USSaudiForum - Panel 10 - Munir Rafie - Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sectors


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The 3rd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum was held Sep 16-18, 2013, bringing together officials, business people, educators and specialists highlighting the U.S.-Saudi trade relationship and how U.S. companies can participate in Saudi Arabia's expansion.

Saudi Arabia is undergoing an extraordinary economic boom. Massive public investment, rapid private-sector growth and new sector initiatives are driving an expansion projected to offer more than $1 trillion in trade and investment opportunities over the next decade.

This panel of distinguished experts highlighted the opportunities in the oil and gas sectors.

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USSaudiForum - Panel 10 - Munir Rafie - Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sectors

  1. 1. Business Opportunities in Oil & Gas September 18, 2013 Munir M. Rafie © Copyright 2013, Saudi Aramco. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Saudi Arabia Overview 260 billion Oil Reserves 263 trillion Gas Reserves
  3. 3. Saudi Arabia Overview 450Billion To be spent during the period 2014-2018 100Billion 2012 Budget surplus promotes accelerated development 1,600Total projects RobustRobust budget planning
  4. 4. Technologies & Communications Transportation & Logistics Education & Health Utilities Airports Electricity New Technologies Roads Saudi Arabia Overview
  5. 5. Top 20 WEF / Global Competitiveness  WB / Best Places to do Business Saudi Arabia Overview
  6. 6. Saudi Arabia Overview 4th For “Fiscal Freedom” 7th Most rewarding tax system LocationStrategic geographic location EnergyPlentiful energy supplies
  7. 7. Saudi Arabia Overview  Young, educated current & future workforce  61% within working age  35% under 15
  8. 8. World’s Largest Integrated Oil & Gas Company 55,000+Multinational Workforce Saudi Aramco Overview
  9. 9. Saudi Aramco Overview 12Million Barrels Daily production capacity 11Billion Cubic Feet Daily Gas production capacity
  10. 10. Saudi Aramco Overview The largest integrated oil and gas company 63Plants Crude processing plants 10Refineries Refineries (including 4 Joint Ventures)
  11. 11. Saudi Aramco Overview 7Gas plants 3NGL plants In-Kingdom Operations: 22,050Kilometers Transport pipelines (by 2014)
  12. 12. Over the next ten to twenty years, we intend to transform Saudi Aramco from just an oil and gas company into a fully integrated, truly global energy and chemicals enterprise with extensive operations in the Kingdom and throughout the globe. Khalid A. Al Falih President & CEO May 25th , 2011 Saudi Aramco Overview
  13. 13. Saudi Aramco Overview
  14. 14. Opportunity  $130 billion 5-year capital budget  New crude oil increments  Natural gas production  Refining and petrochemicals  Residential communities
  15. 15. Opportunity Associated materials and equipment Maintenance and support services Direct, upstream opportunities Indirect, downstream opportunities Rewarding investment opportunities
  16. 16. 70% Local content by 2020 130Billion Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals Business Opportunities Saudi Aramco’s Strategic Direction: Opportunity
  17. 17. Incentives  Up to 10% premium for local manufacturers  Exclusivity to local manufacturers in bidding  Long term (5-10 year) agreements
  18. 18. Manufacturing Opportunities $12Billion Pipe and Structural Steel 35% locally manufactured $6Billion Columns, Vessels, Exchangers, Valves 25% locally manufactured $4Billion Compressors, Pumps, Turbines 15% locally manufactured $5Billion Chemicals, Drilling Fluids, Inhibitors 45% locally manufactured
  19. 19. Manufacturing Opportunities $4Billion Instrumentation and Electrical 30% locally manufactured $5Billion Drilling and Producing Equipment 20% locally manufactured $3Billion Health, Safety, Security & Fire Equipment 20% locally manufactured $2Billion Construction, General Supply 25% locally manufactured $29 Billion Opportunity $29 Billion Opportunity
  20. 20. Services Opportunities Equipment Installation, Commissioning & Servicing Life Cycle Management Assembly Finishing Testing
  21. 21. Services Opportunities Drilling Drilling Services Oil Field Services Industrial Equipment Services Coating Services Construction Construction Services Maintenance Services Installation Services Technical Information Technology Engineering Logistics Transportation Warehousing Marine HSE Environmental Medical Safety and Security General Community Services Offices Services Human Resources
  22. 22. Investment Support  Saudi Arabian Government Investment Authority (SAGIA)  Saudi Aramco / New Business Development  Doing Business With Saudi Aramco
  23. 23. An invitation…… What? When ? Why? How?  Invest in Saudi Arabia  Now  $ Multi-billion Opportunity  Strong GDP Growth  Young Educated Population  Modern infrastructure  Targeted incentives
  24. 24. Thank you