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Red badge activity list


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This our the activity list for our Red Badge program that all new Rotarian members are required to complete.

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Red badge activity list

  1. 1. SOUTHWEST 59 SUNRISE ROTARY CLUB<br />RED BADGE PROGRAM<br />PURPOSE:   We want to welcome you as a new member of the Southwest 59 Sunrise Rotary Club. <br />We are an active club involved in service to our community. The purpose of the Red Badge Program is not to make additional work for you, but to help you become an active part of our club. <br />OVERVIEW: You will be wearing a membership badge with a red marking identifying you as a new member of our club. Once you have completed all of the activities listed below, our Club Secretary will issue the Blue Badge to our President, who will present this to you during an upcoming program.<br />QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about this program or Rotary, you can ask anyone who is on the Membership Committee and we will be glad to help. <br />Membership Committee: Bob Burton & Elsa Malakoff Maxey-- Co-Directors, Shawn Vicknair, Amir Khan, Nyree Karmody, Trevor Taylor, Jason Island, Randall Peoples<br />MEMBER’S NAME:________________________________________________<br />DATE JOINED: ________________________________________________<br />ACTIVITIES: The following activities need to be completed to earn the Blue Badge. These activities must be completed typically during a ninety (90) day period commencing with the start date of a club member’s swearing-in date.<br /> <br /> Visit the Rotary 5890 Website (  <br />Date Completed ___________________<br />Attend a meeting of another club.<br />Date Completed ___________________<br />Attend one monthly meeting of your club’s board of directors. <br />Please check location, date and time of monthly board meeting with a board member. <br />Date Completed ___________________<br />Make personal contact with three (3) members of our club. See Membership Roster or contact the Club Secretary for a copy of the roster.<br /> The Houston area is huge. We understand that your schedule may keep you from meeting a member in person. While you should make every effort to try to do so, this may not be practical.  Telephone contact is acceptable.<br /> Date Completed ___________________<br /> Provide one hour of community service in a Core Service Project. <br /> Date Completed ___________________<br />Be assigned or volunteer to serve in a committee and attend a committee meeting.<br /> Date Completed ___________________<br />Act as a “Greeter” at the beginning of one of our meetings. <br /> Date Completed ___________________<br /> Complete viewing the new member orientation to be soon found on the club’s website.<br />Date Completed: ___________________<br /> We look forward to your enjoying the above listed activities and are excited about your membership in the 59 SW Sunrise Rotary Club. <br />