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Chapter 6


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Published in: Education
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Chapter 6

  1. 1. Chapter 6Embrace Technology Denny Sawyer
  2. 2. Wall ofSound•Costs $350,000•Perspective•Jeep 135 dB•Permanent hearing loss at 127dB •1 Fifteen-inch •4 Five-inch •2 tweeters •1,200 watts of Power•Wall Of SOUND•26,400 watts of power from55 2,300 watt amplifiers•Consists of 600 speakers •88 JBL Fifteen-inch •174 JBL twelve-inch •288 JBL five-inch •54 ElectoVoice Tweeters
  3. 3. The dead 2009• Bringing Dead Heads together once again• App“The Dead Tour 2009 – ALL ACCESS”• Communications revolution driven by marketing technology• Embrace Real-time social networks= free marketing
  4. 4. dod• The Department of Defense embraces communications technologies much like the dead.• Directive-Type Memorandum 09- 026 states DoD employees (U.S. Army forces, Air Force, Navy, and Marines) can use and participate in social networking sites to stay in contact with peers, friends, family members, and the general public.• The U.S. Military is using marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead! (what would Jerry Garcia think?)