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SOFE 2013 - My Standards: simplify the implementation of industry specifications

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Sofe2013 my standards_simplify_v1

  1. 1. MyStandards Simplify the implementation of industry specifications SWIFT Operations Forum - EMEA Marc Delbaere & Stijn Muys 27-29 November 2013 Amsterdam
  2. 2. Session objectives • How can MyStandards simplify the analysis to implementation life-cycle of industry specifications • Understand the immediate practical benefits gained from the toolset • Targeting business analysts, implementation project/programme managers • Interact and give real-life examples or share any platform improvements 2
  3. 3. Agenda • Platform Overview – MyStandards – Readiness Portal • Readiness Portal for T2S • Focus on finding, analysing and implementing specifications 3
  4. 4. Managing Industry Formats – The Challenges Manage change Find information Industry Inefficiency IT / Business consistency Manage variation Maintain documentation 4
  5. 5. MyStandards Content … a collaborative web platform MyStandards … to better manage standards in the financial industry Features 5
  6. 6. MyStandards – Bringing Structure Content Base Standards: MT/MX/ISO 20022 Market practices F ormal Implementation guidelines A ccessible Bilateral guidelines C onsistent T argeted Internal specifications 6
  7. 7. Premium customers MyStandards – Reaching Critical Mass Market Infrastructures Financial Institutions Market Practice Groups 28 premium organisations 25 market practice groups 6000+ registered users 7
  8. 8. MyStandards – Value Proposition Consume industry specs Increase Internal Efficiency Publish for your customers Reduce Costs Manage your own specs Improve Customer Experience 8
  9. 9. Consume Reduce Costs industry specs 15022 MI Specifications Funds Migration 20022 Standards Release T2S Analyse Implement FI Specifications SEPA Third Party Specifications Test Analytical framework Machine-readable formats Readiness Portal for T2S [Q1 2014] Reducing costs of consuming industry specifications. 9
  10. 10. Increase Internal Efficiency Back Office Systems Manage your own specs Analyse Impact analysis Maintain Comparison and migration Test Readiness Portal [In pilot] Service Definitions Instruments Bilateral Agreements Regional flavours Increasing internal efficiency for business analysis and IT delivery teams. 10
  11. 11. Improve Customer Experience Publish for your customers Service Definitions Document Instruments Bilateral Agreements Regional flavours Distribute Test Consistent documentation Secure collaborative platform Readiness Portal [In pilot] Improving customer satisfaction, streamlining product and customer service experience. 11
  12. 12. MyStandards Readiness Portal New Product MT/MX ISO 20022 YOU MyStandards Internet Portal Publish specifications YOUR CUSTOMERS Test against specifications Monitor process (dashboards) Currently in pilot. Commercial availability: January 2014 12
  13. 13. Consume industry specs Reduce Costs 13
  14. 14. MyStandards for the Standards Release • All Base Standards content is available o Both MT and MX • Consistent look and feel • Contextual and clear Change Request info • Diverse output formats: Online, PDF, Excel and XML Schemas • Different views on the same content facilitate hand-over activities 14
  15. 15. MyStandards for Industry Specifications • Central platform with real industry traction o Large scale industry initiatives (like T2S, Funds Migration) o Market Practice and harmonisation efforts (like SMPG, CGI) o Market Infrastructure communities (like Euroclear, Clearstream) Find, Analyse, Implement, Test 15
  16. 16. MyStandards Readiness Portal for T2S New Product ISO 20022 DiCoA T2S Validate Message Validator Simulate Scenario Simulator Commercial availability: Q1 2014 16
  17. 17. Q&A 17
  18. 18. Conclusions and Next Steps • Highlighted the value of the fit-for-purpose features leveraging the single gold source of formal and structured content. • Log in and try it out today: • We are continuing our dialogue with the community and welcome any feedback. Contact us at 18
  19. 19. Thank you 19
  20. 20. Back-up Slides 20
  21. 21. T2S Specs in MyStandards Analyse • Official T2S Specs • Simple on-line reference • Downloadable documentation • Analytical features • Collaboration 21
  22. 22. Message Validator Validate • Single instance or batch • Reference data • Test history • Available now (pilot) 22
  23. 23. Validation Report • • • • Validate Clear identification of errors Link to documentation in Mystandards In-line editing Coverage analysis 23
  24. 24. Scenario simulator Flow view Simulate Compact view • Validate entry messages based on specific scenario constraints • Generate response messages • Reporting on progress 24
  25. 25. Business scenarios Business process Securities settlement lifecycle Current priorities Scenario Basic transaction lifecycle (before matching) Basic transaction lifecycle (already matched) Maintenance lifecycle Allegement process (including allegement removal) Messages used sese.023, sese.024, sese.025 sese.023, sese.024, sese.025 sese.028, sese.029 Amendment before settlement Amendment after partial settlement sese.023, sese.024, sese.030, sese.031 Party Hold and Release sese.023, sese.024, sese.025, sese.030, sese.031 CSD Hold and Release sese.023, sese.024, sese.030, sese.031 CSD Hold / CSD Validation hold/ CSD validation hold cancellation Cancellation before matching sese.020, sese.023, sese.024, sese.027, sese.030, sese.031 Cancellation after matching and before settlement sese.020, sese.023, sese.024, sese.027 Conditional settlement: creation and execution of hold instruction Conditional settlement: instruction cancellation semt.015, sese.023, sese.024, sese.031 Intra-position management process Restriction type “reservation”: set-up, increase, use, direct debit Restriction type “blocking”: set-up, direct debit semt.013, semt.014, semt.015 Restriction type “earmarking”: receipt within earmarked position Restriction lifecycle sese.023, sese.024, sese.030, sese.031 semt.013, semt.014, semt.015, sese.023, sese.024, sese.025 sese.020, sese.023, sese.024, sese.027 sese.020, sese.024, sese.027 semt.013, semt.014, semt.015, sese.023, sese.024, sese.025 semt.013, semt.014, semt.015, sese.023 The same T2S message definition comes in multiple scenario-specific flavours 25