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July 29-130-Joel Brown Intro


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2019 SWCS International Annual Conference
July 28-31, 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Published in: Environment
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July 29-130-Joel Brown Intro

  1. 1. Adapting Landscapes to Climate Change State and Transition Models to Support Conservation Decision-Making
  2. 2. 20 km grid cell “Spatial resilience is a function of landscape composition and configuration” Chambers et al 2019.
  3. 3. Dry Oak/Heath Chestnut Oak Virginia Pine Pitch Pine White Pine
  4. 4. ADAPTING LANDSCAPES TO CLIMATE CHANGE: STATE AND TRANSITION MODELS TO SUPPORT CONSERVATION DECISION-MAKING State and Transition Models to support conservation decision-making: Including a climate change context -Joel Brown, USDA NRCS Accounting for Climate Variability in State and Transition Models on Rangelands: History, status, lessons learned - Curtis Talbot, USDA NRCS State and Transition Models on Croplands: examples, challenges, emerging principles -Mike Kucera, USDA NRCS Questions and Discussion / BREAK Accounting for Climate in the Application of State and Transition Models on Landscapes with Mixed Landuse - Greg Schmidt, USDA NRCS Integrating Changing Land Use into a State and Transition Model Framework: Urban and Subaqueous Sites - Michael Margo, USDA NRCS Knowledge Base for State and Transition Models -Brandon Bestelmeyer, USDA ARS Translating Site Level State and Transition Model to Landscape Levels -Joel Brown, USDA NRCS Questions and Discussion