Bad Reviews - Tracy Stanley


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Bad Reviews - Tracy Stanley

  1. 1. Freedom of Speech, How Free Is It? Bad Reviews by Tracy Lynn Stanley
  2. 2. Story Time Justin Kurtz – student at West Michigan University His car was towed even though he had a permit – forced to pay $118 to get his car back Created a Facebook page called “Kalamazoo Residents against T&J Towing” Within 2 days, 800 people joined the group Was sued by T&J Towing for $750,000 for hurting their business Referred to as SLAPP lawsuits
  3. 3. SLAPP SLAPP – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation Used to intimidate critics Not used necessarily to succeed, but rather to force defendants to back down, rather than face long and expensive court battles Used against those who testify at a city council meeting or write angry letters to their representative – and now in modern times – against those like Justin Many states have an anti-SLAPP law
  4. 4. Justin’s Story Continued Justin’s Facebook page now has more than 12,000 members Currently he is countersuing the towing company with claims of abusing the legal process Justin commented saying “There’s no reason I should have to shut up because some guy doesn’t want his dirty laundry out. It’s the power of the internet, man.” Do you agree with Justin?
  5. 5. Reflection Should we be able to say whatever we want, wherever we want?  Post rationally, not emotionally  Always post knowing it is going to represent you professionally, and yes, companies do Google you when hiring  Keep in mind that the internet is global and that nothing is ever truly deleted Are SLAPP laws justified?  Many states are against them, along with congress considering legislation to create a federal law banning these actions
  6. 6. How To Respond to Negative Reviews Online Rule 1: Stay professional and pull the focus back from the details to focus on a solution. Rule 2: No personal attacks. Write to future prospects, not the reviewer. Rule 3: Show that you are human, not a nameless, faceless company. Rule 4: Know what’s being said!
  7. 7. Questions For The Class… Should companies be able to go after bloggers for giving them bad reviews?  If so, what regulations do you think should be in place? (i.e. only if it isn’t accurate, only for a reasonable price, etc.) Should review sites ask the blogger specific questions, such as what was your mood before entering, and again when leaving.  If so, what questions?
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