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  1. 1. Marketing aspects of ONGC Marketing Aspects of ONGC: A Study of ONGC’s Extended Marketing Mix Model or 7-Ps of Marketing and Its Marketing Strategy Erukulla suresh -138919 School of Management, NIT Warangal Subject: Marketing environment and Analysis Assignment-1 Submitted to Dr.Ritanjali Majhi, Assistant Professor, SOM On 30th September 2013
  2. 2. Marketing aspects of ONGC Abstract This profile is the essential source for top-level energy industry data and information. It details the market structure, regulatory environment, infrastructure and provides historical and forecasted statistics for each of the key sub-segments of oil and natural gas corporation limited (ONGC). It also provides information relating to the oil and gas assets (oil and gas fields) in India. Successful marketing depends on 7p’s of marketing – product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence and the 7-Ps are together called as extended marketing mix model . Keywords: Marketing Strategy, 7-Ps of Marketing , ONGC .
  3. 3. Marketing aspects of ONGC Marketing Aspects of ONGC: A Study of Extended Marketing Mix Model or 7P-s of ONGC About ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) has been playing an important role to meet the energy requirements of the country to meet the rapidly. Keshava deva malaviya realized the importance of an indigenous petroleum in India and laid down the foundation of ONGC in august 14th 1956 . the scientists and engineers of ONGC fuelled by pioneering spirit, have made ONGC the numero uno exploration and production company of Asia today. The company later on became corporate on Feb, 1994. ONGC was the first corporate to register a five digit profit figure in the year 2002-03. It contributes to economy of India about more than 70% of India’s crude oil production and more than 75% of India’s natural gas production. ONGC Ankleshwar is located in western part of India and its main objectives are production, exploration, development and distribution of petroleum .Its drilling site is located at different places viz. Gandhar near ankleshwar , hajira near surat .there are as many as 4000 employees in the company . It has very large area was known as OIL AND NATURAL GAS COMMISSION , which was earlier , a part of geographical survey of India . from 1st of Feb 1994 onwards ONGC commission became oil and natural gas corporation limited. The company was registered under companies act 1956. The headquarters of ONGC is at dehradun and the registered office is at new Delhi. ONGC has six main regional offices in India.
  4. 4. Marketing aspects of ONGC 7P-s of ONGC Product: PRODUCTS 1 CRUDE OIL 2 NATURAL GAS 3 LPG 4 ETHANE-PROPANE (C2-C3) 5 AROMATIC RICH NAPTHA (NGL) 6 KEROSENE (SKO) 7 HIGH SPEED DIESEL(HSD) 8 LAN/ARN 9 LOW SULPHUR HEAVY STOCK(LSHS)/FURNANCE OIL 10 MOTOR GASOLINE 11 AVIATION TURBINE FUEL(ATF) 12 HC ONGC is producing all above products. But its producing major are two product , those are crude oil and natural gas. These two products are played significant role in India. India is sixth largest crude oil consumer in the world with consumption at 119.3 MMT in 2004.
  5. 5. Marketing aspects of ONGC It has 7.59 billion tonnes of In-place hydrocarbon reserves. It has to its credit more than 320 discoveries of oil and gas with Ultimate Reserves of 2.69 Billion Metric tonnes (BMT) of Oil Plus Oil Equivalent Gas (O+OEG) from domestic acreages. Price: Oil prices were fairly stable from 1986 through 2001, averaging just $20 per barrel. The price of oil has been above $80 for the past two and a half years. With rising prices has come a dramatic increase in exploration activity. During the era of low prices, the number of drilling rigs in operation around the world was 1,900 on average; now we are at nearly double that pace, and we have been for nearly three years. Over the coming few years, look for oil prices to decline at least below $80 a barrel and quite possibly more. Place: ONGC operates its services across the world. It is having 32 projects in 16 countries in the world. In India it is having 5 regional offices, 8 basins, assets in 8 places and 4 institutes. The headquarters has been placed in dehradun and register office is in Delhi. Promotion: The existing employees are given promotion for higher posts with more authority, responsibility and accountability. For those who don’t have appropriate skills they need based training, graduate training, regional training, centralized training. They may get the promotions according to their achievements. Sales promotions are increasing from 1994 onwards as compare to the earlier days, and advertisement promotions have been increased during 1994 and 2010. People: Not only had India .set up her own machinery for oil exploration and exploitation... an efficient oil commission had been built where a large number of bright young men and women had been
  6. 6. Marketing aspects of ONGC trained and they were doing good work. Today, ONGC is the flagship company of India; and making this possible is a dedicated team of nearly 33,000 professionals who toil round the clock. The company has adopted progressive policies in scientific planning, acquisition, utilization, training and motivation of the team. At ONGC, everybody matters, every soul counts. process: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. is the Top most leading company of India has scattered its scope of achievement around the world. ONGC is doing its own 1. Exploration work 2. Development work 3. Drilling work 4. Production work ONGC is not manufacturing the goods by the raw material but it is doing its own drilling work. The ONGC is searching the land by is Geology department where there is possibility of prevailing Oil and the Exploration function is to be started to justify whether there is oil availability in the land or not so, the primary function is started with the Exploration work. Physical Evidence: ONGC has clearly mentioned about the products. And it meets the customer satisfaction under subsidy. Government is providing the subsidy rates to the consumers. Awards and Recognitions: It has won many awards but some of them are  The Company won Petrified Oil & Gas Industry Awards 2011 in three categories - "Environmental Sustainability: Company of the Year", "Human Resource Management: Company of the Year" and "Innovator of the Year: Team (Won by IOGPT)".
  7. 7. Marketing aspects of ONGC  It was bestowed with "Most Attractive Employer" Award in Randstad Awards 2011  Won "Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability" for the year 2011  Awarded with the Gold Trophy of SCOPE Meritorious Award for "Environmental Excellence & Sustainable Development" for the Year 2010-11 by former President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil Marketing Strategy of ONGC To be global leader in integrated energy business through sustainable growth, knowledge excellence and exemplary governance practices. World Class  Dedicated to excellence by leveraging competitive advantages in R&D and technology with involved people.  Imbibe high standards of business ethics and organizational values.  Abiding commitment to safety, health and environment to enrich quality of community life.  Foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern to make working a stimulating and challenging experience for our people. Integrated In Energy Business  Focus on domestic and international oil and gas exploration and production business opportunities.  Provide value linkages in other sectors of energy business.  Create growth opportunities and maximize shareholder value.
  8. 8. Marketing aspects of ONGC Dominant Indian Leadership  Retain dominant position in Indian petroleum sector and enhance India's energy availability. Results For The Quarter Ended June 30, 2013 Financial results of ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), the wholly-owned subsidiary of ONGC, for the quarter ended 30th June, 2013 were considered and approved by the Board of Directors in its meeting held on 31st August 2013. The highlights of the results are as below: Particulars Unit Q1 FY'14 Q1 FY'13 % Variation FY'13 Production Crude Oil MMT 1.335 1.154 (+) 15.7 4.343 Natural Gas BCM 0.807 0.680 (+) 18.7 2.917 Total Oil and Oil Equivalent Gas MMTOE 2.142 1.834 (+) 16.8 7.260 Financial Gross Revenue Rs / Crore 4,642 4,306 (+) 7.8 17,671 Net Profit Rs / Crore 837 487 (+) 71.9 3,929  During the quarter ended 30th June, 2013, the company earned profit of Rs 837 Crore, an increase of 71.9% as compared to the corresponding period of the previous quarter. Conclusion: I here by conclude all the information has been gathered from below references.
  9. 9. Marketing aspects of ONGC References Corpn-Ltd/500312 denial-of-promotions