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Next Steps in Multimedia Convergence


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Keynote presentation at Computex 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Next Steps in Multimedia Convergence

  1. 1. The Next Step in MultimediaConvergence: Tomorrow TodayPhilippe LambinetExecutive Vice PresidentCorporate Strategy OfficerGeneral Manager of Digital SectorComputex Taipei Innovation Forum5 June 2012
  2. 2. 1987 2One Device = One Function
  3. 3. 2012 3Connecting users to content and services
  4. 4. More Devices per User 4In 2020, there will be 50B connected devices. That’s 6.58 devices per habitant on Earth. Source: Nextworth, Cisco
  5. 5. Growing opportunities across all segments 5Mu3,0002,500 Mobile PCs E-book Readers Handheld Video Game Players2,000 Video Game Consoles Digital Picture Frames Digital Still Cameras1,500 Camcorders Portable navigation Residential Gateways Tablets1,000 Smart Phones Car Infotainment Smart TVs 500 Digital Set Top Boxes 0 2010 2016
  6. 6. Convergence of Functionalities 6 Camera Battery life Parental control GPS Camcorder Home sharing Social Networks Web browsing Apps stores Gaming Picture stabilization Content sharing Email Content personalization SMS MP3 player Data security
  7. 7. Technology Adoption Rates Acceleration 7 Source: Charlie Catlett, Argonne Natl Laboratory
  8. 8. From Consumers to Producers 8 Producers ConsumersBeforeNow
  9. 9. Key Attributes 9
  10. 10. Key Requirements 10Performance Interface Smart World Power Security
  11. 11. Camera Interface 11 GyroscopeAccelerometer Intuitive Interfaces Compass Touchscreen
  12. 12. Security 12 Trust & Data SecurityDriversPervasive deployment of “Personal Security” devices •  Highly secure MCU platforms •  Advanced contactless interfaces •  Semi-custom and custom product supportStrong growth in “Embedded Security” applications •  NFC controllers & related Secure Elements in Smartphones •  Authentication & Brand Protection •  Trusted Platform Modules •  Machine-to-Machine interfaces •  Internet delivery of multimedia content (OTT)
  13. 13. Power 13 Energy Management & SavingDrivers •  Growing energy demand •  Energy efficiency and costs •  Environmental technology and sustainabilitySmart Systems and Application Efficiency •  Generation: Renewable Energies •  Distribution: Smart Grids •  Consumption: Power Supply, Lighting, Motor Control, Hybrid/Electric Vehicles
  14. 14. Performance 14Processing Graphic Video Audio
  15. 15. 15What does it mean forsemiconductor companies?
  16. 16. Multimedia Convergence: 16 The Ideal Technology Performance Design Powersimplicity leakage Cost of Area scaling ownership
  17. 17. Unified Processing Platform 17 DCTS ARM Holdings plc Q4 2011 Results Presentation Title 5/29/12
  18. 18. with Different Requirements and IPs 18 Tablets •  CPU and graphics Smartphones •  Power consumption TV •  Video Set-top boxes •  Security Car Infotainment •  Reliability
  19. 19. 19ST uniquely positioned to address themultimedia convergence challenges
  20. 20. Technology 20 Planar Technology – 2D 3D Technology 28nm LP •  Available for Design: Now!High-K/Metal 28nm Boost •  Superior Power Performance gate FDSOI/UTBOX •  Faster Design •  Enable Product Cost / Power Reduction +30% 20nm LPM 20nm Boost Strained-Silicon FDSOI/UTBOX +20% 14nm Bulk-Trigate •  High Logic/Memory Integration •  More complexity added to the process •  Available for Design: Q4 2012 •  Enable New High Performance Product 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  21. 21. Modules 21 6-Axis 32-bit Microcontroller Geomagnetic Module 32-bit Microcontroller 3-Axis Magnetometer3-Axis DigitalGyroscope 3-Axis Accelerometer 3-Axis System-on-Board System-in-Package Gyroscope •  Image Sensor •  Sensor •  Co processor
  22. 22. Set-Top Box and TV 22 DCTS All these and much more,already implemented & certified
  23. 23. Next Step in Multimedia Convergence 23•  We will offer a unified processing platform to serve all markets•  We will leverage our broad system knowledge and customer relationships Mu Specific 3,000 IPs Mobile PCs by Market E-book Readers 2,500 HW/SW Handheld Video Game Players Video Game Consoles 2,000 Digital Picture Frames Digital Still Cameras 1,500 Camcorders ST Portable navigation Unified Residential Gateways 1,000 Processing Tablets Platform Smart Phones 500 Car Infotainment Smart TVs Digital Set Top Boxes 0 2010 2016 Source: IHS iSuppli
  24. 24. ST Uniquely Positioned 24 Process Packages CMOS Logic CMOS Embedded Non MEMS Volatile Memory CMOS Analog Mixed Signal/RF Bipolar CMOS / DMOSPower & Discrete Key IPs FunctionsCPU cores Video Display User Display Port composition Interface & display A/V decode Transport Audio GPU Motion Security DDR i/f Accelerometer Position USB PCIe Video SATA HDMI MCU Networking Analog Gyroscope
  25. 25. Multimedia Convergence 25 Convergence of Functionalities Large scope of Multiple CompetenciesRequirements Required
  26. 26. 26For 25 years,we’ve been getting morefrom technology to get more from life