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Working Out With The Unlikely Florist


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Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to think out of the box to create a workspace that works for you. Spencer Falls, founder of The Unlikely Florist, had to do just that. Instead of relying on a traditional brick and mortar store, he uses a VW van to take his product directly to customers. Because of this, he’s put his garage to use as his prep space. Over time, he’s determined the best way to move everything he needs seamlessly between the two spaces. Here, he shares his tips that you can adapt for your workspace.

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Working Out With The Unlikely Florist

  1. 1. Sometimes an innovative business idea can come from simply looking beyond how and where most of the industry works. Prime example: Spencer Falls and his mobile floral business, The Unlikely Florist. Falls has two workspaces: his garage, which is his floral studio; and his van, which is his mobile storefront. In both, Falls stays true to what inspires him: the Earth and its natural elements. With a focus on repurposed materials, here are some of the ways he stays organized (and creative) while transitioning between his workspaces. Presented by STAPLES WorkingOut WITH THE UNLIKELY FLORIST Stick to Simple Tools Two of Falls’ most essential tools, his scissors and pruning shears, are with him wherever he’s working — either in his garage or in his van (and he never has to worry about a low battery). For more ideas on creating a workplace you love, visit Aim for Easy Set Up Falls designed reclaimed-wood flower holders with custom holes that fit upcycled wine-bottle vases. The result: an easy-to-set-up (and natural) mobile storefront. Keep Essentials Close Earthy twine and burlap are always an arm’s length away, as these materials hold together each rustic floral arrangement. Create Double Duty Storage Galvanized bins fill almost every corner of Falls’ workspaces, and allow him to easily transition from space to space. He uses them to hold flowers, twine, scissors and other numerous tools. Stay Inspired Falls covers the walls of his garage with inspirational mementos, such as artwork created by Falls, his friends and family, and dried, unsold flowers that showcase the beauty of his work from a different angle. Falls’ final thoughts on integrating two spaces: “I truly try to think of it all as one life,” Falls says, “one environment thatI create for myself that’s original and unique, and it’s own thing.” 33°59.5402’N/118°28.3893’W