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Sctl company overview


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SWASH Group was incepted in the year 2001 with a global vision for providing world class services, products and solutions in multiple industry verticals through a singular point of access for its esteemed clients. With strength of strong knowledge base through its current strength of highly skilled and experienced domain specialist, engineers, consultants and executives using proven methodologies to deliver improvements to profit focused organizations as well as potential start-ups.

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Sctl company overview

  1. 1. Software Development Product Development Swash Convergence Technologies Limited SWASH House I: Plot No. B15, 2nd Floor Arihanth Plaza, Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751007, INDIA Phone: +91(674)2542675 Web: Email: Document ID : SWASH/ PROPOSAL/2013-14/079 Version: 1.0 Web Development
  2. 2. Swash Group SWASH Group was incepted in the year 2001 with a global vision for providing world class services, products and solutions in multiple industry verticals through a singular point of access for its esteemed clients. With strength of strong knowledge base through its current strength of highly skilled and experienced domain specialist, engineers, consultants and executives using proven methodologies to deliver improvements to profit focused organizations as well as potential start-ups. SWASH has spearheaded in the field of Information Technology, Consulting, Managed Services, Contact Centre, ITeS, Education, steel, infrastructure etc. While uniquely providing its client a foolproof 100% Disaster Management System Integrated Service (DMSIS) where sensitive, time centric and critical operations are never disrupted through its multiple wings and 100% subsidiary companies. The Technology wing of SWASH, Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. is a crucial player in the world of IT, delivering stateof-the-art solutions to its clients. It is a leading provider of on-demand Point of Sales solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Education/E-Learning Solutions, providing integration, collaboration, connectivity to its customers worldwide. Using Software-as-a-service (SAAS), Cloud Computing models, it has transformed the way Suppliers, Retailers, Distributors, Entrepreneurs manage their work located anywhere on the Globe. Swash Convergence Technologies limited is also into the development and sales of products like Ken Cloud ERP, Ken campus ERP, SWASH ERP (Enterprise), SWASH Enterprise CRM (With Sales Force Automation), Campus Cube (Hosted Institute Automation System), CBT Engine, SWASH DialPred (Predictive Dialer). Due to its converged treatment approach, it has always been an antecedent choice of its onlookers. In spite of the tough challenges faced back then, Swash thrived in the middle of a global economic slowdown and always strives to provide world class solutions to its clients who are mostly industry leaders through the use of cutting-edge technologies. SWASH has an unlimited pool of knowledge resources and trained professionals from top educational institutes. SWASH doesn’t only generate trained resources but also at the same time has a pool of highly experienced and qualified personnel. The company was founded on the principles of Trust, Open Mind, Vision and Knowledge. Trust: Swash has ever been trustworthy to its customers. It is trust that keeps our customers trying us out repeatedly and new clients swarming around us. It’s simple to say NO if we can’t really do it! Keeping Open Mind: In order to achieve a balanced and steady growth, Swash has always been open to new ideas. The ideas come from both our clients and employees and we are proud to implement most of them. Vision: Adverse is a condition only faced when lacked vision. We at Swash let our visions stick to the core objectives and our professional values. With the vision created within the heart and soul of the company, it becomes easier for us to differentiate good from bad. Knowledge: Behind every successful organization there is a mixed importance of values, beliefs, vision, respect and integrity. All of the above can only be achieved if there is a strong undergoing of learning and knowledge stimulation. Swash is a place where learning is valued at par with business. We never stop and never end climbing to the crest
  3. 3. Swash Diversity With a rise and expansion of services ranging from not only the field of development but further ahead towards consultancy, Managed Services, Contact Center Services, ITeS Services, Consulting Services, Media Services, SWASH has spanned its resources in through its strategic divisions gathering expertise that spans the industry right from the core depth of IMAGINATION and scales the height of Support Management Systems for various INDUSTRIES. This is what we term as SWASH Diversity. SWASH has its presence in multiple industry verticals and in each of them has a core focused management and operation team equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise to provide the best service/product/solution. Under the hood of SWASH. “What we commit is what we deliver” Keeping our global vision in sight and prioritizing our commitment to delivery and performance, SWASH has individualized its responsive divisions into multiple companies so as to create a focus centric group company. Each of the companies of SWASH dedicate their resources and people to focus 100% on the objective provided and seamlessly integrate the information through the requisite companies for execution and delivery. “A one stop service and solution center” is not only what SWASH claims and promotes but practices as a routine in its operations and delivery modules. Executive Team The SWASH management team is comprised of dynamic personnel with a long experience in Technology, Analytics, Marketing and Risk Management with profound analytical skills combined with proven experience in delivering bestpractices based, results-driven analytics solutions for clients across the world. They work together to guide the company through its activities around the world, provide a stable and productive environment and ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction. Pritam Pal President & CEO An alumnus of the reputed Xavier’s Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB), one of the top B-Schools of India is heading the Swash Group of Companies. He is a Gold medalist in Engineering (Computer Science-AI/Robotics) from Bombay University and has over 12 years of experience in Information & Technology services. He has formerly worked with companies like Microsoft India, Circus Logic and Shreeram Group. He is responsible for the overall growth of Swash and handles the technology and business operations with a vision of providing quality services to its clients worldwide. Swadesh Sarangi Head of Operations A management graduate with over 10 years of experience in Marketing Research and Financial Services. As the head of operations for Global Delivery, his job includes managing the day to day operations and responsibility for center business processes such as employee management, capacity planning, training and Quality. Swadesh’s prior experience includes head of business development of an international call center in New Delhi, Market Research and Consulting Firm and a leading UK based marketing services company in India.
  4. 4. Our Global Outlook Looking at the growing service industry SWASH put forward a strategic team to analyze a global service company which would not only analyze and execute global orders on an offshore basis but understand and implement solutions with the preview of working on site with their esteemed clientele. To reach the status of a company fit for the globalized business scenario where boundaries stopped to matter we created a philosophy and team which could match up to the same along with it we empowered them with globally well spread facilities . All our tie-ups alliances have been strategically made to assure a local working environment and resource pooling to ensure that the committed delivery time lines and quality are well met and kept. TEAM@SWASH: The core development team is made up by highly skilled people with a single minded goal of achieving excellence in their respective field of operation, supported by a young and vibrant team of managers and concept makers, they move hand in hand towards the creations of newer and more successful horizons. Our team is comprised of Process Engineers, Professional developers, Domain Experts, Executives, Managers and Consultants of the highest caliber and potential, who are dedicated and experienced. Our access to the latest technologies keeps our consultants on the leading edge through continuous training. TECHNOLOGY & HUMAN RESOURCE Built on the back bone of a world class technology and communication infrastructure, SWASH boasts an impressive 200 Seat for Software Development in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Our technology partners being world leaders like HP, Nortel, Microsoft, Aspect, Cisco, Sonic wall, Norton and others. With the highly skilled and experienced domain specialist, engineers, consultants and executives, you can only expect the best from us when it comes to Human Resource. PHILOSOPHY@SWASH A client's smile at the completion of a project is what makes us tick and gives meaning to our being. We at SWASH believe in providing Quantitative and Qualitative Customer service and solutions round the clock to our clients. Our endeavor is to find solution to the complex customer demands and fulfill their business objectives through proper planning and designing as well as providing ample opportunities for growth. We believe in synchronizing the processes and leveraging new and existing technology in our strategy to accomplish quick targeted goals and providing measurable benefits to our client business.
  5. 5. Our Products Swash Convergence Technologies proudly announces the release of one of its robust software product KenCloud ERP. One of the heavily packed application in the world consisting of various individual modules keeping in mind, variety of needs of various industries. Through process driven and proven methodologies our senior developers had been working in our research lab to create the software suite which takes your business beyond the traditional accounting or payroll management or inventory management or asset management or Human Resources Management. KenCloud ERP virtually controls all the processes of your business with fully automated functions to save your time and thereby cost. It is designed keeping in mind both technical and non-technical users and needs just a few hours of training to use like a professional. The following are the modules of KenCloud ERP which can be licensed individually for use as well:  Customer Relationship Management: Fully automated CRM with creative functionalities to ensure effective Returns on Investment (ROI) and to be used by almost all Industry segments for Marketing, Sales and Service. Business Intelligence and Reporting functions to retrieve visual progress results and market forecasting to facilitate effective decision making.  Human Resource Management System: The HRMS module ensures futuristic approach towards effective payroll management, user management, attendance management, Employee insurance and health policy management, circulation of HR Policy which automatically gets addressed to employee emails and lot more.  Asset Management System: Asset tracking and management has never been so easy as the Asset Management System from Swash brings to you calculation of assets appreciation and depreciation as a piece of cake. It provides an insight of all your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes for effective planning and control.  Financial Management System: A module developed and designed by Swash has fully integrated range of functions including: ledger, accounting, budgeting, cost center, accounts payable and receivable, asset accounting, cash management along with a detailed reporting ability for organizational and shareholder’s use. Exclusive Features:  Faster and effective Document Management  Appointments and Meetings scheduling with a perfect Calendar Management  Business Intelligence and Reporting for analysis and decision making  Task Management  Clear communications facilitation with in-built Instant Messaging, Instant file sharing, desktop sharing for seminars or webinars or presentations, etc.
  6. 6. Industry Verticals We at Swash Convergence have provided cutting edge solutions to clients in the below mentioned industries and have gained significant appreciation for our expertise. We have worked on Microsoft and Open Source Projects across various industries as given below. Logistics and Distribution Banking Healthcare Construction Retail Education Insurance Media and Entertainment Government Automotive Industrial Manufacturing Consumer Packaged Goods
  7. 7. Our Services Swash convergence Technologies offers a wide range of services to take care of your entire IT needs by engaging the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to help your business run in today’s advanced technology world. We strive to provide simple, affordable, reliable yet highly sophisticated technology products and solutions that help increase sales, reduce cost, improve communication, help in better management and overall make the world a better place to live in. We have the state-of-the-art offshore development center where we offer a broad spectrum of services over an array of technologies and platforms to make your IT segment enabled for any type of operations. Our intelligent, cost-effective solutions bridge the gaps between Data, Information and Knowledge that exist across the enterprise. Our creative ideas, proven frameworks and experienced professionals provide a solution that addresses customer needs. Swash is a top-notch leading outsourcing and software Development Company fulfilling IT related requirements of companies across the world. Our team of experienced and specialized engineers are working together to provide quality custom software development and understanding the exact requirements and business goals of our clients. We can execute any of your projects up to your satisfaction level from a mere concept to the final solution as per our long and continuous work collaboration with you. Swash Convergence Technologies Limited offers the following services Cloud Computing Professional Consulting Custom Applications Development Web Applications Development Mobile Applications Development SEO/SEM/SMO Technical Content Creation QA/Testing
  8. 8. Cloud computing Swash Convergence Technologies works on a number of areas through the implementation of Cloud Computing in India. Our entire development staff is well accustomed to development in Cloud. We have very deep expertise in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Exchange Online, Lync Online, .Net, SQL server, IBM WebSphere and many more. Through our long experience we have successfully delivered various types of software development projects, Infrastructure, Platforms on Cloud. Our Cloud services include Cloud Deployment, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Management, Cloud Provisioning, Hybrid Cloud computing and deployment and endless others. The On-demand cloud services and the high degree scalability offered by us ensures maximum customer satisfaction and huge cost savings. The on-demand services ascertains the client only pays for the number of users as well as automatic scalability lets the customer’s effective usability space increase continuously as more space is acquired thereby not affecting the work.
  9. 9. Professional Consulting Our Consulting division is actively engaged in creation of value to the customers through a group of experienced and seasoned professionals who guides them through the initial discussions, reviews and recommendations. Through an elaborate and detailed discussion we understand the technical and commercial aspects of the business and recommend the best solutions keeping in mind the future and emerging technologies and leaving windows to upgrade. Our Consulting team works closely with the customers to provide them with sustainable competitive advantage in the future course of business. We understand the critical areas and solve them to improve business performance and ROI. After a careful analysis of the needs, culture and organizational process we advise a platform and IT architecture that would best fit into the needs and are economically feasible as well as provide more than the expected ROI. Following are the key Consulting Services we offer:  Strategic Consulting Services  Software Architecture Evaluation  Enterprise Infrastructure Management  Getting ready for Deployment  Analysis and Recommendations  Technical Consulting  Mapping and Process Optimization Custom Applications Development Our offshore outsourcing software application development services include customized application development as well as product development. At Swash, we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities. We use state-of-the-art technologies to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you. At Swash, we focus on building applications using software components which reduce cost and time of development. Our business model also includes co-development of products where we share revenue and risk together. We provide solutions like:  Client-server Application development  Distributed Application development  Enterprise Application Integration  Browser Based Application  Rich Internet Applications development Application Development Process Feasibility Analysis - Feasibility is one of the most important aspects of any project. An application or product that is feasible at one point in time may become infeasible later. Identifying the possible future scenario, technical and economical feasibility study is conducted to decide goal and development requirements.
  10. 10. System Analysis and Prototyping - System analysis and prototyping is done based on client requirements. Functionalities and user interface design is done at this stage. Implementation - Based on system analysis and prototypes, coding takes place. Testing - Requirement testing and product testing is done after implementation. Mobile Applications Development Swash has been in the mobile applications development market for more than half a decade now. Our special mobile applications development team actively focuses on development of innovative applications and on-demand custom applications development for various mobile operating systems. Our mobile development teams is further divided into mainly iOS apps development team focusing on iPhone and iPad development and Cross Platform mobile development team working extensively on applications development compatible with various phones such as Blackberry, Windows mobile, Android etc. The next generation technologies such as RhoMobile, Appcelerator ensures creative cross platform mobile applications development. SEO/SEM/SMO The innovative SEO team from Swash is thorough in Website Audits, Google Analytics Report, Keyword Analysis, Position Monitoring, Website Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Browser Compatibility, Google Webmaster Analysis, On-page Optimization, Image Alt-tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Page Title, Anchor text Linking, HTML Validation, Duplicate Content Fixing, Keyword Density & Proximity, Content Fixing, Off-Page Optimization, Search Engine Submission, Social Book Marking, Article Submission, Directory Submission, Reciprocal Link Building, Three Way Link Building, Classified AD Posting, E-book Submission, Pod Casting, Facebook Page Creation, Daily Tweets, Youtube Set Up, Yellow Page Submission, Forum Posting, and the following:  SEO Reporting  Google Analytics Report  Google webmaster Report  Initial Reporting  Monthly Report  Weekly Report  Facebook Weekly Report
  11. 11. Technical Content Creation Through the years of experience in the software market and the exhaustive process of learning continuously from work and client our Content Creation team has garnered the latest trends of content creation which is of maximum importance to any business. Heaps of writing without the current trends of Search Engine Optimization would lead to no use. Our Content creation team with innovative ideas and skills follows the admirable content creation methodologies to derive maximum search listings. Following are some of the Content Creation services we offer:  SEO Driven Content writing  Ecommerce Content Writing  Catalogue Creation  Brochure Creation  Article Content writing  Blog Content writing  Advertisement Content Creation Maintenance & Support After having spent a huge money and time in creating a solution a company would like to maintain it rather than moving to new software’s. 80% of the projects today are maintenance project. Supporting the applications while they are in use is a key in providing a complete business service. As part of the Software Maintenance one may wish to perform one or all of the following maintenance. Corrective maintenance: Reactive modifications of a software product or application are performed after delivery to correct discovered problems. Adaptive maintenance: Modification of a software product or application performed after delivery to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment. Perfective maintenance: Modification of a software product after delivery to improve performance or maintainability. Preventive maintenance: Modification of a software product after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults. E-Business In business, global competition and the increased pace of change demand rapid deployment of highly adaptable systems. The organizational boundaries that have traditionally constrained applications are giving way to the opportunities inherent in electronic commerce and networked operations. Today, the geography of an application can extend far beyond an organization's boundaries, literally into consumer’s homes. It is possible to think of an Internet application needing to handle literally millions of users a scale difficult to imagine a few years ago. Swash’s software outsourcing e-business solutions enable organizations to reduce time to market, get closer to customers and achieve long-term, profitable growth.
  12. 12. We can help you to become web connected by providing solutions like:  Internet Strategy Development  Web Enablement of Legacy Applications  E-Business Development / ecommerce  Internet and Intranet Solutions  Portal Solutions  Website Development, design and deployment  Search engine Optimization E-Learning E-learning is an extremely effective way to sharpen and learn new skills, while keeping the costs and time to a minimum. A range of highly effective courses have been bundled together to make it easy to choose areas of interest and those needing attention in your organization. Our solution includes the infrastructure and content necessary to enable an organization to change its workforce into a dynamic, competitive advantage in a highly effective manner. Our E-learning courses increase the merit of your training and exponentially ads value to your company. Swash’s E-Learning service benefits both the organizations as well as individuals. GD Integration “It is the uniqueness of a service which makes it an invention” Keeping the mission and taking a new milestone ahead in the service industry SWASH implemented an integration between all its companies so as to provide a cyclic role based end to end solution for its clientele. Keeping in mind the single window availability to most critical and crucial services and without compromising in the quality, time and delivery of the output, we at SWASH seamlessly integrated all the associated group company services with its specialized control area being centric in itself. This allows providing a wide and comprehensive range of products, services and implementation capabilities for our clientele cross the globe. Integrating the lines and verticals of the group companies and processing tasks on a decentralized manner from the head office our GD integration allows you to have an anytime anywhere access to all requirements on an on-site status scenario. Adaptive Execution Strategy Onsite Offsite SWASH’s advanced communications infrastructure enables good project control, quick reviews and efficient management. We have well defined time-tested process, which ensures high degree of control at every phase of the project and a high degree of satisfaction. Our methodology is based on the following phases of implementation which we categorize into three segments.
  13. 13. Presale Requirement Resource Planning & Development Services Level Agreement Development Project Initiation Conclusion Implementation Pre-Sale Requirement Analysis In this phase, we analyze and understand your basic requirements and needs. According to that, we make an assessment of our core competence to partner with you, in order to meet your needs. During this phase we review your business strategies, objectives, goals and project-specific needs and analyze the services that best suit your requirements. Prepare Service Level Agreement After the initial analysis that determines our ability to serve your needs, we prepare a Service Level Agreement with your inputs and tailored to suit your needs. Once the Service Level Agreement is accepted, the actual project begins. Resource Planning & Deployment Resource planning starts immediately upon acceptance of the Service Level Agreement. In order to make you enable to avail our infrastructural and development facilities in India, we deploy a project manager at your development place who will be your single point of contact. The Project Manager will coordinate with our development team in India which is managed by a Project Leader. Depending upon the resource demands of the project and time-lines, the project team size will be scaled accordingly. (If you choose to further reduce costs, we also offer our services wherein you can directly interact with our project managers in India.) Analysis of Requirement During the first phase of Development procedure, our onsite project manager will review your requirements and prepare a Requirements & Specifications document. These requirements and specifications will provide the formal input to our offshore development team. If the project is very large and complex, we can bring our offshore development project leader onsite to more rapidly facilitate understanding of all requirements and specifications. System Design & Approval Our project managers are highly experienced and technically savvy with hands-on experience. They get involved in system design and works closely with you and the development team to ensure that all requirements are accurately expedited during the design phase.
  14. 14. Development Coding starts now. During this phase our project manager works very closely with our development team in India to ensure tight adherence to design specifications. The onsite project manager will maintain a system control versions of the system for your periodic review, document your feedback & communicate your comments back to our offshore development team. Our onsite project manager will ensure that the project complies with our quality standards and methodology. If you already have a set of standards in place, our team will be glad to implement them. In order to remove any dependency upon individual and make the project self-contained, we recommend and imply detailed system Documentation at every stage of the project. Our Engagement Model Development process Human resources are one of the most vital resources in any business organization and so does it count a great deal in software outsourcing. This is doubly true for a company providing offshore software development. Our well-knit team comprises of qualified and goal-oriented professionals. Swash assures an in-depth understanding of customer's requirements and challenges and suggesting a creative approach by providing innovative solutions owing to the Staff qualification and experience. Our developers work closely with your project staff using today's most productive technologies, including design tools, as well as the more traditional tools in common usage. We differentiate our software outsourcing model from other 'software factories' on the basis of close interaction with the client. While other software companies have little coupling with clients because specifications are 'thrown over the wall', our offshore software development model is interactive and is based on a global team concept where few team members or client IT staff works with end customer to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes. Swash's offshore software development team is responsible for execution of project at low cost keeping up the quality standards. In projects where IT Service provider is outsourcing custom software development to Swash, IT Service provider works as a bridge between Swash and customer.
  15. 15. Quality Assurance & Testing The reliability and quality of your software products is essential to the success of your business. With a wealth of experience and an industry-leading suite of tools at our disposal, Swash testing experts excel at identifying bugs before they derail your schedule or budget. Our dedicated offshore development includes a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools to ensure that we deliver the highest quality solutions. Our offshore software testing services cross a wide range of product and technology domains, resulting in a comprehensive set of services that provide end-to-end coverage. Unlike other software development companies that conduct product testing at the completion of development, Swash integrates quality assurance and testing throughout our entire development process. We understand that a single defect, left undetected, could cost you time and money which affects your business, your customers’ production and your market reputation. Our world-class quality assessment experts follow our proven approach, and utilize various quality assessment automation tools to ensure unmatched software quality for our clients. Key quality assessment and testing differentiators:  Specialist in full range of Outsourced Product Testing solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications  Test Automation Focus  Increased reliability, scalability, maintainability, extensibility  Reduction in re-work and QA costs  Utilize the time differences and time overlaps  Dynamic staff scalability  Testing experts, who enjoy breaking the code base Our comprehensive QA and testing services include:  Functional testing  Test Plan and Test Case Development and Test Automation  Graphical User Interface and usability testing  Cross Platform / Cross Browser Testing  Performance Testing Tools Windows Apps QTP, Win Runner (Mercury) Web based Apps JMeter, Load Runner, Microsoft Application Center Test Open Source Tools BugZilla (Defect Tracking), Water, Sahi, Selenium Performance testing Load Runner, Badboy
  16. 16. Test Case Development Testopia, Test Director Build Automation CruiseControl.NET, Nant Automated Code Inspection FxCop Swash Software Testing Framework
  17. 17. Test Automation Focus Key strengths  Microsoft Cloud Accelerated Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist.  10+years of relevant experience in software development on Web/window Applications using.NET Technologies.  Experience in designing and building Internet and Intranet applications.  Working extensively in Dot Net Technologies (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Ajax) and SQL Server.  Working extensively in implementing SQL Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers.  Involved in client interaction during the specifications and functionality requirements phase.  Involved in analysis, design, development, and bug fix phases of product development.  More than100 dedicated Microsoft technologies specialist for executing various Microsoft technology domestic as well as international project.  Team of highly experienced developers with average experience over 5+ years  Achieved awards in the process of project development with this technology.
  18. 18. Technology Partners Every dynamic and new world commercial enterprise cultivates several partners to join hands with it to create a forceful synergy that brings unique value to the overall solution and offering. What used to be termed as vendors at one time are today very much part of a principal's business, integrated with the principal's culture and growth. Our customers choose SWASH, not only due to SWASH’s commitment to quality and excellence, but also because of the credibility and reputation of its partners-with whom there is a continuous relationship.
  19. 19. Brief Clientele List Please find below the brief clientele list for reference:  Spiderz Online - Jamshedpur  Instructional Technologies Private Limited - Bangalore  Braahmam Net Solutions (P) Ltd. - New Delhi  Ken Solutions - Pune  Utopia Consultancy - New Delhi  Compact Solutions (P) Ltd. - Lucknow  ISS info way (P) Ltd. - Kolkata  Vimal Software - Bhubaneswar  Micronets Starware - Baripada  Extrapolix Systems Private Limited Cuttack  MS Group of Consultancy - Cuttack  Sytran Solutions (P) Ltd. - Bhubaneswar  Web soft International (Sun Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.) - Cuttack  G.S.Info solutions - Cuttack  Auromira Computers - Baripada  IG Technologies Ltd - Mumbai  Kalyani Software - Bhubaneswar  Paradip Advanced Computer Technologies - Paradip  Silicon Softwares - Bhubaneswar  Polaki Technologies - Vishakhapatnam  Indian Institute for Computer Studies and Management - Cuttack  Lycos India Limited - Bhubaneswar  Orissa Financial Consortium Bhubaneswar  Mayur Cybertech - Bhubaneswar  Identification systems - Bhubaneswar  Computer World - Bhubaneswar  Kadambini Welfare Society - Navi Mumbai                                 Casay Computers - Lucknow Human Software Systems - New Delhi Universal Enterprises - Kanpur Pacific IT Solution - Lucknow SkillSoft Software Labs - Gorakhpur Agis Technologies - Kanpur Global Data Solution - Kalka Appliteck Computer Pvt. Ltd. - Lucknow Praxen Computer - Lucknow Achin International - Patiala Aryan Technologies - Dehradun Janata Pharmaceuticals Paramahansa Ausadhalaya Seba Medipoint Bhubaneswar Pharmaceuticals Medipoint Pioneer Pharmaceutical Padmalaya Color Lab - Bhubaneswar Rangoli Color Lab Netramani Color Lab Rainbow Photo Processors Pvt. Ltd. Annapurna Color Lab Cuttack College Regional College of Management Bhubaneswar BB College - Baripada Padhi Tutorial Summer Drinks - Kendrapara Bhagyashree Enterprisers - Baripada The Sandilyas - Cuttack Knigh Queen Groups of Industries Lucknow Payal Enterprisers Winner Traders
  20. 20. Reference Clientele Contacts Below are some of our very prestigious current clientele for reference check of our implementation: Regional College of Management PAL Education Limited DM Systems Limited Chokadala Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar – 751007, Orissa Plot No. 43/A Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa – 751007, INDIA Plot No. B11, Shivalik, New Delhi – 17 Contact Person : Sunita Patra Contact No. : +91-674-2300421 Cellular : +91-9090080882 Contact Person : Tapas Das Cellular : +91-9338102705 Contact Person : D.K. Bajaj Cellular : +91-9811025041 (A semi Gov. Unit) Thank You Swash Convergence Technologies Limited Swash House II, Plot No. B-15, 2nd Floor, #201 Arihanth Plaza, Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751007, India Phone: +91-674-2542675 | Fax: +91-674-2542674 Email: Web: