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Ic engines


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Basics of Automotive Engine

Published in: Automotive
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Ic engines

  1. 1. By T.C.SUDHIR
  2. 2. Synopsis Of Presentation Introduction Working Nomenclature Cam mechanism Classification Application Advantage Disadvantage Summary
  3. 3. IC Engine-Introduction To convert heat energy in to mechanical work. Combustion of fuel inside the engine
  4. 4. Working
  5. 5. Engine nomenclature
  6. 6. Pistons and connecting rod
  7. 7. Cam shaft and valve actuating mechanism
  8. 8. Hemispherical head engine
  9. 9. Overhead cam shaft
  10. 10. Classification Based on strokes Based on fuel Based on ignition system Based on cylinder Based on application Based on speed
  11. 11. Based on strokes Two stroke Four stroke
  12. 12. Based on ignition system Spark Ignition Engine Compression ignition engine
  13. 13. Spark Ignition Engine Ignited by an electric spark. It is known as Otto cycle engine
  14. 14. Compression ignition engine Ignition by compression It is also called as diesel cycle
  15. 15. Based on cylinder No of cylinders Arrangement of cylinder
  16. 16. Number of cylinders Single cylinder Engine Multi cylinder engine
  17. 17. Arrangement of cylinder
  18. 18. In-line vertical engine
  19. 19. V-type engine
  20. 20. Opposed cylinder engine
  21. 21. Radial engine
  22. 22. Type of cooling Air cooled engine Water cooled engine
  23. 23. Application Transport vehicles Prime movers Agriculture machinery Earth moving equipments
  24. 24. Advantages The system is quite simple Less cost Less maintenance Pump not required
  25. 25. Disadvantages The cooling rate is very low Water must be maintained up to certain level Size of radiator is large Large quantity of coolant is necessary
  26. 26. Summary Working Nomenclature Cam mechanism Classification Application Advantage Disadvantage
  27. 27. Thank You
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