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Rock on CH.5 by Travis Guthrie


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Rock on CH.5 by Travis Guthrie

  1. 1. Rock On Ch. 5 By: Travis Guthrie
  2. 2. Improvise• The Grateful Dead improvised individually and as a group• Created a riff and ran with it to have a unique music experience• The Dead’sperformances where always different
  3. 3. Experiment• Because of their mindsets and style they made a lot more mistakes then other bands• Jerry Garcia said “You go diving for pearls every night but sometimes you end up with clams”• It wasn’t unusual to see many poor performances and then the very next night it would be amazing• Never become conservative, don’t stop experimenting, and always push the envelope
  4. 4. Experiment• Innovation leads to breakthroughs and success• CEO’s and Management teams need to let their marketers be more free and allow for experimentation• “The Grateful Dead teaches us to take risks and to experiment, to learn from our failures and successes, and to continually move forward”• Shorten up planning cycles to monthly vs. 6-12 months
  5. 5. Dropbox• Launched in 2008, allows file sharing across computers• To help spread the word about the company they used Pay-per-click campaigns resulting in a expensive loss• Their product itself helped spread the word of mouth and current customers helped refer new customers• Dropbox used incentives to help gain exposure which paid off• In 2009 they had 100,000 users and by 2010 they had 4 million users
  6. 6. Rock on• 80% should be experiments and improvising• 20% should be your normal routine• Always be creative and able to adapt• Don’t worry about mistakes, move forward and learn from them
  7. 7. Works cited• Tuten, Tracy L., and Michael R. Solomon. “The Dark Side of Social Media.” Social Media Marketing. Boston: Pearson, 2013. 37. Print.
  8. 8. Question• If you were in a senior level position of a company would you allow your marketing teams to freely experiment outside of the traditional way of marketing?• Have you ever failed prior to succeeding in your personal lives? Tell me a story