Magnetic Content: Transform Your Website Into a Customer Attraction Force Field


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Presentation from Feldman Creative's Barry Feldman on Feb 11, 2013 at the SVForum Marketing & Social Media SIG.

Learn the essential strategies to transform your website into a customer attraction force field.

In this presentation, you'll gain insights on how companies turn on the power of content marketing to generate traffic, leads and sales.

Learn the best practices content marketers use to accomplish what advertising cannot: get customers to know, like and trust you. You'll leave with a 7-step formula for establishing authority in your field and a long list of ideas to fuel your content marketing initiatives.

About the Speaker:

Barry Feldman, Owner, Feldman Creative

Barry Feldman creates compelling content by telling stories. He's a copywriter, creative director, content marketing consultant, and an alright guy (according to himself).

He specializes in persuasion and engagement and has authored the eBook 21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website to help improve your online marketing. Visit his site at and his blog The Point to learn more. You can engage with him directly on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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Magnetic Content: Transform Your Website Into a Customer Attraction Force Field

  1. 1. MagneticContentStrategies totransform yourwebsite into acustomer attractionforce field.
  2. 2. whoareyou? whyarewehere?what’stheproblem?
  3. 3. Content marketing is... The process of creating and delivering valuable content to your target customers.
  4. 4. r g in s ss ACe n w tio TIVE LY ne O auPR q
  5. 5. What’s the point? The point is to get traffic, leads & sales. The plan is to achieve what advertising usually does not... Get people to KNOW, LIKE & trust you.
  6. 6. Trust.You have to earn it. What if you were to... • Be found when people are searching? • Give people the information they need to make smart decisions? • Position your company as a generous advisor and friend? • Teach (instead of pitch)?
  7. 7. Be the media.
  8. 8. Become theAUTHORITY.
  9. 9. STOP withinterrupting peoplestuff they don’t want.
  10. 10. ☒ Advertising☒ Jargon☒ Being dull☒ Stealing content☒ Sounding like a corporate stuffed shirt
  11. 11. STARTbeing the expertprospects rely on.
  12. 12. ☑ Help, advice, answers☑ Relevant stories☑ Personalized, customized content☑ Fun, provocative☑ Easy to find☑ Easy to share
  13. 13. create a customerattraction force field.
  14. 14. First Determine what actionyou want customers to take. You might call this: “define objectives.”
  15. 15. SecondDetermine what potentialbuyers need to know.Shush up and listen.
  16. 16. Third Create a content plan. Thou shall create stuff people want,deliver it where they consume media, based on where they are in the process of buying. *Even if they don’t have their wallet with ‘em.
  17. 17. FourthPut a content creation team together. Put your money where your media is. Scrimping ain’t smart.
  18. 18. Fifth Get your digital ducks in a row. Digital outlets. Digital platforms. This is the information age. You got that memo, right?
  19. 19. SixthPromote what you publish. Social media school starts tomorrow. Enroll today.
  20. 20. Seventh Measure. If you really want to make this work, you need to know what is and isn’t working. You can handle the truth.
  21. 21. It’s time to get agnetic...
  22. 22. Target. Know your customer Establish personas Be relevant Don’t publish this.
  23. 23. ontent forattractingcustomers. how to’s • tips • shortcuts • secrets • tutorials • recipes • stories case studies • comparisons • demonstrations • pros n’ cons dangers • myths • pitfalls • mistakes • lies • interviews roundups • Q&As • product applications • real world examples exceptions • screenshots • highlights • research • test results best-of’s • ironies • rules • bloopers • milestones • events • re- caps • records • reviews • reasons • jokes • parodies • quotes interviews • opinions • opposing • views • glossariesbest practices • profiles • news • glossaries • trends • lists
  24. 24. Connectthe dots. Use a mix of media for more touchpoints Stay on topic Integrate Link everything to your site/blog
  25. 25. create a customerattraction force field. never publish this. [unless flies are your target market]
  26. 26. create a customer.comattraction force field. c is for compelling o is for original m is for memorable
  27. 27. ONNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO TURN the power of content marketing.
  28. 28. Point your browser to FeldmanCreative.comfor all your online marketing needs. Owner Barry Feldmanhas been a copywriter and creative director since 1988.A seasoned storyteller, Barry will help you create ultra-magnetic content and offer pointers to sharpen your site,attract and engage prospects, nurture relationships,generate sales, and build loyal brand advocates. I created this stuff for you. Free pointers at Feldman Creative Barry’s blog: “The Point” Educational SlideShare resources Features at Social Media Today Posts & podcasts at Content Marketing Institute