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Workshop 1 - Melissa Widhalm


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North Central Region One Water Action Forum

Published in: Environment
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Workshop 1 - Melissa Widhalm

  1. 1. Climate Change In Flyover Country Melissa Widhalm Operations Manager Purdue Climate Change Research Center #INCCIA
  2. 2. Why How What Climate change is relevant Climate change is perceived Hoosiers are doing to increase awareness
  3. 3. 52% of Hoosiers say they are worried about climate change Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps
  4. 4. Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps Worried about climate change 69% 44% National Average = 61%
  5. 5. Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps 35% of Hoosiers think climate change will harm them personally
  6. 6. Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps Think climate change will harm them personally 50% 30% 40% National Average = 41%
  7. 7. 31% of Hoosiers talk about climate change at least occasionally Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps
  8. 8. Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps Talk about climate change occasionally National Average = 36% 24% 43%
  9. 9. 51% of Hoosiers think climate change is mostly caused by humans Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps
  10. 10. Source: 2018 Yale Climate Opinion Maps Climate change mostly caused by humans 64% 43% National Average = 57%
  11. 11. Climate change & the Midwest
  12. 12. Carbon dioxide emissions • 22% of U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions are from the Midwest • 4 Midwest states rank in “top 10” for CO2 emissions • 70% of electric power sourced from coal and natural gas • 5 Midwest states rank in “top 10” for coal consumption Midwest Energy Source: EIA, 2018 Carbon-based fuels = warming world
  13. 13. Indiana Climate Trends Over last century • Warmed 1.2F • 5.5” more annual rainfall • Increased heavy rain • Streamflows increasing • Flooding more frequent Source: Widhalm et al., 2018
  14. 14. PhotoCredit:SantiagoFlores,SouthBendTribune It’s happening now...’s hurting The Heartland #INCCIA Climate change is projected to continue and intensify.
  15. 15. Whatdoesclimate changemeanfor INDIANA? #INCCIA
  16. 16. #INCCIA Collaborative, state- wide effort to provide professionals, decision-makers & the public with the latest climate change science
  17. 17. Help communities and stakeholders implement solutions based on the information in the assessment Short-term goals Dialogue about climate change Network Build an expert & stakeholderUseable i n f o r m a t i o n Longer-term goal
  18. 18. #INCCIA No mandate, no funding 100% bottom-up effort Technical contributions, provided in-kind, from about 100 experts across Indiana Paired technical and public reports Focus on user needs and involvement What’s unique about the IN CCIA?
  19. 19. Engagement Goals & Process We broadly define stakeholders as anyone who is interested in, or likely affected by, the information included in the INCCIA. ENGAGEMENT GOALS Increase awareness about the IN CCIA Increase buy-in and support of the IN CCIA Help Hoosiers identify ways climate change is affecting them & their communities PROCESS & TIMING Duration: Maintain regular communication—monthly newsletters, social media, website. Pre-assessment: Formal and informal feedback During development: Recruit stakeholder reviewers, hold community events, media resources. After release: Community events, media events, pursue new partnerships #INCCIA
  20. 20. IN CCIA Reports Climate Health Agriculture Tourism & Recreation InfrastructureAquatic Ecosystems Energy Putting global change into local perspective Water Resources Forest Ecosystems Urban Green Infrastructure #INCCIA Feb 2019
  21. 21. Easily accessible information Public-facing reports online and in PDF format Lots of graphics Minimum of technical detail Moderately referenced Technical reports as backup
  22. 22. Tactics Newsletter Speaking events Social media Op-Eds Community briefings Find newsletter archive, co-author list, participating organizations, resources & more at w w w. I n d i a n a C l i m a t e . o r g Spreading the Word About 50 events since Sept 2017!
  23. 23. Spreading the Word Tactics Newsletter Speaking events Social media Op-Eds Community briefings 3/4 1 2 5 6  Orgs, public & media  Press releases  Video recap  Social media presence 7
  24. 24. What’s Next for the IN CCIA? • IN CCIA public reports • Continue communications effort • Developing resources/training • Purdue Extension • K-12 Educators • Filling research gaps • IN CCIA sustained assessment • Assess our reach, shifting perceptions #INCCIA
  25. 25. Jeffrey Dukes PCCRC Director @DukesJeff Melissa Widhalm IN CCIA Coordinator @PurdueCCRC #INCCIA