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ICT4S keynote Nicola Villa


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About Nicola Villa
Nicola Villa is a Corporate Entrepreneur focused at the intersection between Digital Innovation, Sustainability, Analytics, the Internet of Things and Cognitive Computing. Nicola is an Executive Partner at IBM’s Global Business Services. He runs the European Growth initiative for the Internet of Things. He brings together more than 20 years of experience in helping leading Public and Private sector organisation transition towards becoming a Cognitive organisation.

Prior to that Nicola spent 19 years at Cisco where he set up and managed a number o
f strategic programs: He led e-commerce initiatives in the 90’s, co-founded Cisco’s Internet Business Solution Group, led Connected Urban Development (Cisco’s first step in the sustainability & smart city space, through a Global Partnership with Clinton Global Initiative, MIT and leading cities around the word). He managed the global Public Sector innovation team at Cisco, helped incubate Data & Analytics at Cisco Services and finally helped build Country Digitisation partnership programs with key European Political Leaders.

Nicola is an executive member of the Steering Board of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Urban Development Program. Nicola has a strong focus on digital Innovation strategies and is collaborating with both enterprise organisations as well as central government agencies, often at CxO and Cabinet level, in supporting the creation of Innovation & ICT programs, as well as new IT consumption models.

Nicola is an Italian national who studied Business Economics at the Universita’ Cattolica in Milan and at the Brighton University in the UK. He wrote his thesis on Industrial Economics, analyzing the effects of Technical standardization policies on the Internet and on the GSM telephony markets.

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ICT4S keynote Nicola Villa

  1. 1. A  20  Years  Journey  through  the  Internet  and  Sustainability The  Power  of  the  Edge Nicola  Villa Executive  Partner,  IBM  Global  Business  Services
  2. 2. Source:  Paul  Baran
  3. 3. Internet  Evolution  – last  20  years Intelligent  Connections Internet  of Things Connect  the   Unconnected Immersive Experiences Digitize  interactions  Networked Economy Digitize  business processes Connectivity Digitize  access   to  information Triple  Bottom  Line  Impact
  4. 4. 1995 – 2000:  Networked  Economy Leadership Governance Competencies Technology
  5. 5. 2000  – 2005:  Broadband
  6. 6. 2005  – And  now  ?
  7. 7. 2005  -­‐ 2015:  Meanwhile… Highline  – New  York
  8. 8. 8 • Billions  of  Things are  getting   connected • Our  world  is  submerged  in  data • The  world  is  being  re-­written  in   software  code  and  the  cloud  is   the  platform  on  which  this  it  taking   place • Computer  systems  are  gaining   cognitive  capabilities  that  are   becoming  mainstream We  are  now  being  confronted  with  new   developments Cloud  as  the  main   platform Arrival  of  cognitive   computing 80%  of   unstructured  data
  9. 9. Reimagining  our  world  – Once  Again Transforming the traditional taxi industry Excess Capacity: Everything as a service Transformedits industry in a capital intensive space Self-driving car is impacting traditional auto makers
  10. 10. Rethinking  Entire  Value  Chains  
  11. 11. With  Buildings  becoming  Banks…
  12. 12. And  New  Technologies  disrupting  Multiple  Industries
  13. 13. 13 • Understand natural  language  and   put  it  into  context • Reason by  generating  hypothesis,   considering  arguments  and   coming  back  with   recommendations • Learn while  being  trained  by   experts  and  continuously   becoming  smarter  with  each  piece   of  information Cognitive  Systems  understand,  reason   and  learn Understand Learn Reason
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Cognitive  …  in  The  Netherlands  ! Poseidon Inclusive  Enterprise This  initiative  focuses  on  raising  awareness  on   the  (over)use  of  water  in  agriculture  and   developing  low-­‐cost  technology  for  3rd  world   farmers  to  support  them  in  consuming  water  in   smart,  efficient  and  effective  ways. This  project  advocates  the  well  being  of  the   employees  and  the  feeling  of  being  engaged  to   the  workplace;  with  the  goal  to  provide  a  better   workplace. RainSense RainSense  is  a  project  under  IBM’s  partnerships   with  academia  aims  at  creating  smarter  cities   that  can  react  effectively  in  cases  of  extreme   rainfall  or  related  phenomena.
  16. 16. “To  improve  is   to  change;  to   be  perfect  is  to   change  often.” Winston  Churchill
  17. 17. Thank  you +31625657629