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SURFconext, a New Collaboration Paradigm


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Uninett Studietur Opptaksgruppe
Date: November 22, 2011
Presenter: Paul van Dijk - SURFnet

Published in: Education, Technology
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SURFconext, a New Collaboration Paradigm

  1. 1. SURFconext, Showcasing a NewCollaboration ParadigmPaul van Dijk, Product Manager SURFnetPaul van Dijk Product Manager SURFnet
  2. 2. Higher Education & Research in NL - Hybrid end-to-end Network - AuthN Federation (N=160) - Provide access to the best possible Online Collaboration Solutions
  3. 3. Users are Choosers…
  4. 4. Needs BarriersWays to deal with Doubt,cloud solutions temporisation, loss of controlGuidance in choices Abundance of available toolsBest practices Confidentiality, Security, portabilityBasic integration Tools, concepts methods available? Solution(s)Cloud seminars, whitepapers and reference implementationsOverview of tools (by category/audience)Basic Infra
  5. 5. 1. Federation SAML+2. SURFteams (grouper)+ =3. OpenSocial+4. Collaboration tools
  6. 6. Combining existing components and open standards oa. SAML2 IdP Federatie SAML2 Portal Grouper TBD Attribute Management TBD Virtual Organizations OpenSocial Rest JANUSOpenSocial Rest SAML2 SP SAML2 Metadata OAuth Service Provider
  7. 7. Single Sign-On
  8. 8. Collaboration Context & AuthZ
  9. 9. OpenSocial Portal & Gadgets- Use of Web Standards (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML)- Standard specification by OpenSocial Foundation- Aim: integration of multi vendor apps in one portal
  10. 10. OpenSocial & Mobiel
  11. 11. Demo !
  12. 12. Licenses & Contract Management warning challenges ahead Supporting Services • SURFfederatie • SURFteams • OpenSocial SURFdiensten: Licentie- en Contractmanagement
  13. 13. OpenSource: Portal OpenSocial Container Engine Block Platform Management interfaceSourcecode: Apache License, v2.0Content: CC “Attr. 3.0 Unported”
  14. 14. Info Opensocial for the Enterprise SURFconext components Apache Rave Incubator (portal) User: paulcwvandijk