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  • Facebook active users as of June 2012:955 million monthly active users. Approximately 81% of our monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.552 million daily active users on average543 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile productWho Runs the show:3,976 employees at end of June 2012, Mark Zuckerburg is still the CEO that provides the overall direction for the company but his right hand woman is the Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sanberg her previous work experience boasts Google and working as the Chief of Staff for the United States Treasury Department.
  • The main Key impact Facebook has is mainly that Facebook has changed the way we communicateEverything is 24/7It is so second nature us that it is the basis for all other successful social media sites We use facebook everyday with out even realizing it, its always on an extra tab when we pull up the internet with out facebook its hard to say if we would have any of the other platforms we are used to Twitter is a platform dedicated to the status update Pintrest is a platform dedicated to the share feature Linkedin is everything facebook is but in a professional setting
  • Facebook is a great way to stay connected and get reconnected with friends,Tips for personal useRemember what it is used for , no one likes those people who blow up their news feed with annoying posts every ten min. Remember that facebook is to stay connected with people not as an online broadcasting system for yourself.We all know that we aren’t supposed to post things we don’t think are appropriate, I was told don’t post anything you wouldn’t show your grandmother. So remember to keep it classy !!Remember the golden rules of life--- no one like to be the subject of some one’s jokes or be taunted, so don’t be that person to someone else. Cyberbullying is a serious problem in schools today. Everyone always seems to be way more bold when they hide behind a computer.. So if you wouldn’t want someone to post or comment or share about you … don’t do it about others
  • Business can use facebook to target their customers in way never previously doneTheir pages allow the business to seem more relatable and provide a place for them to interact with the businessThis can be good and bad the customer now has a lot more power then the did previously, they now have an instant way to communicate with the company giving them more influence then everThrough the use of Facebook ads they can target very specific markets of consumers cutting advertising costs (Watch ad video)Under Armour knows how to use social media (show page and explain)
  • Facebook presentation

    1. 1. facebookSocial Media Platform ReviewKim GeorgeOct. 1st 2012
    2. 2. Presentation Overview•Facebook history and overview•Key Performance Indicators•Personal Use•Business use
    3. 3. What is facebook?• Launched on February 4th 2004 by 19 year old Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg• Originally thefacebook.com•Facebook active users as of June 2012• Who runs the show?•Facebooks mission is to give people the power to shareand make the world more open and connected.
    4. 4. KPI’s• Number of Likes• Number of fans• Number of comments• Wall response time (how long do people stay on your page)• Facebook place check-ins• Number of visits to a company website from a facebook page or ad• Measured by on site analytics or outside sites such as Hootsuite
    5. 5. facebook is Facebook is the new normal the new normal
    6. 6. Personal Use• Stay connected or re-connect• Remember what it is used for• KEEP IT CLASSY• Above all remember the golden rules of life
    7. 7. Business Use and Advertising • Connect and interact with consumers • The good, the bad and the ugly • Target specific niches of consumers • How ads work • Under Armour Facebook Page
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