Client Presentation: Atlantic Retreat


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Client Presentation: Atlantic Retreat

  1. 1. “At Atlantic Retreat, we understand the importance oftaking time for yourself to refresh, renew and heal yourselffrom daily life. Finding even just a moment to relax andunwind in this increasingly chaotic world can often bedifficult, but it is also imperative to your inner health andwell being. That’s what Atlantic Retreat is all about.” Taylor Linderman, Leigh Ann Doyle, Alyssa Tierney, Andrew Cantor, and Tyler Gualt
  2. 2. Who is Atlantic Retreat? Organic spa located in Berlin, Maryland Specialize in skin and massage services Specialize in cancer and pain patients Sell organic product lines with other serenity products Two staff members ◦ Terri Street: esthetician and massage therapist ◦ Jami Geise: massage therapist
  3. 3. Our Role Social media specialists creating and implementing our marketing plan using social networking sites
  4. 4. Our Goals Increase ◦ client interaction ( # of engaged users)(23  30) ◦ Number of Facebook likes (+100 Help to develop the Atlantic Retreat brand (especially online) Begin using e-mail marketing
  5. 5. • Created relevant poststwo-three times a week• Used a variety of content October 1, 2012for posts; text and picture.• Posted between 9am-12or 6-9pm• Reconstructed andimproved the appearanceof the information andphotos on the page
  6. 6. Most engagement:• Posting pictures and text together• Asking users to comment on the status
  7. 7.  In the future…. ◦ Not use text-only posts Worthwhile
  8. 8.  Send email updates every other week Manage bounces Get information to older customers ◦ Add new information about products, education and services ◦ Education Tool
  9. 9.  Educational Content  Posting about Products Integrating other Social Media  Facebook, Website, Foursquare
  10. 10.  Inconsistent! ◦ Dates Sent ◦ Varying messages through all mediums
  11. 11.  For Atlantic Retreat: ◦ Client loved it and is seeing results ◦ Began email marketing For us: ◦ Learn a new tool for an old medium ◦ Practice implementing Social Media
  12. 12. What worked?! Vastly improved SEO Another marketing profile Simple ◦ Time efficient ◦ Easy to update if needed in the future
  13. 13. What could have been done differently: Try to update it more Share updates through Facebook/Constant Contact Help drive traffic to site
  14. 14.  Worthwhile ◦ SEO ◦ Quick to set up Wasn’t resulting in check- ins ◦ Left up for SEO purposes
  15. 15. Social Mediafor the future: Relevant to the industry Expression of Atlantic Retreat Help educate the public Visual
  16. 16.  Rocky at the beginning Great start to Atlantic Retreat’s social media presence Just getting started
  17. 17. Should client project becontinued? Hands On ◦ Real life Application ◦ Creating/Maintaining ◦ Social Media Policy ◦ Manual Atlantic Retreat- Easy to work with ◦ Better utilization of tools will be beneficial for the business
  18. 18. Most important thing welearned… Takes time to keep up with each platform and to plan integration Attention to detail Important to adapt based on what is working and not working Importance of measuring and tracking success