ARC 2013 - Work session - Cloud Connectivity


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Presentation used in the Cloud Connectivity work sessions at ARC 2013, 21-23 May in Gaborone, Botswana

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ARC 2013 - Work session - Cloud Connectivity

  1. 1. SWIFT Cloud OfferingHow SWIFT is evolvingARC 2013Gaborone, BotswanaLouise Mostert
  2. 2. AgendaSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 2Alliance Lite 2Alliance LifelineAlliance Remote GatewayHSM Refresh Campaign
  3. 3. Introducing Alliance Lite2The easiest way to use SWIFT
  4. 4. Introducing Alliance Lite2SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 4Alliance Lite2 provides asimple, secure, cloud-basedSWIFT messaging solution
  5. 5. Alliance Lite2 – HighlightsSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 5Easiest way to connect to SWIFTCloud-based, with a light footprintPeace of mind with SWIFT’s world-classsecurity, reliability, service and supportSuitable for manual and automatedoperations for most message volumesLow start-up cost and usage-based pricing
  6. 6. Alliance Lite2 – Light footprintSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 6123Standard broadband Internet connectionStandard Internet Explorer browserStandard Windows PC / laptop4 SWIFT security tokens (USB)
  7. 7. Easy-to-use browser-based screens; light footprintAlliance Lite2 – Key featuresSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 7Full-featured, best-in-class SWIFT interface in the cloud; supports all SWIFTNet flowsSecure Internet connection from any location; option to connect over SWIFT VPNAutomation using lightweight AutoClient (automated file transfer)Setup service and global Support (24/7/365) standard; wide range of optional servicesDeployed from SWIFT Operating Centre for maximum availability and resilience
  8. 8. Alliance Lite2SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 8Secure workflowSWIFTNet InterfaceUSB Token tosign messagesand filesSecure connectionAutomatedFile TransferSWIFTCommunityAll SWIFTNetflowsBrowserscreensCustomer PremisesInternet orAlliance Connect VPNSWIFTNetworkFinancialInstitutionsAlliance Lite2ServersSecure serverNetwork SWIFTOperating CentresHow Alliance Lite2 works
  9. 9. Alliance Lite2 – extensive services offeringSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 9• Requirements assessment and solution design• Customisation to your specific needs• Remote installation• User tutorial• End-to-end project management‘Turnkey’Setup• Additional configuration changes• RMA management• Other options available – ask your SWIFTrepresentativeAdditionaloptions*Operational• Standard+ Support (Global 24/7/365)• Fully managed, highly resilient SWIFT Operating Centre• Includes two standard configuration change requestsannually at no extra charge*Additional charges will apply
  10. 10. Alliance Lite2 PricingSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013Messages and files sent are chargedas per standard SWIFT prices10No surprises,all inclusiveOne-time setup feeAll-inclusive monthly subscription feebased on usage
  11. 11. Your Alliance Lite2 subscription includeseverything you need to connectSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 11• 1 Live BIC8 and 1 Testing & Training BIC8o Annual registration fee + interface destinationo 1 Live logical terminal + 1 Testing & Traininglogical terminal• Subscription to FIN, InterAct and FileAct• Documentation + User Handbook (UHB)Online access including all SWIFT Standards• Full BIC directory(online and built into the Alliance Lite2 screens)• 2 Security Officers• 10 USB security tokens• Token driver• AutoClient software(for automated file transfer)• PKI certificates• RMA yearly fee• MA-CUG(s)/SCORE subscription(if applicable)• 1 Browse service subscription (if applicable)Note: Additional Browse services will becharged separately• Standard Plus Support (global 24/7/365)• Access to Alliance Lite2 24/7/365, exceptduring the Allowed Downtime WindowOPTIONAL (additional charges will apply)• Alliance Connect connectivity pack• Subscription to applications and services suchas Sanctions Screening
  12. 12. Available now• Archive copy of all messages onAutoClient(Additional customisation required)• Automatic message printouts(As PDF on AutoClient, additionalcustomisation required)• Sanctions Screening, TradeServices Utility (TSU)(Additional subscription and fees apply)Alliance Lite2 – continually adding new valueSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 12Coming soon• Accord matching service(Additional subscription and fees will apply)• ‘Soft certificate’ for AutoClient(VPN connection required; AutoClient only –manual entry always requires token)• AutoClient support for Linux
  13. 13. Alliance Lite2• Screens for all SWIFT MT & MXmessages• Automated file transfer for all MT, allMX & all FileAct messages• Connection over Internet (standard) orAlliance Connect VPN (optional)• All new customers & majority of others• Multiple BICs• Short maintenance window, higheravailability• Standard message priceAlliance Lite2 compared to Alliance LiteSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 13Alliance Lite• Screens for most popular MT& MX messages• Automated file transfer of allMT & most FileAct messages• Internet connection only• New low-volume customers• Single BIC only• Long maintenance window• Special message price
  14. 14. SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 14Integratedservice offeringChoose what’s rightfor your businessBest-in-classSWIFT interfacein the cloudFull-featured,secure & reliableAll SWIFTmessage types and files,all SWIFT BrowseservicesUsage-basedpricingStart small and growseamlesslyLight footprintNo heavyinfrastructure tomaintainPeace ofMindWorld-classsecurity, reliabilityand support
  15. 15. Introducing Alliance Lifeline
  16. 16. Introducing Alliance LifelineSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 16Alliance Lifeline keeps youconnected to SWIFT nomatter what happens
  17. 17. Alliance Lifeline – HighlightsSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 17Always ready, activated on demandAll SWIFT message types and standardsPeace of mind with SWIFT’s world-classsecurity, reliability, service and supportManual and automated operationsCost-effective cold standby solution
  18. 18. Alliance Lifeline – Light footprintSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 18123Standard broadband Internet connection*Option to connect using VPNStandard Internet Explorer browserStandard Windows PC / laptop4 SWIFT security tokens (USB)
  19. 19. What is Alliance Lifeline?19SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013InternetOptional:Alliance ConnectAlliance LifelineHSMInterfaceMV-SIPNConnect to SWIFT viaAlliance LifelineBrowsers@AutoClientPrimary / backup / DR infrastructureat customer siteAlliance Lifelinelight ‘footprint’at customer siteApplicationWhen your main SWIFTconnection becomesunavailable
  20. 20. Alliance Lifeline – Key featuresSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 20Cost-effective ‘cold standby’ connection to SWIFT (based on Alliance Lite2)Secure Internet connection from any location; option to connect over SWIFT VPNGlobal 24/7/365 connection activation on request – GUI always availableEasy-to-use browser-based screens; light footprintDeployed from SWIFT Operating Centre for maximum availability and resilienceBasic message reconciliation – copy of messages exchanged over Lifeline duringoutage, report of last sent messages before outage available upon request
  21. 21. Alliance Lifeline could be right for you if …• Inability to exchange SWIFT messages could have severefinancial or reputational consequences for your business• You want additional protection in case your connection to SWIFTbecomes unavailable• You need an alternative connection in order to comply withregulatory requirements• You like the flexibility of having a subscription-based emergencyconnection without the need for additional upfront investmentSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 21
  22. 22. Alliance Lifeline – Activation process• The Alliance Lifeline user interface (GUI) is always available• The SWIFT connection is dormant and must be activated to be usedIn case of emergency / disaster:• You must contact SWIFT to request activation of your connection• You can already prepare messages so they are ready to send• SWIFT validates your request in line with normal securityprocedures and activates your connection• Your connection remains live until you ask SWIFT to deactivate it** A daily usage fee will apply for each day your connection is activeSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 22
  23. 23. Alliance Lifeline – Service offeringSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 23Analysis& DesignImplementationActivationTestingEnd-to-end Project ManagerActivation /DeactivationChangeManagementTestingOperation & MaintenanceSet-up ServicesCustomer Support• Requirements assessment andsolution design• Customisation to your specific needs• Remote installation• Initial RMA records import• Activation testing• Activation tutorial• End-to-end project management• Activation/deactivation on request• Message reconciliation assistance• Activation testing (twice per year)• Additional configuration changes** Additional charges will apply
  24. 24. Alliance Lifeline PricingSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 24No surprises,all inclusiveOne-time setup feeAll-inclusive annual subscription feeSent messages and files are chargedat standard SWIFT pricesDaily usage fee when service is activated2 days per year free of charge to allow testing
  25. 25. Alliance Lifeline Premium• Premium option within Alliance Lifeline• The SWIFT connection is always active to SEND messages• You must request activation in order to RECEIVE messagesIn case of emergency / disaster:• You can send messages immediately• You must contact SWIFT to request activation if you want to receivemessages• SWIFT validates your request in line with normal security procedures andactivates your connection• Your ability to receive messages remains live until you ask SWIFT todeactivate it* A daily usage fee will apply for each day that you send and/or receive messagesSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 25
  26. 26. SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 26Integratedservice offeringEnd-to-end solutionBest-in-classSWIFT security,reliability andresilienceCost-effectiveInsurance in caseof disasterLight footprintCloud-basedfallback solutionPeace ofMind24/7/365 activationon requestFull-featuredAll SWIFT messagetypes, standards andBrowse services
  27. 27. IntroducingAlliance Remote Gateway
  28. 28. SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 28Alliance Remote Gatewayis Alliance Gatewayin the cloudWhat?
  29. 29. What is Alliance Remote Gateway?Alliance Connect (*)NetworkCustomersSWIFTALLIANCE REMOTE GATEWAY@SWIFTNET MESSAGING(ALL MESSAGES, ALL FLOWS:FIN, INTERACT, FILEACT)SWIFTNET BROWSE(MIS E.G. TARGET2 ...)Browsers Alliance Access/EntryServicesBack-office applications(*) all versions of Alliance Connect are supported (Bronze/Silver/Silver+/Gold), optional internet(**)(**) USB token on browser only required for access to SWIFTNet Browse services & O2M
  30. 30. Alliance Remote Gateway – Light footprintSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 302SWIFT security tokens (USB)* support for software certificates planned for July1SWIFT VPN boxes (Alliance Connect)• all options supported (Bronze/Silver/Silver+/Gold)allowing to connect using leased lines and/or internet3Alliance Access or Entry on Windows* support for Linux, AIX and Solaris versions planned for JulyNo need for Alliance Gateway, SNL or HSMs at customer premisesNo need for additional softwarejust Access or Entry at the right release level (7.0.65 or higher)
  31. 31. Alliance Remote Gateway – HighlightsSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 31Alliance Gateway hosted by SWIFTPeace of mind through SWIFT’s highly secureand reliable operations and supportLess complexity, effort, and infrastructure for youNo change to features, screens andintegration capabilities of Access or EntryAll SWIFT messages, all SWIFT flowsincluding FIN, InterAct, FileAct and Browse
  32. 32. Consider Alliance Remote Gateway if …• You want the benefits of Alliance Access or Entry at your premiseswithout needing to operate Alliance Gateway, SWIFTNet Link andHSMs• You want to reduce technical complexity, effort and infrastructurefor SWIFT messaging, while keeping control and applicationintegration at your side• You want to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 32Alliance Remote Gateway is designed for customers withup to five BIC-5 destinations, up to 20 concurrent users,and low-to-medium message volumes (up to AllianceGateway band 5)
  33. 33. ARG – who is it for?SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 33 Low-to-Medium volume: up to Gateway Band 5 Maximum of 5 BICs Maximum of 20 concurrent users on Gateway (for Browse)No restriction on number of concurrent users on Access/Entry All SWIFTNet flows (FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Browse) FTA/FTI customers can be migrated to Access (e.g. AFT) WebStation customers can be migrated to Web Platformwith current exception of BoE Enquiry Link customersNo Gateway-specific applications/adapters (i.e. customer can’t useapplications using MQHA-on-Gateway, RAHA, WSHA, TDA)Who is itfor?
  34. 34. Alliance Remote Gateway for HSM box customers34MV-SIPNAllianceAccessorAllianceEntryHSMsAllianceGatewayCustomer premisesSWIFTCustomerpremisesCustomer premisesAlliance Remote GatewayBack-officeapplicationsReplace yourGateways,SNLs, HSMsMV-SIPNSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013
  35. 35. Alliance Remote Gateway timelineSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 35When?Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecARG on Windows with tokenTestJan FebLive end MayARG on Windows with ‘soft’ certificateTestLive JulyARG on AIX/Solaris/Linux with ‘soft’ certificateTestNote: ARG functionality will be bundled into the 2013 message syntaxpatch for Alliance Access/Entry (7.0.70). This means that after Nov. 2013,AA/AE customers that want to switch to ARG will not need to install anyadditional Access or Entry patches.AA/AE7.0.65AA/AE7.0.70Standards2013
  36. 36. Alliance Remote Gateway PricingSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013Messages and files sent are chargedas per standard SWIFT prices36One-time setup feeYearly subscription feereplaces Alliance Gateway, SNL & HSM yearly feesContact your SWIFT representative for an offerPrice?
  37. 37. What is includedin the ARG yearly fee?SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 37• Subscription to Alliance Remote Gateway− Replaces SAG, SNL, HSM box licenses− Software is part of Access/Entry – noadditional software required• For max. 5 BICs, max. 20 concurrent users• Max. 20 USB security tokens− Customer gets 10 tokens by default− Customers can request 10 more (free)• PKI certificates related to the tokens• Standard set of PKI certificates for signingSWIFTNet live & test traffic• (July ‘13) 10 “soft” certificates (channelcertificates)• Standard Plus support from SWIFT• Access/Entry license & maintenance fees• Alliance Connect fees• Other elements needed to connect toSWIFT, such as:− Messages & file traffic (NBI)− Minimum NBI fee (if applicable)− BIC / LT yearly fee− User Handbook subscription− RMA yearly fee (if FIN)− MA-CUG/SCORE subscription (ifapplicable)− Subscription to applications and servicessuch as Sanctions Screening, Browseservices …• Additional (>20) tokens & PKI certificatesOther elements on theSWIFT bill stay thesame
  38. 38. Setup and Support ServicesSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 38• Remote setup and assistance with activation• End-to-end migration management• Customisation to your specific needs (*)Setup• Assistance with migrating FTA/FTI of Alliance Gateway toAlliance Access (*)• Other options available – ask your SWIFT representative (*)Additionaloptions (*)Operations /Support• Standard+ Support (Global 24*7*365)• Highly secure and reliable SWIFT Operating Centres(*) Additional charges will apply
  39. 39. SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 39IntegratedserviceofferingBest-in-classSWIFT security,reliability andsupportCost-effectiveSave money byletting SWIFT hosttechnicalcomponentsLight footprintCloud-basedGateway solutionPeace ofMindFull-featuredAll SWIFT messagetypes, FIN, InterAct,FileAct, andBrowse services
  40. 40. HSM Refresh Campaign
  41. 41. AgendaWhat? Options? Price?When?Collateral?41SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013
  42. 42. HSM @ SWIFT?SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 42Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) play a critical role in SWIFTsecurity architecture. They store customer PKI certificates andperform cryptographic operations. HSMs perform cryptographicoperations such as signing andverification of the data sent or received HSMs are mandatory to connect aninterface to SWIFTSafeNet Luna IS Box HSM High Availability 3-4 way clusters Remote Management Large Capacity (up to 2500 PKIcertificates, 200+ TPS)Token/Card HSM Products 1 PKI certificate <1 TPSHardwareTypesWhat?
  43. 43. Why refresh HSM boxes?SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 43HSM Service Life: 5-7 Years2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Feb 2014 – Original vendorsuggested end of supportCurrent HSM boxes are aging and must be refreshedto address end-of-life, and contractual issues and toensure safe and continuous operationsNew units with better powersupplies start shipping
  44. 44. New HSM Box – HighlightsSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 44 Upgraded enterprise class server-gradecomponents Redundancy for critical components Dual, hot-swappable field replaceablepower supply Field replaceable cooling fans New sensors to monitor power supply, temperature& fan speed• New boxes and new PEDs are backward compatibleInteroperate with current HSM boxes & current SNL versions• Enables refresh of cluster one box at a timeNo software upgrade, no certificate migrationSmooth box upgradeHardware robustness andmanufacturing processassurance by a reputed 3rdparty enterprise servervendor
  45. 45. HSM box refresh optionsSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 45Current boxes can be replaced with 2 optionsLow TCO ARG or New HSM boxAllianceRemoteGatewayAllianceRemoteGatewayCurrent High or High+Tier Box (10-200 TPS)Current Medium Tier Box(2-10 TPS)Current Low Tier Box(<2 TPS)New High or High+ Tier Box(10-200 TPS)New Medium Tier Box(2-10 TPS)New Low Tier Box(<2 TPS)*** See ARG eligibility criteriaCurrent boxes are also referred to as IS5 and new boxes as IS6Options?
  46. 46. Refresh Pricing and SubsidiesSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 46HSM box prices revised to reflect cost increase and technological improvementRefresh of existing boxes and move to alternatives subsidizedTier(Price inUSD)One-timefee (ListPrice)Subsidizedone-time feeSubsidized one-time fee(contracts starting fromJan-2011)Yearly maint.fee *Move to alternativesFeesHIGH+ 19100 0 0 3820 NAHIGH 14100 0 0 2820 NAMEDIUM 10500 5250 2620 2100ARG: Free setup + Yearlysubscription fees only from 2015LOW 6300 3150 1560 1260ARG: Free setup + Yearlysubscription fees only from 2015No change in token, card reader or additional PED prices* For existing contracts, the new maintenance fee is billed in the January of the year after the refresh was performed. Customer receives entitlement (no voucher / credit note) Subsidized box fees will be reflected on invoice, even if $0Price?
  47. 47. Rollout timeline – HSM boxesSWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 47201520142013SWIFT readinessCustomer communicationCustomer schedulingEarly AdoptersShip refresh boxesto all cust, exceptARG candidatesLeftover shipmentsComplete refreshEnd of SupportRollout will slowly ramp-up from Q4-2013. Most shipments planned in 2014Sept 30thEnd of support ofcurrent boxesDecNew ordershipment startsNovopen new boxordering & stop oldMay-Junegeneric commsshipping scheduleSept/OctEarly adoptersstartJanRefresh shipmentstartsWhen?
  48. 48. HSM Box rollout process (per customer)SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 48123SWIFT will contact customer with shipment schedule(directly or via service managers) [Q2-2013]SWIFT will send prefilled eOrder forms for customers toreview and accept [12 weeks before shipment window]Boxes will be shipped as per the shipping window4Customers have 6 months to install new anddecommission old. End of old box replacement.TShipmentmonthT-16 WeeksRefresh ReminderEmailT-12 WeeksPrefilled eOrderform via emailT+6 monthsEnd of Install WindowOld box replacement endsT-6 WeeksCust confirmseOrderQ2 2013ShippingSchedule
  49. 49. SWIFT Africa Conference – May 2013 49Q&A?