Profitable blogging made easy


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Profitable blogging made easy

  1. 1. Profitable Blogging Made EasyHi! I’m Armtonry “Arman” Quezon ( and this is your guide to creating your profitable blog withthe help of Blogger.comStep #1: Get a GMail Account (if you still don’t have one).Your blog in Google’s site will be connected to your GMail account,so it helps to get started on the right track.Step #2: Log into using your GMail username and password.  Please see http://www.blogger.comStep #3: Create your blog. (Note: select the Simple Teamplate)  Click on the “New Blog” button.Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 1Coach: Manny Viloria
  2. 2.  In the Title box type your name (e.g. Armstonry Quezon)  In the Address, type your name again (e.g., armstonryquezon)  For the Template, click on “Simple”  Click on the “Create blog!” button  Click on the “Start Posting” link found beside the sentence: “Your Blog has been created!”Step #4: Publish your first blog post.  In the Post Title box please type: My First Blog Post  In the large rectangle about 1 inch below the Post Title please type: It’s so easy to create a blog in (or anything you would like to write… even a simple “Hi!”)  Click on the “Publish” button (found beside your Post Title)  Congrats! You now have a blog post in (or  Put your mouse on the link that says: My First Blog Post, then click on the word “View” that appears under “My First Blog Post”  Please check if it looks similar to #5: Publish your first blog PAGE (About Your Name). This is going to be your Money Page. You will talk about yourself a bit, and you will also show an online business that you are interested in. Your blog in Google’s site will be connected to your GMail account, so it helps to get started on the right track.  Visit  Click on the downward-pointing triangle, then click on Pages (see screenshot below)Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 2Coach: Manny Viloria
  3. 3.  Click on New Page, and then on Blank Page (see screenshot below)In the Page Title box, please type About [Your Name] (for example – AboutArmstonry Quezon)In the large rectangle type something about yourself like:“Hi! Im Armstonry Quezon from the Philippines. Im an Community Organizingwho took up Social Work in college. :-)Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 3Coach: Manny Viloria
  4. 4. When Im not busy traveling, spending time with my kids, or watching movies, I usethe internet to help people earn an extra income online.”  Then click on the orange Publish button. Please see the sample screenshot below…  Now that your About Me Page has been published, make it visible on the top of your blog by click on the “Don’t Show” button (beside “Show Pages As”, and then clicking on “Top tabs” (please see the following screenshot):  Next, click on the orange Save Arrangement button. Please refer to the following screenshot:Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 4Coach: Manny Viloria
  5. 5.  Your About (Your Name) page clickable tab should now be more easily seen when people visit your blog, as you will see in the following screenshot. Please note that the main goal of blogging is to get people to know Your Name. Remember to Promote Your Name First, Your Business Second. Okay, now on to that screenshot so that you will see the placement of your About (Your Name) clickable tab…  Your About Me page should look something like this: is the Money Page? Paano tayo kikita? You’ll notice that in the sample About Me page above, you saw a video talking about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate online library of ebooks.Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 5Coach: Manny Viloria
  6. 6. When you join SWA Ultimate under me or any of the members of Team Manny Viloria, I will give you access to a special customized animation video and marketing plan that will help you market and promote SWA Ultimate on automatically.How does it work? You will simply blog about your life and your experiences, and under every blog post you will invite people to read your “About Me” page. That’s it. When people enjoy your non-business blog posts, some of them will like YOU as a person. Some of your readers will want to read your “About Me” page. Then, some of your readers or fans will watch the video, and some of them will register in the Email Marketing system. That system will promote SWA Ultimate using your SWA Referral Link (this is a special benefit given to the members of Team Manny Viloria). In other words, the system will automatically help you earn SWA commissions. All you need to do is invest 17 minutes of your day (3 days a week) blogging about products or services that you’ve tried, or any other useful, informative or entertaining articles, photos or videos. And then you will invest only 3 minutes of your day (3 days a week) on Facebook talking about ONE of your blog posts.  People will notice your useful, informative, or entertaining blog posts.  People will get to know your name and the things you shared online.  People will want to get to know more about you, and some of them will also be interested in the e-books inside the SWA Ultimate online library.Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 6Coach: Manny Viloria
  7. 7. And that’s how YOU will earn… by making use of this effective and automatic marketing system that has already been created for you, a future member of Team Manny Viloria. You’ll notice that in the sample About Me page found at, you saw a video talking about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate online library of ebooks. That video does all the marketing and explaining for you… automatically. Your goal is to publish blog posts that will lead people to your About Me page. People will know about your blog posts because you will share those on your Facebook wall (3 minutes a day, 3 days a week). Your About Me page invites people to watch the video, and the video explains and markets SWA. The video also invites people to register to the SWA- PINOY email list, which automatically markets your SWA Referral Link once you become part of Team Manny Viloria.How do I join SWA Ultimate? You will need to send US$55 (or P2,500) via Western Union, LBC Express, or via bank deposit (BPI, BDO, Unionbank) to Francis Chaves (CEO of SWA Ultimate), and then register your SWA Account online using the SWA Referral Link of the person who introduced you to SWA. You’ll find the SWA Referral Link inside the emails you have been receiving in the SWA-PINOY email list.How do I get my SWA Commissions? When you have at least $20 in commission, you will log into your SWA website using your SWA username and password, and you will make a Request for Payout.Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 7Coach: Manny Viloria
  8. 8. In your SWA Account Profile, you will place there your Philippine Bank Account details (BDO/BPI/ Unionbank/Metrobank) if you want the SWA Admin to deposit your commissions (converted into Philippine pesos). It takes them around 5 business days to process and deposit your commissions. You may also type your Full Name in the Payout Details box, if you prefer to receive your commissions via Western Union or LBC Express. There’s also a box there for your Address, as this is required by WU and LBC.Is SWA Ultimate a legitimate company? First of all, I am not a lawyer. All I know is that the group of Francis Chaves set-up an offshore corporation or International Business Company (IBC) in Belize. The name is Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation. I personally tried to set-up an IBC in Belize online using that same name, and the Belize registry people informed me that Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation was already registered last August 1, 2012. While the SWA Ultimate corporate headquarters are listed with a corporate address at the 5th Floor of the Marina Towers in Belize (Central America), Francis Chaves has a single-proprietorship company (Chavesnet Enterprises) registered at the DTI. Its address is in Parañaque City, Philippines. Anyway, I highly recommend that you consult with your accountant or lawyer for financial or legal advice, as this document you are reading is purely for information purposes. Armstonry, I want to join directly under you and not under someone else… Please join under the person whose SWA Referral Link you see in those SWA-PINOY emails. Show your support and gain good karma points. Copyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 8Coach: Manny Viloria
  9. 9. In the future, when your SWA Referral Link appears in those SWA-PINOY emails received by your blog or Facebook fans and readers, you will get the credit. Remember, you will still enjoy Team Manny Viloria online marketing training materials and learn from me. This is the internet and I can train and help you no matter where you are, especially because you have a burning desire to succeed online. You are serious about this, and proof is that you have read this document. Readers are Leaders, and you’re the kind of person we are looking forward to working with. Kung gusto po ninyo kumita ng Extra Income mula sa internet, kailangan ninyong mag-share ng Useful, Helpful, or Entertaining things online. At tutulungan ko po kayo, lalu na kung talagang gusto mong maabot o makamit ang inyong mga pangarap… If you’re serious about becoming a Pinoy Online Marketer and Entrepreneur, please contact me at We look forward to having you as part of Team Manny Viloria soon. Kind regards, Armstonry “Arman” QuezonCopyright © by Armand Quezon - Page 9Coach: Manny Viloria