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Build Influencer Relations Through Content - David Spark


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David Spark of Spark Media Solution shares how to adopt brand journalism to build influencer relations. Interview top notables in your market space to create a circle of influence for your initiatives which will pay off handsomely. @dspark

Published in: Business, Technology
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Build Influencer Relations Through Content - David Spark

  1. 1. Influencer Relations Through Content
  2. 2. Where to find me Blog: Podcast: Twitter: @dspark
  3. 3. Questions?
  4. 4. Strategy Strategy
  5. 5. Idea Idea
  6. 6. “How To” Tip “How To” Tip
  7. 7. Why the Influencer Obsession? Idea
  8. 8. Pull back on “Pay attention to me” PR strategy Strategy
  9. 9. Pull a PR 180° “How To” Tip
  10. 10. Influencers Are not morons Idea
  11. 11. Start creating true Relationships But how? Idea
  12. 12. Show interest In others “How To” Tip
  13. 13. Build influencer Relations Through content Strategy
  14. 14. What’s the value Of influencer Relations? Idea
  15. 15. The value of an Editorial or Content brand Strategy
  16. 16. Evolving model Of editorial Brands Strategy
  17. 17. How does a Media company Build brand? “How To” Tip
  18. 18. The value of a Strong editorial brand Idea
  19. 19. Every brand “can be” a media company Strategy
  20. 20. Influencers have Audience and Brand Idea
  21. 21. Build brand by Association Strategy
  22. 22. Know your Influencers First “How To” Tip
  23. 23. Interview your Influencers “How To” Tip
  24. 24. Interview as Many as you can “How To” Tip
  25. 25. Be professional In engagement And production “How To” Tip
  26. 26. Are you truly Providing value To the industry? Idea
  27. 27. Be a trusted and Consistent Source Strategy
  28. 28. Maintain Relationships Strategy
  29. 29. You don’t even Need a product To start Idea
  30. 30. Success here Is an indicator of Future success Strategy
  31. 31. Let’s look at Some examples “How To” Tip
  32. 32. Where to find me Blog: Twitter: @dspark