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We live in a world where electronics is each day becoming more pervasive. In every instance where electronics is making a positive difference to people’s lives, there is ST. 
We develop innovative, platform solutions (in 2 complementary sectors of multimedia convergence and sense & power applications) that systematically focus on increasing the quality of life, enhancing the intensity of its experience and building on the potential for social improvement.
We are enriching our customers’ products, to make them more efficient, more appealing, more reliable and safer. 
We stand for life.augmented.

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ST Company Presentation

  1. 1. Company PresentationNathalie Magniez
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. About ST 3  A global semiconductor leader  The largest European semiconductor company  2011 revenues of $9.73B(1)  Approx. 50,000 employees worldwide(1)  12,000 people working in R&D  12 manufacturing sites  Listed on New York Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris and Borsa Italiana, Milano (1) Including ST-Ericsson, a 50:50 joint venture with Ericsson
  4. 4. The focus of our wholly-owned business 4 Discrete & Multimedia Integrated Convergence Power Platforms Devices Energy Management & Trust & Data Saving Security Analog ICs & ASICs MEMS Healthcare Smart Microcontrollers & Wellness Consumer (MCUs) DevicesTarget Growth Applications Product Portfolio Target markets Automotive Communications Computer Consumer Industrial & Peripherals & Other
  5. 5. Partners of our Customers Worldwide 5with 78 sales offices in 36 countries Access this map:
  6. 6. An Unwavering Commitment to R&D 6 7 main technology R&D centers 39 design centers – 20,000 patents 12,000 people in technology, design, product and system R&DTechnology R&D centersDesign Centers Access this map:
  7. 7. Flexible and Independent Manufacturing 7 France (Crolles, Rousset, Tours) Italy China (Agrate, Catania) (Shenzhen, Longgang) Morocco Philippines Malaysia Singapore Front-End Back-End
  8. 8. A Strong Position 8 US$M12,000   FY11 Reported Revenues = $9.73B10,000   Wholly-owned business up 1% 8,000   Automotive +18%   MEMS +90% 6,000   Wireless down 30% 4,000 2,000 0 Target growth rate faster than the markets we serve 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 FY FY FY FY FY FY FY ST ex-Flash Flash Memory Wholly-Owned Business Wireless 8
  9. 9. 2011 Revenues by Product Segments 9 FY11 = $9.73B Wireless 1% Automotive 16% 17%Home Entertainment & Displays* 14% 29% Analog, MEMS & Microcontrollers 10% Computer & Communication 13% Infrastructure * Includes Imaging business Power Discrete Products
  10. 10. Global Presence 10 14% 24% 44% 18% 29% 38% 16% 17% Greater China Japan &Americas EMEA & South Asia Korea % by location of order shipment % by customer origin 2011 revenue by geography
  11. 11. Global Presence 11 14% 24% 62% 29% 38% 33%Americas EMEA Asia % by location of order shipment % by customer origin 2011 revenue by geography
  12. 12. Serving Diverse Markets 12 Automotive Distribution 23% 17% Computer & Peripherals 14% OEM’s 27% 10% Communications 9% Consumer Industrial & Other2011 Revenues by Market / ChannelFY2011: $9.73B
  13. 13. Leading Positions in our Markets 13 Automotive   #1 in China Distribution   #3 Worldwide 23% 17% Computer & Peripherals   #1 in Print 14% heads OEM’s   #2 in Printer and hard disk drive motor 27% 10% control Communications 9% Consumer   # 3 Worldwide   #1 in Set-top Box   Building a outside US leading position   #2 in Set-top Box in smartphones Worldwide and tablets Industrial & Other   #3 WorldwideFY2011Source: IHS iSuppli, 2010 rankings by segment include sales via distribution
  14. 14. A Complete Product Portfolio 14 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated Power Platforms Devices Analog ICS &ASICs MEMS Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  15. 15. People are our Foundation… 15Location HeadcountAsia ~24,000 15%$France ~11,000 43%$Italy ~8,500 24%$Malta & Morocco ~4,500Rest of Europe ~2,500 18%$United States ~1,500 36+ countries Direct Manufacturing Indirect Manufacturing Research & Development Sales, General & Administrative …working everyday to increase the quality and experience of life for all
  16. 16. Market & Vision
  17. 17. Semiconductors: the Industry of Industries 17 Total Available Market ($B) 8%$B CAGR350300250 Growth sustained by:200   Baseline development150   New applications100   Pervasion 50 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011e 2012e Serviceable Available Market (SAM) of ~ $177B in 2011 Source: WSTS, Nov. 2011
  18. 18. Key Markets / Applications 18 CAGR 2011-15 Automotive 8% Consumer Industrial 10% Comms. Data Processing 27% Automotive Consumer 19% Industrial Data Processing 36% Communications 0% 10% 20%Source: IHS iSuppli, December 2011 (including memories)
  19. 19. Strategic Trends 19 SENSING   Man-to-machine InterfaceMULTIMEDIA CONVERGENCE  Smart Consumer Devices POWER  Connectivity   Mobile Devices   Energy Saving
  20. 20. Our Vision 20
  21. 21. Making a positive Difference to People’s Lives 21 A in which we strive to enhance our leadership in “sense and power” technologies and “multimedia convergence” applications. Multimedia Convergence A world of applications Sense & Power
  22. 22. Leading Sense & Power 22 Analog MCUs Key EnablersMEMS/Sensors ●  Leading position in key products Power Management ●  Rich portfolio of technologies ●  Broad system know-how Supporting our target markets Automotive Communications Computer Consumer Industrial & Peripherals & Other
  23. 23. Driving Multimedia Convergence 23 Digital Set-Top Box Digital TV Automotive & Monitor InfotainmentImaging Key Enablers Smartphones ●  Low-power CMOS process roadmap & Tablets ●  Leading position in all converging markets ●  Broad system know-how
  24. 24. Strategy Overview 24 Energy SmartManagement & Consumer Saving Devices Trust & Healthcare & Data Wellness Security Discrete & Micro Multimedia Integrated Analog ICs controllers ASICs Convergence Power & MEMS (MCUs) Platforms Devices TECHNOLOGIES PEOPLE
  25. 25. Focus on New Applications Areas
  26. 26. Helping to Address the Challenges 26 laubarnes on flickr+2.3 billion people by +1.3 billion people aged +1.3 billion people in the 2050: ≥60 by 2050: active middle class by 2030population explosion population aging Source: United Nations report 2009, OECD report 2010
  27. 27. Addressing Challenges, Driving Growth 27 Energy Trust &Management & Saving Data Security Healthcare Smart & Wellness Consumer Devices
  28. 28. Target Growth Applications 28 Energy Management & SavingDrivers   Growing energy demand   Energy efficiency and costs   Environmental technology and sustainabilitySmart Systems and Application Efficiency   Generation: Renewable Energies   Distribution: Smart Grids   Consumption: Power Supply, Lighting, Motor Control, Hybrid/Electric Vehicles
  29. 29. Target Growth Applications 29 Trust & Data SecurityDriversPervasive deployment of “Personal Security” devices   Highly secure MCU platforms   Advanced contactless interfaces   Semi-custom and custom product supportStrong growth in “Embedded Security” applications   NFC controllers & related Secure Elements in Smartphones   Authentication & Brand Protection   Trusted Platform Modules   Machine-to-Machine interfaces   Internet delivery of multimedia content (OTT)
  30. 30. Target Growth Applications 30 Healthcare & WellnessDrivers   Sedentary lifestyle   Dietary change   Active population aging   Need for reduced costs of hospital care and physician/ clinical servicesInnovative Systems Solutions to address a world ofapplications:   Portable, tele-health monitoring   Wellness, fitness, assisted living   Clinical, diagnostic and therapy   Medical imaging
  31. 31. Target Growth Applications 31 Smart Consumer DevicesDrivers   Explosion of devices   A unique user experience anytime, anywhere   ConnectivityDeliver multiple services on all screens   TVs, set-top boxes, cars, smartphones and tablets   Open software approach   Common User Interfaces across screens
  32. 32. Technology R&D andManufacturing
  33. 33. An Unwavering Commitment to R&D 33   7 main technology R&D centers   39 design centers – 20,000 patents   12,000 people in technology, design, product and system R&D Access this map:
  34. 34. Technology Competitive Advantage 34 ST is unique in the semiconductor industry in mastering technologies as diverse as… Analog MixedAdvanced CMOS eNVM BCD Discrete MEMS Signal/RF…to drive the leadership in Multimedia Convergenceand Sense & Power
  35. 35. Technology Competitive Advantage 35 « More than Moore »: Diversification« Moore’s Law »: Miniaturization Baseline CMOS: CPU, Memory, Logic Sensors, Analog / RF Passives HV Power Biochips Actuators 130nm SiP 90nm   Interacting with people SoC & environment 65nm   Non-digital content   System-in-package 45nm   Information processing   Digital Content 32nm   System-on-chip 22nm Beyond CMOS: Quantum Computing, VLSI PLATFORM Molecular Electronics, Spintronics
  36. 36. Leader in “More Moore” Technologies 36 Prototyping start 2011/12 2013/14 2015/16 CMOS LOGIC 32nm/28/28FDSOI 20nm/20FDSOI 14nm CMOS Analog Mixed Signal/ 55/40nm 28nm 20nm RF CMOS Embedded non-volatile 80/55nm 40nm 28nm memory** Logic with Embedded Memories
  37. 37. And “More than Moore” Technologies 37Prototyping start 2011/12 2013/14 2015/16 BIPOLAR CMOS DMOS 160nm/110 90nm 65nm MEMS 22um/AR 1:25 25um/AR1:30 40um/AR1:35 (epi-poli thickness/ aspect ratio) POWER & -0.4mm -0.35mm -0.2mm DISCRETE -trench gate -ultra-thin wafer -TSV -thin wafer -very deep trench -Gallium Nitride -laser annealing -multi-epi (GaN) -thick metal -silicon carbide (SiC)
  38. 38. CMOS Technology Alliances 38 Pre T0 Alliance: Advanced R&D   14nn Finfet   FDSOI * ISDA: Bulk/low-power (LP) technology   32/28nm* Renesas is only part of the Pre T0 Alliance   20nm
  39. 39. 7 Manufacturing Sites Manufacturing 396 Front-end sites ~130,000 8’’ equivalent wafers per week >100,000 m2 cleanroom area worldwide6 Back-end Sites ~50 Million parts per day France (Crolles, Rousset, Tours) Italy China (Agrate, Catania) (Shenzhen, Longgang) Morocco Philippines Malaysia Singapore Front-End Back-End
  41. 41. Portfolio Summary
  42. 42. Leading Product Portfolio 42 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated Power Platforms Devices Analog ICS &ASICs MEMS Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  43. 43. Discrete & Integrated Power Devices 43 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated Power Power transistors Platforms Devices Integrated passive and active devices Thyristors & triacs Diodes Analog ICS & ASICs Protection MEMS Power modules Smart Power ASSPs Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  44. 44. Analog & MEMS 44 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated PowerANALOG Platforms DevicesInterfacesAnalog SwitchesMultiplexersRF ICs Analog ICS &Timers ASICs MEMS MEMSComparators AccelerometersReset Supervisors GyroscopesSensors Op Amps Microphones MicrocontrollersAnalog Front-End (MCUs) Compasses Pressure Sensors
  45. 45. Microcontrollers 45 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated Power Platforms Devices Analog ICS & ASICs MEMSGeneral Purpose MCUs Microcontrollers Automotive MCUs (MCUs) Secure MCUs
  46. 46. ASICs 46 Multimedia Discrete & Convergence Integrated Power Platforms Devices Digital ASICs Analog ASICsSPEAR configurable SOC Analog ICS & ASICs MEMS Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  47. 47. Multimedia Convergence Platforms 47 Multimedia Discrete &Automotive Infotainment Convergence Integrated Power Platforms Devices Set-Top Box Digital TV & Monitor Digital Imaging Analog ICS & ASICs MEMS Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  48. 48. Sustainability
  49. 49. ST Commitments in Sustainability 49 Sustainability mission "To be recognized as world leader in innovation for sustainable development through excellence in our people, our products, the environment and the community”Our People Our Products Environment Community  Business Integrity   Customer Satisfaction   Water use at Operations   ST Foundation since 2001  Recruitment, Training   Energy Management   Local Sustainability Impacts & Development   Conflict-free Minerals  Employee   Transport & Logistics   Public Policy Engagement   Eco-design   Waste Management   Partnerships in R&D  Global Diversity & & Education Equal Opportunities   Responsible Products (Environmentally and   Management of Chemicals   Management of  Employee Health, Safety & Socially) Sustainability In Supply Well-being   GHG Emissions from Chain   Respect of Intellectual Operations  Labor Rights & Social   Ethics Code of Conduct Property) Issues
  50. 50. Quality
  51. 51. Proactive quality People Product & technology developmentBusiness processes, Tools & indicators Change management Customers   Zero excursions   DPPM reduction   Flawless Execution Quality Excellence Objectives Manufacturing & supply chain Economic Value ST Quality 7 Pillars Reactive quality 51
  52. 52. Organization
  53. 53. Focused Product Segments 53 50/50 JV with Ericsson Analog & Power Digital Automotive Wireless Microcontrollers Discrete Digital Imaging, Bi-CMOS Automotive Analog, Micro, Industrial &Convergence ASIC & Silicon Products MEMS & Memory & Power Platform Photonics Group Group Sensors Security Discrete (DCG) (IBP) (APG) (AMS) (MMS) (IPD) 53
  54. 54. Shareholding Structure 54 FSI CEA Italian Ministry of the FT1CI Economy and Finance 50% (1) 50% (1) ST Holding N.V. 100% ST Holding II B.V. Public (2) (3) 27.5% 69.3% STMicroelectronics N.V. (ST)(1) Based on Corporate Governance rights pursuant to ST Holding Shareholders’ Agreement.(2) New York Stock Exchange, Euronext, Paris and Borsa Italiana, Milano(3) In addition to the 27.5% held by ST Holding II B.V. and the 69.3% held by the Public, 3.2% are held by the Company as Treasury shares