BI Publisher with EBS R12: 7 Best Practices for Implementation


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Seven tips for anyone moving to BI Publisher in Oracle R12 or already in R12 and wanting to learn more about BIP.

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    Different ways to setup templates and generate XML
    Different delivery methods, delivery configuration
  • BI Publisher with EBS R12: 7 Best Practices for Implementation

    1. 1. 7 Best Practices: Implementing BI Publisher with EBS Brent Lowe, Manager of Product Development STR Software
    2. 2. I’ve been working with BIP in EBS since 2004 and have picked up a few things along the way. Here are seven ways to improve your BIP implementation experience: “I love es! Practic Best ”
    3. 3. Best Implementation Practice #1 Get to the Latest Version of BIP for EBS So shiny!
    4. 4. Which version is right for EBS users? 5.6.3 BI Publisher 11g XML Publisher
    5. 5. Though there are many versions of BI Publisher what you want is BIP for EBS : 5.6.3 Running 11i ? See My Oracle Support Note 422508.1 for info about Oracle XMLP Release 5.6.3 Running R12 ? Congrats, you already have 5.6.3!
    6. 6. Good to know! BI Publisher = XML Publisher “XML Publisher” wasn’t sexy enough for Oracle, so they renamed it… except in the application and documentation…but we don’t mind. Publisherr L ublis he XM BI P
    7. 7. Best Implementation Practice #2 Know Oracle’s Published Best Practices h But w beg re to e in?
    8. 8. Start here: Covers : 1. Lar ge dat a set st r at egi es 2. XM st r uct ur es L 3. Lot s of gr eat t em at e t i ps f or pl per f or m ance, consi st ency, f or m t i ng. at
    9. 9. Best Implementation Practice #3 Utilize the Correct Tools for your version of BIP Call m e Jack Hand y!
    10. 10. Tools include: • BI Publisher Desktop Latest version is Use the version built with the same libraries as 5.6.3 -> Patch 5887917 • BI Publisher Toolbox Bursting Designer Delivery Designer Report Conversion
    11. 11. Best Implementation Practice #4 Know what BIP is Capable of Within Different Modules rma, rma, ka ka Karma, rma… ka karma,
    12. 12. go “I wn yo m .” ay w Not all modules follow ATG’s lead (i.e. their implementation is not “standard”). Will you be using any of these modules? • • • • Advanced Collections Payables Purchasing Order Management You’ll need to do some digging. (ATG = Application Technology Group, the folks responsible for BI Publisher in EBS)
    13. 13. Best Implementation Practice #5 Understand Your Delivery Options
    14. 14. Now that you’re generating BI Publisher documents, how do they get where they need to go?* *Disclosure statement: document delivery from EBS is an issue close to our hearts. STR Software’s products overcome the limitations of native delivery from Oracle. This stuff affects the bottom line, so we think it’s pretty important.
    15. 15. Well, if you want to deliver documents internally, Oracle’s native functionality is probably fine. You can generate documents using BI Publisher and deliver them, no problem. It gets the job done
    16. 16. But… There are some deficiencies with native Oracle functionality when it comes to external delivery. It doesn’t handle bursting and delivering high volumes of reports well; can’t support attachments to documents; and doesn’t provide a quick way to check on delivery status without IT’s help. If these features are critical to your business, a specialized thirdparty application like AventX is your best option.
    17. 17. AventX: •Makes delivery simpler with email, fax, and printing all in one solution •Keeps IT support to a minimum with easy installation and troubleshooting •Gives you peace of mind with email and fax delivery confirmation and status checks •Increases flexibility by allowing you to attach supporting documents to reports Check out our Quick Reference Guide for more information about advanced document delivery from Oracle EBS.
    18. 18. Best Implementation Practice #6 Understand How To Troubleshoot (It’s a brain)
    19. 19. Two places to look when troubleshooting: 1) Output Post Processor Log Files 2) Turn on debugging: xdodebug.cfg -> $AF_JRE_TOP/lib LogLevel=STATEMENT LogDir=<Directory> Which will create log files as shown below. xdo.log (main log file) xdo_...xml (Especially helpful when bursting) xdo_...out (output file) xdo_...xsl (XSL-FO version of RTF) (temp file created when converting RTF to XSL-FO) {gross}
    20. 20. Best Implementation Practice #7 Know When, How and Where to Ask for Help
    21. 21. 1) Get a cup of coffee and go to the documentation
    22. 22. 2) Ask a blogger – they’re helpful folks • Tim Dexter/BIP Official Blog: • A BI Publisher developer’s diary: • Oracle BI Publisher Consulting: • BI Publisher Blog - Ike Wiggins: • In Depth Apps - eBusiness Suite - Gareth Roberts: STR Software Blog (Oracle Apps and BIP blog) – • ful info! full of use My blog,
    23. 23. 3) Use the Oracle Forums Tips for getting help on forums: • Search First, Ask Second • Be someone (not user8840234) • Be Specific – version, OS, patch #, etc • Reward others for their assistance • Contribute! It is better to give than receive
    24. 24. 4) Utilize the Oracle Community It’s like Facebook, but for Oracle geeks! Search within Oracle E-Business Suite -> BI Publisher
    25. 25. 5) Use ‘My Oracle Support’ After exhausting all other forms of help, open an official SR olks pport f cle su ly, Ora g by! Friend standin
    26. 26. Conclusion With these seven best practices considered, you will ensure that your implementation of BI Publisher in EBS R12 will run more smoothie. smoothly. oothie Mmm…sm
    27. 27. More questions, suggestions or feedback? Contact me via email, blog or twitter! Email: Blog: Twitter: @brent_str The end. | Exper t s i n Docum ent Del i ver y f r om Or acl e EBS 11505 Al l eci ngi e Par kway | Ri chm ond, VA 23235 ( 804) 897 – 1600 | www. st r sof t war e. com