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  1. 1. Sunny Matani MKTG 335 Morris *
  2. 2. * *Reddit is infamously known as the front page of the internet. *Completely user based. *Appeals to any type of user. *Subreddits
  3. 3. * *Founded in June 2005 *Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian *Averages 112 million monthly unique views, almost 5.46 billion overall average views (as of February 2014) *Number of subreddits with over 100 subs = 7,465 *2.89 million redditors
  4. 4. * *Reddit doesn’t have an immediate threat due to the uniqueness of the platform. *4chan *Stumble Upon *Oppertunities *Matketing *Smart consumer *Must market very carefully
  5. 5. *
  6. 6. * *Every community has it’s odd balls *Tags to look out for *NSFW (Not Safe for Work) *Others which don’t need to be discussed. *Cool Infographic
  7. 7. * *Many businesses are on Reddit, but it’s not them using it. It’s the users creating a subreddit about them. *Ex. Microsoft, Apple, Marvel
  8. 8. * *Userbase is predominantly intelligent. *Educated users who care about what they are being sold. *Community Reviews that are to be trusted. *Marketing would need to be executed intelligently.
  9. 9. *