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Benelux forum 2014 - SWIFT Services


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Presentation from the SWIFT Benelux Forum held in La Hulpe on 19/20 March 2014

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Benelux forum 2014 - SWIFT Services

  1. 1. SWIFT at your Service Experts in Consulting, Training and Support Dana Brants Head of Services
  2. 2. < 10,000+ customer institutions 212territories 4.6bn FIN messages a year
  3. 3. 3,000+consultancy projects for 1,000+consultancy clients 15+years average experience of our consultants 9/10customer satisfaction on our consulting services 70+ training courses available in15+languages In 2013, clients rated our training: 8.8 10 500,000+ people trained over 30years in 212territories 8.7/10 customer satisfaction on our 24/7 support with 75% of cases solved within 48 h
  4. 4. Training Services SWIFT Services, Access to 1800+ specialists SWIFT – A comprehensive Services offering Benchmarking Advice Knowledge Transfer Operational Readiness Support & Maintenance
  5. 5. And much much more…
  6. 6. Operational Excellence Managing SWIFT operations
  7. 7. Efficiently manage your SWIFT operations Typical challenges faced  benchmark and increase STP rates  understand your exposure to security and operational risk  review your business flows efficiency  learn from SWIFT how to get to 5x9’s on the entire transaction chain You want to Competition Cost pressures Regulation Risk mitigation
  8. 8. Assessment of the operational health of your Production SWIFT infrastructure… … through early detection of operational risk (e.g. security, configuration, performance)… … aimed at preventing production problems from occurring … SWIFT Infrastructure Health Check How are your systems doing? … which can be mitigated by implementing SWIFT Best Practice recommendations *
  9. 9. Standards
  10. 10. ISO 20022 Initiatives ahead Planned live dates 2008 2013 2020 SEPA DTCC IPFA C2B … SADC/ DK Paym/ VP Sec /IN RTGS/ TSE/CLS/CH/ … 2014 T2S PASA BOJNet Baltic CSD … AU Payments T2 … 2015-2016 2017 CPA (Canadian Payments) …
  11. 11. ISO 20022 initiative How can SWIFT help me? Strategy Design Internal preparation Testing Go Live Operate Impact assessment Solution design Integration Services Go Live assistance Implementation services Testing assistance Support Services End-to-end project management Training and knowledge transfer Generic ISO 20022 courses Initiative specific training Standards Comparison and mapping Standards Gap analysis
  12. 12. SWIFT Standards Release 2014  a consolidated view about the new Standards Release, there are many sources of information  do an extensive analysis of all the changes, you have internal expertise but you do not have enough bandwidth  Understand which of the optional changes you would like to implement, and what benefit you would get from it You want to High level impact analysis Implementation Testing assistance
  13. 13. New Market Initiatives Migrations
  14. 14. Typical challenges faced  select the right connectivity option  ensure resilience and maintain throughput  build sufficient understanding of the new solution You want to Competition other projects Cost pressures Tight deadline Risk mitigation CLS Member Gateway elimination project
  15. 15. CLS Member Gateway elimination project How can SWIFT help? Introductory workshop Detailed assistance proposal Operational processes review and requirements gathering SWIFT infrastructure Impact assessment & capacity planning To-Be definition Solution Design, Migration Plan and BCP Field Services Installation, go-live support Project Management Strategy Design Internal preparation Testing Go Live Operate
  16. 16. New in 2014 Training strategy
  17. 17. More choice! Adapting our offering to your changing learning trends & preferences SWIFT Training today 4 learning channels: classroom, on-site, web class and eTraining Community training Specialised training Tailored training Business analysts, implementers, operators, administrators, sales staff, security officers, etc. Using SWIFT – Certification Programme Essential knowledge to get started with SWIFT Classroom courses & eTraining modules Specialised or advanced knowledge & skills Classroom courses, web classes & Certification Customised to an individual institution Private classroom courses, web classes, eTraining modules & Certification
  18. 18. SWIFT for Corporates New training packages for banks and corporates Certification – SWIFT for Corporates Specialist SWIFT for Corporates solution FIN and ISO 20022 messages in the Corporate-to-Bank space Learn about Classroom & On-site training Alliance Lite2 - Creating SWIFT messages - Administering Lite2
  19. 19. Embarking on T2S with tailored training 22 Trigger Approach Solution Migration to T2S  Understand ISO 20022 & messages for T2S and funds  Understand how T2S will impact their business  Customer meeting between the CSD and Training expert to discuss exact training need of the customer  Creation of tailored course material  Tailored training covering T2S, XML & ISO 20022 and ISO 20022 messages for T2S and investment funds  Rolled out for VP SECURITIES and the Danish community
  20. 20. SWIFT Services – For a new perspective Please get in touch with: Your account manager Visit Or follow us: @swiftcommunity
  21. 21. Thank you