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Startups' Advice to President Obama


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Silicon Valley Bank polled startup companies across the country about what advice they would give to Barack Obama with regards to supporting the innovation economy. 46% of companies say simplifying taxes and focusing on building a strong talent pool will help support and grow the innovation economy. Visit for more on SVB's annual Startup Outlook report.

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Startups' Advice to President Obama

  1. 1. OV STARTUPSStartup Outlook 2013 ER HA UL What piece of TA BU XS “Keep it ILD advice would YST simple” TA you give to LEN EM EA President Obama TP “Focus on SE OO ways to RE with regards to stimulate GU L “Teach supporting growth” LA people PR TIO the innovation to code” OM “Cut the “Uncertainty is a N OT “Make it easy lousy environment economy? red tape” to hire the EI for business” best & brightest NV CH 28% “US is the from around EST Derived from AM hardest country the world” 600 comments from PIO “Make ME in the world startup executives investment to do business” 18% NI NT “Make it very, across the US. in growth GI very simple NN 12% companies VE and cheap for OVA the little guy easier” US to win!” TIO 11% OTHER 12% @... SP “Minimize “Think like an N ACE Federal “Be more bi-partisan – @... entrepreneur” 10% government both the President involvement” and Congress” @... “Butt out” 9%