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NYBF 2014 - Business Intelligence & SWIFTRef


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NYBF 2014 - Business Intelligence & SWIFTRef

  1. 1. Business Intelligence & SWIFTRef New York Business Forum Joanna Beer & Chetan Cariappa 4 March 2014
  2. 2. Business Intelligence roadmap Mining the unique SWIFT data and beyond 2 Economics BI for Compli- ance Value added analysis (services) RMB tracker* Publishing tools (products) Existing Exploration Development Global Transaction Banking Compliance Securities Treasury Others SWIFT Index Currency Index Watch Value Analyser Watch Securities Analyser Watch Insights for Secur. Watch Insights for C.B.** Intraday liquidity reporting BI Consulting Services Central B. balance of payments Watch Traffic Analysers Enriched data Billing Analyser Message cost An. * Additional trackers are under investigation. Examples: Asean, Trade finance ** Correspondent Banking NEW
  3. 3. Watch Analytics today Watch Analytics migration – Community Webinar 3 • Playground of data • Cloud platform - Zero footprint logic • Help you make fact based decisions • Different types of Analytics
  4. 4. For Payments:  The details of charges specify which party will bear the charges for the transaction  The Initial Ordering country field and the End Beneficiary country specifies the financial institution of the ordering customer and the financial institution which services the account for the beneficiary customer End Beneficiary countries for MT103 in EUR sent by France For Trade Finance:  The Tenor is the length of the letters of credit taking the Expiry date minus the issuing date or the MT sent date.  The Confirmation of the Letters of Credit (LC’s) field contains confirmation instructions for the Receiver * Visuals on this page are built on fake datasetsWatch Analytics migration – Community Webinar 4 Watch Analytics Data Enrichments through Services
  5. 5. Compliance workshop 5 Help Banks identify possible anomalies in their transaction activities by • Providing an overview of the overall context through SWIFT total activities • Providing a comprehensive view of a bank’s transaction activities, across all subsidiaries, with all their correspondents • Helping banks analyse their transactions by benchmarking vs SWIFT totals, vs peers • Providing risk analysis tools/visuals and alerting mechanisms to help detect potential anomalies Objective Compliance Analytics Leveraging SWIFT traffic data for risk monitoring RISK MONITORING
  6. 6. swiftref The new name in reference data Visit us at
  7. 7. Who’s the USD- correspondent of Afriland Bank Is this BIC still active? Your needs.. Which BIC belongs to this IBAN? What is the national clearing code of Bank of Taiwan ? What is the ownership of Stuttgart Bank ? Which IBAN and BIC correspond to my suppliers’ local account? What is the BIC of Banco Real? How do I build a Bank Master in SAP? Is this IBAN valid?
  8. 8. SWIFTRef - purpose SWIFTNet for connectivity SWIFT/ISO standards for the format SWIFTRef for identification & routing MT103 reference data Efficient messaging + + =
  9. 9. Your needs.. • increasing regulation pressure and demand • SEPA, FSA, LEI, … Compliance • Quality data from guaranteed source • Data is complete, linked and up-to-dateRisk • Straight-through-processing, repair costs • Data collection – multiple data sets = limited integration = high cost Cost
  10. 10. Coffee Break SWIFT Business Forum New York - March 4, 2014 10
  11. 11. Lunch SWIFT Business Forum New York - March 4, 2014 11 Courtesy of