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WE16 - Project Collaboration in a Changing World


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Project Collaboration in a Changing World

Published in: Engineering
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WE16 - Project Collaboration in a Changing World

  1. 1. Project Collaboration in a Changing World WE16 - Philadelphia, PA Nicole Bartelt, PE
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. 1. How to create mutually beneficial projects by inviting everyone to the table 2. Evaluate your team, and outline responsibilities accordingly 3. Assess issues as they arise, and figure out how to get back on track Learning Objectives
  4. 4. Project Description Source: Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH)
  5. 5. Photo Credit: David Larson, MnDOT
  6. 6. Photo Credit: SRF Consulting Group
  7. 7.  Invite everyone to the table, and then keep inviting them back ◦ Keep adjusting your contacts list over and over again.  Identify any controversial issues (perceived or real), target those issues and those stakeholders  Display transparency! Come early and often
  8. 8. Key: Project Partners MnDOT Carver County Scott County Chanhassen Shakopee Elected Officials Cities Townships Hennepin County Competing Interests General Public Permitting Agencies DNRPCA FWS State Historic Preservation (SHPO) Land/Business owner Acquisitions Watershed Districts BWSR WMO’s Chambers of Commerce Met Council TH 169 Corridor Coalition SCALE SWCTC Shakopee Chaska ISD Media Major Businesses Shakopee Sioux Community Transit Services Key: Red = high influence/high interest Blue = high interest/low influence Green = low influence/low interest = competing interests = relationship = high conflict potential USACE TH 101 and Y Stakeholder Map - Conflict Scoping Process 6 Feb 2013
  9. 9. Keep your eyes on the prize!
  10. 10.  Who is leading the project?  Who’s good at XYZ?  Identify any particular issues and who is responsible for those items. Divvying up the duties
  11. 11.  When issues arise, how to get back on track The sky is falling…
  12. 12. Owning up to issues Credit: Peter Leete, MnDNR
  13. 13.  Shared ownership of a successful project! Wrap-up Drone Video of completed project:
  14. 14.  Lyndon Robjent and Darrin Mielke, Carver County  Mark Benson and the late Brett Johnson, SEH  Molly Kline, Jon Solberg, Sheila Kauppi, MnDOT  All other project partners and stakeholders THANK YOU!