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AWWA 2012 St Louis Security Presentation


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Presentation covering Sustainable Perimeter Security System Development for Water Facilities

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AWWA 2012 St Louis Security Presentation

  1. 1. Sustainable Perimeter Security System Development For Today’s Water Infrastructure Environment Wivenhoe Management Group
  2. 2. Three Parts To Presentation • Perimeter Security • Sustainable Security Systems • New Security Technology Wivenhoe Management Group
  3. 3. Importance of Perimeter Security 1). Layered Security All SVA Methodologies 2). First Line of Defense DHS Importance 3). Deterrent Point Wivenhoe Management Group
  4. 4. Perimeter SecuritySandia - Detect, Delay, RespondDHS - Deter, Detect, Delay, RespondSecurity Industry Experience Keep the Problem Out Deter the Problem Elsewhere Wivenhoe Management Group
  5. 5. The Perimeter Security Challenge for Water Remote Geography Reservoirs, Pump Stations, Intakes Power Communication Cost Trenching, Cabling, Monitoring Wivenhoe Management Group
  6. 6. SustainabilityWhat Has Changed? Wireless Networks & Technology Low Power Security Equipment Utilization of Sustainable Power POE Wivenhoe Management Group
  7. 7. • Analog POE Conduit Adding Coaxial cable  IP L2 switch Ethernet Cable • Less material and labor • Ease of adding camera • Flexible camera placement and relocation Wivenhoe Management Group Adding • Ethernet cables are installed already
  8. 8. Solar Powered SecurityStand Alone Solar Unit Solar Panel Trailer Unit Wivenhoe Management Group
  9. 9. Wireless & Network CommunicationWireless Mesh NetworksIP Addressable DevicesIP Addressable Sub SystemsInternet Access Wivenhoe Management Group
  10. 10. Wireless Mesh Network Wivenhoe Management Group
  11. 11. Security Technology Development• Camera Technology• Surveillance Deterrent Systems• Video Motion• Low Light/Low Power Cameras• Video Analytics/Recording• Remote Monitoring Management Wivenhoe Management Group
  12. 12. Camera TechnologyMegapixel DevelopmentLow Light LensesLow Power RequirementsLow SensitivityFunctional Intelligence Wivenhoe Management Group
  13. 13. 1.3 Mega = 4 VGA 2,048 VGA VGA VGA 1,280 1,53 VGA VGA VGA VGA VGA 2 960 640480 VGA VGA VGA VGA VGA VGA VGA 1.3 Megapixel Wivenhoe Management Group 3 Megapixel
  14. 14. Normal Camera Wivenhoe Management GroupImage may be copyright.
  15. 15. Mega Pixel Camera Wivenhoe Management GroupImage may be copyright.
  16. 16. SensitivityCompany A 3 Megapixel CMOS Wivenhoe Management Group
  17. 17. MEGA pixel comparison – low Min. Illumination 1.5 lxP502 (1.3Mega mode) with DNR light condition Vertical noise Low frequency horizontal noise Wivenhoe Management Group
  18. 18. SR Series features: Environmental friendly Eco design 18 2. Less electric energy consumption Compared to current models, SR models cameras (box) can reduce up to 25% of the electric energy consumption. Less energy consumption Current New Current WV-CP290 WV-CP310 WV-CP290 SR series AC220V 3.2W 2.3W WV-CP310 28% less AC24V 2.9W 2.1W 28% less DC12V 240mA 25% less 180mA - 25% Current New Current WV-CF334 WV-CF344 WV-CF334 SR series WV-CF364 WV-CF344 AC24V 2.9W 2.1W 28% less WV-CF374 Current New WV-CF364 WV-CF374 - 28% AC24V 2.9W 28% less 2.1W Wivenhoe Management Group CP310/CP314 CP300/CP304 CF354 CF344
  19. 19. Company CWivenhoe Management Group
  20. 20. PanasonicNP502Wivenhoe Management Group
  21. 21. VIQS(Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) VIQS can set different picture quality in multiple areas within one picture on the camera side. Lower picture quality Higher picture quality Lower picture qualtiy Wivenhoe Management Group
  22. 22. IR LED LED OFF (@0lux) LED ON (@0lux) 20m 10m 5m Distance: from camera to object Wivenhoe Management GroupSW314 SW316 SW316L
  23. 23. SR Series features: Versatile function 23 2.Lens distortion compensation Distortion compensation function will create distortion free images When used with Wide Angle Lens Distortion free image image became Fish Eye Effects Wivenhoe Management GroupCP310/CP314 CP300/CP304 CF354 CF344
  24. 24. WJ-ND400 Network Video RecorderHigh performance Network Video Recorder for Megapixel i-Pro Network Cameras Wivenhoe Management Group
  25. 25. Deterrent Surveillance Wivenhoe Management Group
  26. 26. Deterrent Surveillance Wivenhoe Management Group
  27. 27. Summary• Perimeter Security – Recommended – Meets All Legislation• Challenge to Water – Geography – Cost Wivenhoe Management Group
  28. 28. Summary• Sustainability• Wireless Technology• Low Power Security• Remote Monitoring Wivenhoe Management Group
  29. 29. Questions Phone: 609-208-0112E-mail: Wivenhoe Management Group