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My Water WS - Bridget Durst


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North Central Region One Water Action Forum

Published in: Environment
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My Water WS - Bridget Durst

  1. 1. Source Water Protection: Community Planning Protecting our water at the Source!
  2. 2. DNR regulates public water systems. Source Water Protection: highly recommended. CDI provides staff and partner opportunities Plan Development Resources for Implementation
  3. 3. Communities engaged since June 2017: 11 Source Water Protection Plans approved since June 2017: 6
  4. 4. Implementation Successes: Cover crops Cities installing urban conservation practices Securing grants for communication development Strengthening partnership commitments Public awareness
  5. 5. Bridget Durst, Source Water Community Facilitator Conservation Districts of Iowa Iowa Department of Natural Resources Office:712-262-4177 Cell: 712-344-0779 Protecting our drinking water at the Source!