Pinterest for Business - Is it for you?


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Slides from an SVForum meeting on Pinterest in August 2012

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  • Owner & Founder MarketingXLeratorB2B Social Media & Marketing ConsultingOver 15 years of B2B marketing experience in the US & abroadLast corporate job at SAPMarket online community (SCN with over 2 million members)Sr. Director at SAP consulting with internal organizations on social media strategyGoal to connect people for business
  • Slide focus: MarketersWho is in the audience? Quick SurveyB2C?B2B?Small Biz?Large Biz?Who is using PinterestPersonallyProfessionally?
  • Imagine a life where knowing your customers is easy!As marketers, we dream about access to people’s desires, dreams, and information on how to meet their needs.If we could only know what a person is looking for and if they like our offerings…Wouldn’t that make our marketer lives so much easier?
  • Enter the stage…Pinterest
  • Social Media is a set of tools and strategies to reach your top marketing goals.Make sure you don’t think about social media in isolation from your other plans.The new reality:Pull marketing
  • Your online profile is your online business card
  • Seth Godin says:A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. All those blogs and social networking sites are helping existing tribes get bigger. But more important, they?re enabling countless new tribes to be born?groups of ten or ten thousand or ten million who care about their iPhones, or a political campaign, or a new way to fight global warming.And so the key question: Who is going to lead us?
  • TopicsUsersVisual Social Bookmarking & Scrap booking
  • 81% Women in USMake large number of purchase decisions…Opportunity to align with this group in the US…Imagine…Woman is planning her wedding or bathroom remodel…Conveniently a loan is offered to her….Have not see this but possibilityIn many ways, it’s still open how Pinterest will be leveraged.FB has own version (not so good)Many competitive sites; some even from before Pinterest days.
  • Lost of referral travel = LinkLoveEvery image is a link back to a (your?) websiteYou can look up who clicked on your images = referral sources on Google Analytics & better understand your audienceThe more people repin the more authoritative your links become
  • Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [STUDY]
  • Pinterest is now open to the publicPreviously they tried to create exclusivity & buzz by making it “invitation only”If you are setting up Pinterest for businessMake sure to log in with your FB or Twitter BIZ account!!(You can make connections)
  • Pinterest is now open to the publicPreviously they tried to create exclusivity & buzz by making it “invitation only”If you are setting up Pinterest for businessMake sure to log in with your FB or Twitter BIZ account!!(You can make connections)
  • B2C: Obvious valueExamples:online catalogues with interactive features which enable engagement and in turn drive traffic back to their own site. Can include prices.- Show customers with products (like ads but with real people)B2B: More complexpost compelling images that create associations with your brand. E.g. show the softer side of a software company by showcasing pictures ofEmployees of the company volunteering e.g. for Habitat for HumanitySolar panels on the roof of an office building to show concern for the environmentShow what costumers have built with their software, e.g. a hospital, a car…
  • To create engagement, comment on other people's pins and ask questions (yes, high touch)
  • In the “About” Drop downInstall the pin it button on your browser so you can pin pictures as you goYou’ll probably have business boards but maybe also some personal boards (remember B2P)Make sure you have a “pin it” sharing button on your own websiteAnd a “Follow me on Pinterest” buttonIs everybody clear on following vs. sharing?There is also a “pin it” button for your iPhoneSimilarly “Share as an Image” is good. Sometimes sites are not set up to let people pin pictures…you write a text & it posts itSee on the left hand navigation a list of getting started information. Consult as appropriate
  • Use hashtags & keywords to increase SEO & findability
  • Create "associations" with your brand, e.g. fitness for food manufacturer
  • Pinterest for Business - Is it for you?

    1. 1. Is your business ready?Natascha ThomsonAugust 13, 2012
    2. 2. Let me introduce myself…
    3. 3. About You
    4. 4. Imagine… …a world where you knowindividuals’ wants & dreams…
    5. 5. Example: Friend 1 (Female)
    6. 6. Example: Friend 2 (Male)
    7. 7. Example: Friend 3 (shared board)
    8. 8. Example: Desire
    9. 9. Don’t know her (but get the “picture”)
    10. 10. Category: Animals
    11. 11. Search: HDTVs
    12. 12. The next hour...1. Marketing Fundamentals2. Pinterest Facts3. “How to” Pinterest 1014. “How to” Pinterest for Biz5. Q&A
    13. 13. 10 Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
    14. 14. Social Media B2C B2B = B2P
    15. 15. Pinterest Facts
    16. 16. Pinterest Motivators…
    17. 17. 31
    18. 18. “How to” Pinterest 101 33
    19. 19. Set up your account at
    20. 20. Set up your account at
    21. 21. Create a few dashboards (consider topics well)
    22. 22. Build connections & engage
    23. 23. Install the Pin it button
    24. 24. “Pin It” Example
    25. 25. Pin automatically redirects to original site pinned from
    26. 26. Upload pictures & videos
    27. 27. Add URLs & Text
    28. 28. Comment & Tag
    29. 29. Repin
    30. 30. Repin & Likebuttons will Like & Followshow if you hover here
    31. 31. “Click” on picture takes you “through” to source
    32. 32. You can see what has been "pinned" from your site via
    33. 33. Default = On Good To Know (turn it off)No Private BoardsNo Business “Pages” (Yet)
    34. 34. “How to” Pinterest for Business
    35. 35. Harrods’ Diamond Jubilee Street Party Window Contest*
    36. 36. Announced via FB & Twitter
    37. 37. Pinspiration Board
    38. 38. #HarrodsWindows
    39. 39. Dobango’s July 4th Contest
    40. 40. *
    41. 41. EXPERIMENTPinned this and got no likes Board Name: Real Social•*Operation Mend
    42. 42. EXPERIMENTPinned this and got 3 likes in 5 minutes•Board: Social MediaBoard Name: Social Media
    43. 43. EXPERIMENTPinned this and got 11 likes in 15 minutesBoard Name: Inspirational
    44. 44. Bottom LineKnow your audienceUse the right (high quality) pictures to create tractionEngage in a meaningful wayProvide content worth pinning on your website
    45. 45. B2B Social Media Marketing Consulting Natascha Thomson @NaThomson business-ready Coming Soon: 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing Book 69
    46. 46. 70
    47. 47. Resources• How to Track Your Website’s Content on Pinterest• 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest• 150 Brands on Pinterest• How to Master Pinterest for B2B Marketing Pinterest-for-B2B-Marketing.aspx• Free eBook: How to Use Pinterest for Business• Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined [Study]• Pinterest Usage & Growth US vs. UK•• Brands that Pop on Pinterest•