Special Interest Session - Business Intelligence


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Special Interest Session - Business Intelligence

  1. 1. SWIFT Business ForumLondon 2013Special Interest SessionsApplying Business Intelligence tominimise risk and maximise profitabilityPaulo Dacosta, Bart Claeys, SWIFT
  2. 2. Why Business Intelligence?Presentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 2Increased AutomationMarketVolatilityRegulationsCompetitionQualitySupport thedecision-makingprocessMore dataAccuracyAvailability
  3. 3. 3SWIFT can help you source the transactional dataand analytics that you needBanksIMIsCorporatesInsuranceCompaniesPayments MIsGovernmentInstitutionsTrusteesBroker-DealersPayment SystemsClearing & SettlementSystemsDepositoriesStock ExchangesSecurities MI’sSWIFT in figures (Nov. 2012) 10,118 customers 210 countries X average daily payments 18 millions daily messages More than 62 HVPS 22 LVP MI’s
  4. 4. SWIFT as a provider of Business Intelligence?What?• History–Providing traffic volumes for Operational purposesonlyPresentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 4Me- Capacity planning- Bandwith sizing- Operational efficiency- Cost allocation
  5. 5. SWIFT as a provider of Business IntelligenceWhat?• Today–Providing intelligence for Business developmentpurposesPresentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 5Me- Business strategy- Network Management- Performance Monitoring- Compliance- RegulationsMe vs. totalsIndustryTrends &InsightsMoreGranularity
  6. 6. Presentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 6The need for insights around Industry trends“Example: A shift towards the Renminbi…”
  7. 7. Source: The Economist, 10th September, 2011China is on a formidable growth path ….Setting the scene7
  8. 8. RMB Tracker – What is it?SWIFT’s relevance in providing industry insightsMonthly reporting andstatistics on Renminbi(RMB) progresstowards becoming aninternational currency.8
  9. 9. RMBin2012+ 119%in paymentsvalue+ 64%in paymentsvolume+ 12 %Countries within/out payments(90)Evolution of various indicators between January andDecember 2012+ 27%FinancialInstitutions (1096)+ 6 positionsas the world’spayments currency(most notably passing NZD andalready in 2013 RUB)9
  10. 10. RMB payments value continue to grow substantially toa all time high in March 2013
  11. 11. RMB as world payments currency is positioned #13with an activity share of 0.74%CNY gained1 positioncompared toFeb-13March 2013
  12. 12. March RMB tracker is focusing on France:1st Euro country as RMB offshore
  13. 13. RMB payments – What about United Kingdom?(Exclusive figures)#2 country in value after HK• YoY growth in Value: +165%• +14.5% vs. February 2013• Weight in RMB (excluding HK-CN): 27%Payments value evolution Payments volume evolution#4 country in volume after HK, TW &CN• YoY growth in Volume: +138%• +28.9% vs. February 2013• Weight in RMB (excluding HK-CN): 12%
  14. 14. 14SWIFT Unique Insights on RMB internationalisationBI Products andCustomisedRMB AnalysesQuarterly in-depth analyses into the SWIFT proprietary monthly RMBtransactions for a comprehensive view of the trends:• It excludes the traffic of Central Banks – a key differentiator as this can’t beachieved in Value Analyser – to show true RMB payments movementsbetween financial institutions serving their customers.• This unique dataset together with a customised RMB analysis can be used tocalculate your firm’s activity share or ranking in the currency.• It includes all RMB transactions over SWIFT for the last 5 quarters in volumeand value by market (not specific to one institution), in 13 tables and 19charts.Monthly reporting and statistics on renminbi (RMB) progress towards becomingan international currency.The RMB Market Insight report, providing market data, can be extended toprovide you with business insights on your own RMB activity: flows, evolutionand growth, your activity share or position in some corridors and peercomparison.ThoughtLeadershipLearn how SWIFT can support and engage with the Industry on several aspectsrelative to the RMB internationalisation through white papers, conferences,articles, and much more.Monthly RMBTrackerRMBMarket Insights
  15. 15. Presentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 15The need for more granular institutional insights“Example: A shift towards intra-day liquidity…”
  16. 16. New liquidity regulatory frameworks includesmeasures to monitor intra-day’s exposures16Source: Swedish National BankChange in value of banks intraday liquidity balance Firms experiencing issuesto be compliant with FSA rules BASLE III / BCBS intra-day risk measuresconfirmed - implemention by Jan 2015
  17. 17. Information flowsLiquidity riskanalyticsBranchesRetail bank /divisionsCorrespondentbanksSettlementsystemsInstitutions are experiencing liquidity dataissues at two levels1. Get real-time transactional data tobuild a liquidity dash board Monitor and controlling intra-dayon a real-time basis Consolidate positions at group levelacross currencies2. Build liquidity analytics Build historical information to supportintraday liquidity modelling Build intra-day analytics to reducecredit line usage & optimise liquidityacross entities Demonstrate compliance & reduceliquidity bufferMarket dataTransactiondatawarehouseCalculationengineReportsRiskDashboardCustomersLiquidityDash Board
  18. 18. The set of BCBS intra-day monitoring toolsExhaustive and on different levelsApplicability ToolsAll reporting banks 1. Daily maximum intraday liquidity usage2. Available intraday liquidity at the start ofthe business day3. Total payments4. Time-specific obligationsBank offering CorrespondentBanking services5. Value of payments made on behalf ofcorrespondent banking customers6. Intraday credit lines extended tocustomersDirect participants 7. Intraday throughput181-jan-2015
  19. 19. Intra-day liquidity reporting19BI for LMBank A Bank BBankCIntra-daymovementson accountsalreadyavailablethroughexistingSWIFT trafficWhat SWIFT can offer* Balance of MT900 and MT910 received by group X from group YA payment sentresults in aMT900 in returnto notify fundsare moved fromthe accountThe holder of theaccount to whichthe money istransferred isnotified with aMT910-(267)- - -(284)-(14)(200)(199)(46)(6)(340)-(0)(0)-(0)- -(0)(0)- -- 0 - 0 - 0 296412287256443 0 - - - - - - 5(400)(300)(200)(100)-10020030000 02 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 20 22MillionsMT900 MT910
  20. 20. Presentation title – dd month yyyy – Confidentiality: xxx 20Q&A