STMicroelectronics analog and mixed signal ICs for wearable devices


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This presentation describes STMicroelectronics portfolio for analog and mixed signal ICs for wearable devices, addressing fitness and wellness, healthcare and medical, infotainment and industrial applications.
It covers operational amplifiers, current sensors, smart reset, analog switches, audio amplifiers, BlueNRG (bluetooth smart), battery gas gauges, MEMS microphones.

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STMicroelectronics analog and mixed signal ICs for wearable devices

  1. 1. ST offering in Wearable Analog and Mixed Signal Portfolio March 2014
  2. 2. Wearable devices attributes 2 Connected Environment aware Intelligent Always on Compact Low power Devices being worn for an extended period of time with the user experience significantly enhanced as a result
  3. 3. Market and Applications • Fitness and Wellness – monitor activity and emotions • Activity monitors, foot pods and pedometers, sleep sensors, heart rate monitors • Emotional measurement • Smart clothing, smart watches, heads-up displays • Healthcare and Medical – monitor vital signs • Blood pressure monitors, ECG monitors, continuous glucose monitoring • Insulin pumps, drug delivery products • Infotainment – entertain and enhance lifestyle • Headsets • Smart glasses, smart watches • Industrial – receive/transmit real-time data • Hand-worn terminals, heads-up displays, smart clothing, wearable detection devices 3
  4. 4. ST Offering for Wearable 4 Smart energy management Sensors Ultra-low power connectivity Secure microcontrollers and memories Analog and mixed signal components The only company to offer a complete smart system
  5. 5. Large portfolio of highly power- efficient op amp in tiny packages High accuracy current measurement for contactless battery chargers Current sensors ST Analog and Mixed signal portfolio for wearable devices 5 BlueNRG MEMS microphone The most complete set of building blocks for wearable devices Operational amplifiers Audio amplifiers High-efficiency Class D and G amplifiers for headsets and speakers Bluetooth® smart solution with best-in-class power consumption Power-efficient microphone solutions for smarter voice- controlled devices Battery gas gauges Low-power gas gauge providing very accurate battery life indicators Smart reset Customizable products providing safe and convenient reset Analog switches Compact single and dual switches for audio and USB
  6. 6. MCU Wearable devices Analog and mixed signal products partitioning 6 Operational amplifiers Audio amplifiers Current sensors Smart reset Battery gas gauges BlueNRG Power management User interface Analog front-end Connectivity Analog sensors Digital sensors MCU Analog switches MEMS microphones
  7. 7. Solutions for Analog Front-End
  8. 8. Analog Front-End Analog transducers, getting the best from your sensor 8 Input offset voltage [µV] Input offset voltage drift [µV] Supply current [µA] GBP [kHz] Supply voltage [V] OAxNP Very low power 100 5 0.6 8 1.5 – 5.5 OAxMPA Low power precision 50 10 9 120 1.5 – 5.5 OAxZHA High precision zero drift 1 0.01 28 400 1.8 – 5.5 Operational Amplifiers ST offers a dedicated set of op amp to deliver the best match of current consumption and precision, for a wide range of applications Analog sensors need signal transducers to deliver the information to the MCU • Accurate and stable to guarantee the maximum precision of the information • Low power to guarantee a longer user experience • Small to be integrated in the most stylish and thin designs Analog front-end Analog sensors MCU
  9. 9. Analog Front-End Signal transducers application: electromyography 9 Analog front-endAnalog sensors MCU OAxMPAOAxZHA 50µVpp-5mVpp Raw input signal Conditioned output signal Input signal envelope A low input offset voltage with zero drift amplifier is mandatory. Otherwise the electrodes information would be less accurate or lost OAxZHA family is the perfect match offering: • VIO= 1μV • ΔVIO/ΔT = 0.010μV Once the signal dynamic has been restored precision and micro power consumption amplifiers are needed before the signal is fed to the MCU OAxMPA is the perfect match offering: • VIO= 50μV • ICC = 9μA
  10. 10. Analog Front-End Switches 10 ST analog switches line up is meant to cover all the possible signal typologies from audio to USB, to fit most of the applications In portable applications, switches are used to route a great variety of signal – audio to the speaker or the headphones, or other signal from and towards sensors • Guarantee a simple yet efficient system implementation • Compatibility with high-speed signals, for USB 2.0 applications Supply voltage [V] Supply current [μA] Off isolation [dB] X-Talk [dB] Bandwidth [MHz] AS11P2TLRQ SPDT single 1.65 - 4.5 0.1 (max) -75 @ 100Hz -80 @100Hz 150 AS21P2TLRQ SPDT dual 1.65 - 4.3 0.05 -72 @ 100 Hz -66 @100 Hz 55 AS21P2THBQ SPDT Dual 1.65 - 4.3 0.2 (max) -78 @ 1 MHz -78 @1 MHz 800 SEL SEL Front Mic Camera Mic Analog switches
  11. 11. Analog Front-End Switches application: dual mode microphones 11 Low power voltage Vdd_L Sniffing mode: the device reduces the power consumption at minimum whilst guaranteeing an adequate set of performances for voice activity detection High Supply voltage Vdd_H Normal mode: the acoustical parameters are set to the optimal level for voice control applications Vdd_H Vdd_L Mic Output AS11P2TLRQ analog switch can be used to supply the mic with different voltage level so to enable the different operating modes depending on the MCU needs thus enabling voice activity detection features AS11P2TRLQ Vdd_H LDO MCU Vdd_L LDO SEL MIC output
  12. 12. Solutions for User Interface
  13. 13. User Interface Answering the user 13 CLASS G HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER 3W CLASS D MONO SPEAKER AMPLIFIER High Quality Small size Low Power • Power supply range 2.3 V - 4.8 V • Low stand by current 0.6 μA • Vout = 0.8 Vrms into 16 Ω, at 1 % THD+N, VCC = 3.6 V • SNR = 100 dB @ 1 kHz • Reduced external BOM • Flip-chip package A22H165 A22H165M (μ-less) Audio amplifiers • Power supply range 2.4 V - 5.5 V • Low stand by current <1 μA • Pout = 0.8 W into 8 Ω, at 10 % THD+N, VCC = 3 V • SNR = 85 dB @ 1 kHz • Reduced external BOM • Small flip-chip package A21SP16J ST offers highly-efficient devices capable of delivering high quality audio into small, low power solutions Low power High quality Small size
  14. 14. Solutions for Power Management
  15. 15. Power Management Intelligent battery monitoring 15 • Coulomb counter mode, voltage mode and mixed mode operations • 0.25 % accuracy battery voltage monitoring • Analog and temperature compensation • Internal temperature sensor • Low battery level alarm output with programmable thresholds • Custom battery OCV curve • 2 µA in standby, 45 µA in operating • Flip chip, 2.01 x 1.37 x 0.6 mm, 10 bumps, 0.4 mm pitch GG25LJ - Gas gauge IC with alarm output for wearable devices ST offers an integrated solution combining current integration and voltage variation over the time thus providing the most accurate battery status measurement Battery gas gauges Accuracy Robustness Flexibility Low power Small size
  16. 16. Current sensors Power Management Current sensing 16 ST current sensing ICs portfolio cover most of the application needs • Independent supply and common mode voltages • Wide supply voltage range • Selectable gains • Low power solutions P/N Independent VIO and VCC Common mode operating range [V] Supply voltage range [V] Supply current [μA] Gain [V/V] CS30 2.8 - 30.0 4.0 - 24.0 165 20. 50, 100 fixed internally CS70 2.9 - 70.0 -2.1 - 65.0 2.7 - 5.5 200 20, 50, 100 pin selectable Wired or wireless battery chargers Precision current sources from sensors Photovoltaic systems Power management in wearable devices
  17. 17. Power Management Current sensing application: wireless battery charging 17 When swimming water pressure can reach up to 5 atm Wearable technology needs to be sealed. All the electrical connections with the external have to be removed Wireless battery charging is mandatory Digital controller Half bridge gate driver 30 V Mosfets Current sensing CS70 power communication Transmitter / Base station Receiver / Device 19V power source High side current sensing through the transmitter coil to dynamically regulate the charger power output
  18. 18. Power Management Smart resetting 18 # of RST button # of PWR button Supply voltage range [V] Supply current [μA] RST assertion time SR1 Smart reset 1 - 2.0 - 5.5 0.4 fixed at factory SR2 Smart reset 2 - 1.65 - 5.5 1.1 fixed at factory SRC0 Smart power and reset 1 1 1.6 - 5.5 0.6 selectable via ext condenser Push simultaneously to reset ST smart reset IC line up provide a full set of functionalities guaranteeing an escape sequence from OS or application failures Smart reset Wearable devices getting smarter, software complexity grows exponentially The possibility of and end-user misuse of the product increases accordingly System crashes are likely to happen and it is mandatory to provide an escape sequence to restart the application and maintain a perception of quality
  19. 19. Solutions for Connectivity
  20. 20. • 2.4 GHz RF transceiver • Cortex-M0 microcontroller (running the BT single mode protocol) • AES 128-bit co-processor • Master and slave single mode BLE (4.0) network processor • On chip non-volatile Flash memory allows OTA BLE-stack upgrade. Stack qualified • ICCRX 7.3 mA • ICCTX 8.2 mA @ 0 dBm • ICCSleep 1.7 µA • ICCShutdown 2.5 nA • Package: QFN32, 5 x 5 x 1 mm • Flip-chip Connectivity BlueNRG the Bluetooth® SMART solution 20 Integration Flexibility Low power Small size BLE network processor BlueNRG External MCU 2.4 GHz radio Link layer BLE protocol stack Application controller interface Application BLE profiles Application controller interface BlueNRG Single mode Bluetooth® SMART wireless network processor
  21. 21. Solutions for Analog Sensors
  22. 22. Sensitivity [dBV] SNR [dB] AOP [dB] Supply voltage range [V] Supply current [μA] Dual mode MP23AB02B -38±3 64 125 1.6 - 3.6 150 - MP23ABE03 * -38±1 64 125 140 - MP23ABE03DM * -38±1 64 125 1.6 - 3.6 140 (normal) 26 (sniff) MEMS microphones The voice control enablers 22 ST MEMS Microphones pave the road toward smarter and efficient voice-controlled devices combining performances, small size and low power consumption MEMS microphones Voice control is a wide spreading trend across many portable applications, making the interaction easier, faster and smoother It enables fashionable designs by reducing the number of button. Next microphones trend is to allow dual mode operations: Sniffing mode: the device reduces the power consumption at minimum whilst guaranteeing an adequate set of performances for voice activity detection Normal mode: the acoustical parameters are set to the optimal level for voice control applications * Q3 2014
  23. 23. 23