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SharePoint Solutions

  1. 1. SVAM SharePoint Offerings
  2. 2. ContentsContents1. Corporate Overview2. SVAM SharePoint Offerings – Quick Overview3. SharePoint Offerings – Application Development4. SharePoint Offerings – Migration5. SharePoint Offerings – Governance6. SharePoint Solutions & Case Studies  Solution for Media  Solution for Manufacturing  Solution for Government Programs  Solution for Enterprise  Solution for Market Research7. In depth look at SharePoint Governance8. Summary
  3. 3. Corporate OverviewHistory 1994 1998 2000 2003 2007 2009
  4. 4. Corporate OverviewValue Proposition Clients choose SVAM for the trust we engender, the results we achieve, our commitment to their success, and the experience we create by the way we work with them. We enable our clients to leverage technology for business excellence by providing :  Creative solutions at an optimal cost of ownership  Experience in getting the best value from technology investments  Talented people, proven processes, and the right technology  The ability to scale while retaining client flexibility Our teams leverage innovative thinking, a systematic approach, and disciplined deployment to deliver superior returns on technology investments.
  5. 5. Corporate OverviewGlobal Presence New York, USA San Diego, USA Ciudad Victoria, Mexico Delhi, India
  6. 6. Corporate OverviewCorrect ShoreSM ModelSVAM Correct ShoreSM delivery model delivers all the benefitsand advantages of Global delivery models. Our blended teamapproach is relevant across many types of engagements. Theproject team leadership works on-site with the client team Client Company Client’s Project Managerthroughout the engagement.As appropriate, the offsite/offshore team may travel to the SVAM ONSITE (US)client’s location to kick off the project, then return to theirdevelopment center while maintaining the lines of Project Manager Technical Architectcommunication and relationships built while onsite. This • Customer Communication • Project Managementcreates both a high-touch and high-tech project experience. • Requirement Management • Risk ManagementWith development centers in New York, Delhi, and Victoria, • High Level Design • Acceptance testingMexico; SVAM can offer clients cost effective solutions througha blend of engagement models:• On-site SVAM NEAR SHORE (Mexico) SVAM OFF SHORE (India)• Off-Site • Detail Design • Detail Design• Off-site + Off-shore • Development • Development • Documentation • Documentation• On-site + Off-site + Off-shore • Testing • Testing• On-site + Off-site + Off-shore + Near-shore
  7. 7. Corporate Overview We Have a Proven Track Record Across Most Technologies Operating System Operating Systems Windows Platform Linux/ Unix/ AIX Databases Platforms MVS/ ESA, OS/390 Databases .NET SQL Server J2EE Oracle Open Source DB2/ UDB Languages Packages Languages Packages C++, C#, JavaScript SharePoint, SAP VB, VB.NET FileNet, Vignette Cobol, PER Tech Components Saperion, PeopleSoft Tech Components Apache, Cold Fusion WebLogic, WebSphere PHP, MySQL, Python
  8. 8. Corporate OverviewTechnology Partners
  9. 9. Corporate OverviewClients – Public Sector State of Connecticut
  10. 10. Corporate OverviewClients – Corporate
  11. 11. SharePoint Offerings – OverviewSVAM has built different and multiple solutions for different clients, both for government and privateorganizations. We have executed consulting projects as well as end to end projects and haveextensive experience in various SharePoint versions i.e. 2003, 2007 and 2010Areas of Expertise in SharePoint • New Application development • Version Migration / Upgrades • SharePoint Environment Governance • Lotus Notes to SPS 2010
  12. 12. SharePoint Offerings – OverviewCollaboration PracticeMany businesses have a strong aspect of workflow processing, for which SharePoint is uniquelysuited.• Users can complete a forms-based application online• Information is reviewed for approval/amendment• For typical workflows, SharePoint integrates seamlessly into Microsoft .NET technology. Documents and messages can be automatically generated for customers or for the internal personnel who proceed to the next step in the workflow• The integrated SQL Database speeds development and assures scalability and robust reporting• Forms and templates are stored in the SharePoint library and are version controlled. New forms can be added and published very quickly to the application or website.• Users, User Groups, and Menu Permissions can be created quickly without any coding effort.• The platform readily scales for new programs, where development requires lower effort than the traditional approach.
  13. 13. SharePoint Offerings –OverviewWhy SharePoint?SharePoint 2010 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that helps improve organizationaleffectiveness by providing:• comprehensive document management• process management• enterprise search• Accelerates shared business processes, facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.• Provides a central repository for information that enables process discipline (tracking, information update, etc.) and management oversight.
  14. 14. SharePoint Offerings – Overview BenefitsMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 is an integrated application platform for building, scaling, and extending awide range of knowledge worker activities.• It can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products (e.g., Office, Outlook, .NET, et al), as well as other platforms to create powerful solutions• Faster development time means a shorter time to recognizing project benefits• Operational savings from streamlined processes also results in higher service levels• User experience customized per business processes means faster adoption.
  15. 15. SharePoint Offerings – Application DevelopmentSVAM has expertise in executing end to end projects using SharePoint platform i.e. right fromunderstanding the requirements, to design/architect the application and then develop, deploy and test• Approach Identification• Security model to include AD integration, authorization, etc.• Third party tool integration like PeopleSoft, Agile Point, QlikView, PowerPivot etc.
  16. 16. SharePoint Offerings – Version MigrationMigration of any applications requires extensive knowledge of• SharePoint versions, and• the methodology that needs to be executed for smooth migration.We understand the necessary points (likes the one listed below but not limited to) that needs to betaken care of in a migration project. We make sure that• the ghost sites are not migrated,• back ups are taken in the migration process,• database is cleaned up if necessary for removing the stale content,• recommend the proper Hard Ware specs/ infrastructure for the new versionSVAM has expertise in migrating applications from MOSS 2007 to SPS 2010
  17. 17. SharePoint Offerings – GovernanceWe understand the SharePoint platform and as SharePoint starts to grow in an organization, thegovernance piece for the SharePoint environment becomes very critical for the organization.The main 3 areas in SharePoint governance are:• IT Governance• Information Governance• Applications GovernanceSVAM has unique methodology for providing end to end SharePoint governance for an organizationand offers complete end to end consulting/solution for SharePoint Governance.• Unique methodology for providing end to end SharePoint governance for an organization• Automated policies - two areas of automated governance one catering to the area of applying governance and the other one being governance reporting.• Manual policies – published to all the teams who are involved with SharePoint• Governance Reporting – customizable governance reports to the stake holders for necessary action and information
  18. 18. SharePoint Offerings – Industries ServedWe have developed and delivered specific SharePoint solutions and consulting assignments both forgovernment and private organizations; to include:• Media for Content Management & Generation• Manufacturing for Supply Chain Management, Reporting & Analytics• Government Programs for Workflow Management & Reporting• Enterprise for Operations Management• Market Research for Workflow, Analytics & Reporting
  19. 19. Representative Projects
  20. 20. Representative Projects ChallengeThe client had various internal web sites, intranet portal sites and Microsoft 2007 SharePoint farms. Informationand knowledge existed in various silo environments. The challenge was to migrate and integrate existing 2007SharePoint Farms, as well as internal intranet portals and homegrown ASP internal websites leveraging MicrosoftSharePoint 2010 SVAM’s SolutionSVAM interviewed various client departments to understand their need in the new intranet. Based on the inputs,SVAM suggested the new intranet taxonomy and governance for the new portal. SVAM designed a migrationsolution based on the requirements phase. SVAM also suggested the new intranet homepage for Dow Jones anddefined the migration path from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Results• Reduced the number of technologies and presented one common platform and technology for complete intranet i.e. SharePoint 2010 with a better look and feel for the intranet• Brought in more employees to intranet for reading news and self service functions and offered better collaboration for all the teams from different departments• Presented easy navigation, better search capabilities and search results for the end users. SharePoint Features• Collaboration with Team Sites • Document Library• Out-of-box Web Parts • Search
  21. 21. Representative ProjectsManufacturing ChallengeThe client had ERP and CRM platforms that are functionally rich and integrated, but the IT team was fullycommitted to supporting that environment for ongoing activities. They could not have the capacity to create arobust business intelligence platform to yield the desired insight. SVAM’s SolutionSVAM built and continuously enhanced an Enterprise Data Management platform for robust yet easy to useperformance management. The system is built on .NET technologies and makes extensive use of the QlikviewBusiness Intelligence Tool. The SVAM team took an agile development approach that permitted the client toexperiment with innovative ideas and deploy those that created the most value. ResultsThe BI solution was so successful that it was deployed among the senior leadership throughout the company. Ina subsequent phase, SVAM integrated the platform with a business process management engine to integrateoperations, and with the corporate SharePoint portal to foster greater collaboration throughout the company. SharePoint Features• Collaboration• Wikis• Document Library• Search• AgilePoint Integration (Business Process Management tool)• QlikView Integration (Business Intelligence Tool)
  22. 22. Representative ProjectsMedia ChallengeSVAM was asked to create a robust platform that also had an attractive look and feel, with configurable pagesfor end-user personalization. By the very nature of SITE Intel’s business, a high level of security and privacywas required, along with powerful search capabilities and ease of creating of new pages and internal websites.The design also had to enable a second phase to integrate Web 2.0 features. SVAM’s SolutionThe SVAM team selected Microsoft SharePoint as the platform to deliver this wide ranging capability. Beyondthe traditional document management emphasis, the team integrated ASP.NET C# code to leverage the strongdatabase engine within SharePoint. ResultsThe SITE Intel web-based application is the product of choice for the best security intelligence available to non-governmental organizations. SharePoint Features• Metadata Search• Custom Web Parts• Document Library• Active Directory & Form based Authentication
  23. 23. Representative Projects ChallengeClient is the overall administrator for the Department of Housing and Urban Development CommunityDevelopment Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership (HOME), and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG)Programs for the Urban County Consortium. These programs are federally funded programs & involves hugeamount of documentation (per case) & relatively its tracking. The major challenges in this engagement were:-• Dynamic Workflows• Security• Powerful Search Capabilities & Online Document Editing SVAM’s SolutionTo meet clients challenges, SVAM team selected Microsoft SharePoint (InfoPath Forms) as the platform to deliverthis wide ranging capability. Beyond the traditional document management emphasis, the team integratedASP.NET code to leverage the extranet capabilities. Results• Accelerated shared business processes, facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better insight• Central repository for case information improvising management functionality• Operational Savings SharePoint Features• Workflow • InfoPath Forms• Out-of-box Web Parts • Search
  24. 24. Representative Projects ChallengeClient is the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information for a wide range ofindustries. Client provides critical consumer behavior and point-of-sale (POS) information and industry expertiseacross more industries than any other market research company. Client needed cost effective solution for the theirBI reporting over the web and solution where power users are kept in mind for their ease of use. SVAM’s SolutionSVAM suggested SharePoint Power Pivot solution for BI reporting over the web and also provided FAST searchfor quick search of the documents and content. Also SVAM provided a user friendly navigation for the reports aswell as for the reports ResultsFollowing results were produced for the client• Produced user friendly web reports using Power Pivot and giving users excel kind of look and feel• Offered drill down reports with data security and filtering• Offered FAST search for their documents and content SharePoint FeaturesFollowing features of SharePoint were used for this solution• SharePoint integrated with PowerPivot• FAST Search
  25. 25. Feedback Your feedback is very important to us, please contact us for more information and feedback Email : Phone : +1 (516) 466 6655 Follow us:
  26. 26. Thanks for your time!!