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Rock on ch 14


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Rock on ch 14

  1. 1. Charles Nicolson
  2. 2. Be SpreadableTapers who attended Grateful Dead Concerts made up a mini cultureFans collecting those tapes made a much bigger culture.During this time people passed tapes to friends who made copies, whoshared to friends and so on.All of this copying was openly sanctioned by the Grateful Dead.• Only stipulation was these recordings are not to be sold commercially.
  3. 3. Music IndustryDuring this time many strict barriers placed on music sharing, many whichare still in place today.No band freely shared like the Grateful Dead.
  4. 4. Sharing Used as AdvertisementsSetting their music freely worked for them.Each tape was an advertisement, attracting new people to concerts.The more concerts the Grateful Dead played the more tapes were created.The more tapes created, the more copies of those tapes were shared.The more tapes, the more advertisements placed freely.More advertisements reaches more customers, more people attended theirconcerts.
  5. 5. Marketer StandpointAs a marketer goal is to spread the word about your product, service, oridea.In the past friction in the market place was high, resulting in money spent onPR firms, and expensive ad campaigns.Today friction is less due to the internet and social media.With a remarkable idea you will attract bloggers and social media users inyour marketplace who will spread your idea without the expensive PR firmsand ad campaigns.Set your content free, and your fans and followers will spread your product,service, or idea.
  6. 6. Go Viral!“Making it easy for our audience to spread out content makes our productKNOWN in the marketplace.”Idea of an infectious disease. Going Viral.If content reaches 10 people who share to 10 more you are said to have aremarkable idea, (Epidemic).Reaches 10 and 1 shares, (Pandemic).Make your content as easy as possible to spread.Putting registration barriers on your content, your idea,(disease) is sure todie out.Setting it free and enable it to be shared can make sure it goes Viral.
  7. 7. MashableMashable is a blog read by over 2.4 million people.Content has no barriers, like other mainstream outlets, (Wall Street Journal).They removed all barriers to people reading, linking, and sharing.Stay up to date with the many new social sharing tools.By removing barriers it is easy to spread, and becomes available all oversocial media platforms• Resulting in over 15 million monthly page views.
  8. 8. Rock OnIt pays to make it easy for your audience to spread your content for you.Integrate social media throughout your marketing.Make your landing page easy for fans to spread, share, and link to.
  9. 9. Questions?Make it easy for your content to be spread.Why do you think some companies are still against freely releasing theircontent to their marketplace?Are their certain types of businesses that may not benefit from freelyreleasing their content to their customers?
  10. 10. Works Cited“Marketing Lessons From the Grateful Dead” by David Meerman Scott &Brian Halligan