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Water Infrastructure WS - Scott Berry


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North Central Region One Water Action Forum

Published in: Environment
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Water Infrastructure WS - Scott Berry

  1. 1. Water Infrastructure Working Session Scott Berry, US Water Alliance December 12th, 3:00pm – 4:30pm EST
  2. 2. Accelerate About the US Water Alliance Educate Celebrate
  3. 3. One Water: Sustainable Water Management
  4. 4. Infrastructure
  5. 5. www.thevalueofwater.or g www.thevalueofwater.or g Value of Water Campaign Supporters
  6. 6. Campaign Goals Goal #1: Increase understanding and appreciation about the value of water with public officials, business and civic leaders, media, and customers. Goal #2: Drive support for sustainable water resource strategies and investment in water infrastructure. Goal #3: Foster collective action among diverse organizations who view water as fundamental to America’s economic strength, environmental sustainability, and community well-being.
  7. 7. 2018 Public Opinion Poll Results Third Annual Value of Water Index
  8. 8. 60% 80% 88% Republicans Independents Democrats No other issue has nearly as much broad bipartisan support.
  9. 9. One Water One Future Questions
  10. 10. Thank you! For more information: Scott Berry @USWaterAlliance