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How to select the best school for your child


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Dr. Harleen Kaur shares few Tips for the Parents who are confused about selecting the best school for their child. The Score Card by Dr.Harleen Kaur is the most valuable thing the parents need to carry while visiting the school.

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How to select the best school for your child

  1. 1. By: Dr. (Mrs.) Harleen Kaur Founder Principal/ Speaker/Author/Editor Mount Carmel International School, Naraingarh (Ambala, Haryana) Email : Phone No. 9115126174, 7027817777 How To Select The Best School For Your Child?
  2. 2. As giving birth is an important decision. Same way selecting best school for your child is an important decision.
  3. 3. sapling Strong Tree Gateway For The Future
  4. 4. 1. Identify with you child and do the research. 2. Make the list of the school. 3. Visit the potential schools. 4. Apply the school who score the highest on your score card.
  5. 5. Identify with your child and do research Be conscious about your child’s demands. A pitfall
  6. 6. Make the list of the schools When you want to buy iPhone
  7. 7. Visit the potential school Dr. Harleen Kaur Score Card
  8. 8. Are the security Guards well dressed, courteous + Vigilant
  9. 9. Reception/Front Desk
  10. 10. Play Ground Assembly Ground
  11. 11. Does the school conduct activities regularly 1. Check Academic Planner. 2. Interact with Parents. 3. Check FB + Google Page
  12. 12. Check Principal 1. Qualification 2. Her Achievements + Publication at National & International Leverl 3. Awards (Honour By Govt. of India or CBSE)
  13. 13. Publication of School Staff, Student Principal
  14. 14. Does School Have FB Account ? Review ?
  15. 15. School Which Scores MAX. on Dr. Harleen Kaur’s Score Card Apply