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SALP final presentation


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SALP final presentation

  2. 2. Orient us to your client and their work Non-profit corporation Through lacrosse education and training, SALP empowers at-risk youth by helping them to recognize what they are capable of accomplishing in their lives. What they do:  Assist in the development and promotion of HIV prevention programs for orphans in South Africa.  Implement and coordinate a lacrosse program in South Africa for at-risk youth.
  3. 3. What was your role In the project? Were hoping to increase their web presence and drive their website traffic. Established Facebook content ideas. Started a Twitter account. Gave them insight about the importance of using social media. Operations Manuel details how to use each site recommended.
  4. 4. What two things worked best? Created an implementation plan for  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube Inspired SALP to use social media  Promotion  Marketing  Networking tool Now have direction
  5. 5. What would we do differently? Have a better game plan before the first meeting. Try to have biweekly meetings. Better understanding of their commitment. Show them example postings to gain trust.
  6. 6. Was the experience worthwhile? Learned how to perform tasks, not implement them. Clients could have been more receptive.
  7. 7. How did you feel at the completion of the experience? Don’t feel 100 % complete. Cant feel complete until SALP implements our ideas. Could have felt more complete with a more receptive client who was open to communication. A client who knew what they wanted or was even looking for help.
  8. 8. Should the client based exercise happen again? Yes but make sure client expectations are spelled out in the beginning. Possibly get clients from Salisbury and surrounding area. Have bi-weekly update reports from client and students. Can be a very beneficial learning experience for both parties.
  9. 9. What was the most important thing you learned? Trust is key to success Communication is necessary Location of client is important
  10. 10. Additional Comments and Questions Does anyone have any questions regarding who our client is, what we did for them, or what we took away from this experience?
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