifications on-line of guidelines using a single channel Automate release and guidelines analysis CSD/FIReceive customized and consistent documentation for all MyStandards specifications (PDF, Excel) CSD/FI Efficientlyimplement specifications Share usage guidelines using (schema’s) a single channel Facilitate compliance of usage guidelines CSD/FI Improve customer service10
  11. 11. Managing releases and analysing guidelines Improve qualityReduce effort and time toanalyse releases IncreasingConsult and analyse guidelines internal efficiencyAutomate implementation ofguidelines and standardsSave cost and time Enhance collaboration Reduce risk 11
  12. 12. Available licenses Basic Content and basic features service MT/MX/ ISO 20022 Browsing Public & shared usage Collaboration PDF generation guidelines Premium service Advanced features Capture & Excel & Analytical maintain schema framework generation guidelines 12
  13. 13. Premium customers Market practice groups Financial Market institutions infrastructures Funds MPGs SWIFT for corporates (CGI and SCORE)
  14. 14. Explore MyStandards now Log in Browse Contact us with your the if you like1 2 3 base to evaluate credentials standards and the platform or register public market for your as a new practice organisation user information 14
  15. 15. Available servicesCapturingguidelines Set-up of repository and governance High quality roll-out of MyStandards in your organisation 15
  16. 16. Centralise all your standards information Automate Improve user-friendly release documentationmanagement Standards made simple MyStandards Enable efficient Streamlinecollaboration usage guidelines management Speed up accurate implementation 16