Social Media Platform Review: Pinterest


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Social Media Platform Review: Pinterest

  1. 1. By Morgan Hoey
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?• A virtual bulletin board• An expression of you• A source of inspiration and new ideas
  3. 3. Key Facts• Launched in March 2010• Less than 10,000 registered users in 2011• 11.7 mil. unique visitors; est. 23 mil. registered• iPhone app launched in March 2011• Currently no ad opportunities
  4. 4. Key Impacts• Third most popular social network• 145% growth in traffic from Aug. to Jan. 2012• Visually based, scrapbook-esque• Network not limited to connections
  5. 5. Key Performance Indicators• Quantitative Repins-per-pin Likes-per-pin # of followers Referral Traffic• Qualitative Comments on pins
  6. 6. Be an Effective Pinner • Link pin to original source, credit the creator, add a thoughtful comment • Organize/categorize boards • Create a true representation of you
  7. 7. Cautions for Use• Nothing can be private• Spam pins
  8. 8. Chobani
  9. 9. KT Tape
  10. 10. Sources•• pinterest-tumblr-and-the-trouble-with- curation.html?pagewanted=all•• pinterest-metrics-and-analytics-tools-13208• PZyoD