Key Qualifications


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Key Qualifications

  1. 1. Key Qualifications Susan Kuchta Vice President, Packaging and Narrow Web
  2. 2. Maximizing Financial Performance / ROI ● Improved A/R balances 67%, with a nearly 97% drop in past-due days, by developing and implementing new collection guidelines overcoming industry standards. ● Completed the successful turnaround of a failing business within one year, bringing the organization from a negative $12 million EBITDA to breakeven. ● Led a successful effort to reduce consignment inventories at customer locations through effective management of automatic billing, setting minimum reorder points and implementing work- off programs.
  3. 3. Strategic Planning / Tactical Execution ● Successfully led the business through relationship strategy with key customers that increased customer share by 25%. ● Moved company from #5 to #2 in its industry, achieving its goal of over $1 billion in sales in just four years by convincing management of need for structured business processes. ● Developed and implemented a highly effective sales strategy for the entire market, including identifying desirable markets and building operational strategies to achieve all EBITDA goals during the recession.
  4. 4. Product Definition / Market Penetration ● Lifted the companys market share 10% by eliminating a major product gap through the implementation of a new product development strategy. ● Achieved and maintained a 35% market share in a new submarket by defining all market requirements and developing an innovative product solution.
  5. 5. Product Pricing / Contract Negotiations ● Increased gross margins $1.7 million within the first year of defining and implementing a highly successful new pricing strategy. ● Negotiated a low-margin, $40 million contract with a key customer, eliminating all technical services and entertainment expenses.
  6. 6. Integrations / Restructures / Change Management ● Eliminated operational complexities hindering business performance, ultimately improving EBITDA $18 million annualized within six months.   ● Merged two diverse sales forces in order to maximize profitability and geographic coverage of the smaller business, leading to a 10% sales increase within one year.
  7. 7. Optimizing Supply Chain Performance ● Led the strategic development for a global manufacturing platform for the commercial sheet- fed business, ultimately improving EBITDA from 1% to 8% within just 18 months. ● Successfully integrated a smaller manufacturing business into a larger platform, effectively reducing costs and complexity within the product line and improving on-time customer delivery from 70% to 97%.
  8. 8. Leveraging Strategic Client Relationships ● Grew sales $30 million in 18 months, equating to a 50% increase, by developing a strategy and leveraging key internal and external decision makers to communicate the value proposition to the customer. ● $5 million in additional sales secured by leveraging a relationships and application success with a separate customer to use the same technology to support a customers new business.