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Genevie Aaker's Presentation on United Housing for HCD Fellowship


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Genevie Aaker's end of year presentation on her placement with United Houding Inc., for the 2011-12 academic year as part of her HCD Fellowship at University of Memphis.

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Genevie Aaker's Presentation on United Housing for HCD Fellowship

  1. 1. Housing and CommunityDevelopment 2012 Final Report UNITED HOUSING, INC. Genevie Aaker, M.P.A. Class of 2013
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Organization Overview Learning Objectives Accomplishments Outcomes Connection to Courses Lessons Learned Conclusion-Reflective Video
  4. 4. United Housing, Inc. isa 501 (c)(3) not for St. Elizabeth’s Day of Caringprofit agency thatworks throughoutShelby County,Tennessee to provideaffordable housing,homebuyer education,counseling and lowinterest rate loanproducts. UHI targetsits services to familiesthat are low-to-moderate income andfirst time home buyers.UHI also focuses itsaffordable housingproduction in low-to-moderate income areas,predominantly in innercity Memphis.
  5. 5. Learning Objectives Establishing advocacy and networking skills. Understanding the role of policy and planning in community development projects and within nonprofit organizations. Learning the framework of nonprofit organizations and nonprofit administration. Researching the field of housing and community development. Attaining knowledge of grant and project implementation. Understanding NeighborWorks America training resources.
  6. 6. Accomplishments Solar Research for Wolf River Bluffs Subdivision  Interviews  Requests for proposals NeighborWorks Textbook  Successful models for foreclosure prevention  Data collection: Case studies and lessons learned Curriculum for Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence  Executive Director Boot Camp
  7. 7. Accomplishments Newsletter Writing  New smart classroom  Hardest Hit Fund story SCIF Grant  Mobile Homebuyer Education Scenic Hills Educational Brochure  Content  Photos
  8. 8. Organization Outcomes UHI gained…  Assistance in Wolf River Bluffs project  A complete NeighborWorks textbook  Information about solar energy and EcoBuild  Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence Curriculum  Evaluation case study of UHI  Evaluation of annual fundraising event
  9. 9. Professional Outcomes I gained professional exposure to…  Board governance  Nonprofit leadership  Event planning  Grant writing  Public relations  Volunteer management  Attendance at fundraising, volunteer, and advocacy events
  10. 10. Course Connections• NONPROFIT THEORY AND PRACTICE • board governance • resolving conflict• NONPROFIT LEADERSHIP AND PHILANTHROPY • grant writing • grant making• RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT • volunteer management • fundraising
  11. 11. Lessons Learned1. Propose innovative ideas, even if they don’t work out.2. Connect with people through engaged community outreach events.3. Seek clarification when communicating project expectations.
  12. 12. United Housing’s2,010th homeowners.The dream ofhomeownershipbecame a reality! Conclusion: Why We Do What We Do