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Why Drupal CMS?


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Drupal is a feature rich Content Management System. Lean about the advantages of using Drupal. Also contains the real world sites which are made with Drupal.

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Why Drupal CMS?

  1. 1. Why Drupal?
  2. 2. Open Source CMSDrupal is a versatile open source CMS, hence you modify,share and distribute content. Drupal allows you to add anarray of modules to supplement a basic Drupal package.Customizing a basic pakage is not just easy but wellsupported with vast variety of modules and mambots thatgive your website the extra thrust.
  3. 3. The Technically Novice!Drupal is your friendly and welcoming CMS. With easyguidance and a tremendous online support of severalvaluable tech intellects, Drupal development is easy to useand can be astutely managed by non professionals whohave limited or no knowledge about coding andprogramming.
  4. 4. Software as a Service solution [SaaS]Drupal performs as a magic wand as it not jus operates as areliable and flexible CMS support but also acts a vitalsoftware as service solution for all your websitedevelopment needs. Hence, Drupal is perfect for smallbusiness and equally scalable for any large enterprise.
  5. 5. Extremely Structural FlexibleDrupal provides a refreshing lease of breath for webdesigners with its well defined codes, which providestructural flexibility and ease for designing and developing,while the system resources use is wisely managed. Thisinteractive usable environment not just makes the best useof resources but also makes abundant room for extensiveflexibility and interactive features.
  6. 6. Security is Most CommendableDrupal security is undisputable as it has a dedicated team ofbrilliant techs and developers who continuously work onrefining the security, maintenance and testing for malware,security flaws and areas of vulnerabilities have not onlysharpened the performance of Drupal but assert itscredibility. The security support team works to resolve yoursecurity issues, review codes and resolve security loop holesincessantly.
  7. 7. Extensive API SupportThe foremost commendable fact is that Drupal has aninvaluable plethora of online support not just in form ofwell documents designers and developers but alsothousands of modules that are made available freely. Salesforce Drupal API, YouTube Drupal API, Google Apps DrupalAPI, Constant Contact Drupal API, Facebook Drupal API,Twitter Drupal API, Ubercart Drupal API, Google AnalyticsDrupal API , and Adsense Drupal API are one of the bestwell documented API that Drupal endorses.
  8. 8. Faster Execution & Swifter OperationsDrupal Development is simply fast, as it installs its core rightout of the box and establishes an easy to use platform tomake visual, content and module updates and valid thirdparty integrations. This enables quicker operations andmaximum utilization of operative resources.
  9. 9. Fundamental High QualityWith its highly accommodating and easy to executedevelopmental features Drupal helps small businesses toget noticed, drive traffic and share important content. Addsimproved value to site with vast aspects of modules,mabots and many others.
  10. 10. Cross Browser CompatibilityDrupal built sites are widely compatible with variousbrowsers such as Mozilla, IE, Chrome, Safari etc, you canexperience the interactive features of the site unhindered inall kinds of browsers.
  11. 11. Credible Support BaseDrupal is not just savvy but walks the talk with a widemammoth and ingenious assistance of several competentand certified Drupal themers and designers, who diligentlysupport you online from the set up to completion of amodule. This makes you believe Drupal is the panacea forall website development.
  12. 12. High ScalabilityDrupal’s versatile developmental feature is to allow add-insof third party modules to enlarge Drupal’s productivity.Such that, user administration, publishing work-flow, newsaggregation, Meta data functionality etc are available forfuture requirements unhindered.
  13. 13. Your Storehouse of Striking TemplatesDrupal has a wide database of well designed and highlyeffective templates for all types of web pages frombusiness, blogs to eCommerce. Several striking and uniquetemplates are available in abundance at users disposable.
  14. 14. No Worrying Over Broken LinksNow you can do away about broken links in your site.Drupal executes trustworthy permalinks to contentdatabase enabling users’ unrestricted access without fear ofbroken links. This also boosts your page ranking andincreases page views.
  15. 15. Google Ajax Search ModuleDrupal’s clever Google Ajax Search Module allows additionof inline searches over a number of Google services [websearch, local search, video search, blog search and NewsSearch]
  16. 16. Platform Flexibility GuaranteedDrupal is designed from the scratch as a multi-platformperformer; it can be installed in Apache or Microsoft IIS, canefficiently run on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows and MacOSX.
  17. 17. Empowering All DevicesDrupal is compatible for all mobile devices from your iPad,Tablet, iPhone to other savvy hand held mobile innovationsin the market. You can view Drupal built websites in varioustechno gadgets without any alterations as similar to yourdesktop.
  18. 18. Search Engine FriendlyDrupal sites are fast to use and can handle hectic webtraffic. The websites created in Drupal are not just rathereasy to use but are extremely SEO friendly, therefore givingyour website the extra momentum.
  19. 19. No Price TagDrupal is FREE, no cost of ownership, no proprietarylicensing fees. This is the icing on the cake of all the ecstaticinnovations that Drupal is providing to sites around theworld. Drupal is not just taking your website buildingprocess to the next level but also ensuring that you do sowithout being billed a nickel.
  20. 20. Drupal Powered
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  28. 28. Drupal Powered Websiteswww.
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  33. 33. That’s why we love Drupal!
  34. 34. We are also building our firststory based social network withDrupal!
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Lets talk, if you want to knowwhat all the things we do withDrupal at SWEET!(91)