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STOCKARE RFID catalog 2015-2016


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Stockare just published the 2015-2016 catalog.
KF500 model is a reliable, ergonomic and durable RFID reader which help organizing stocks and inventories

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STOCKARE RFID catalog 2015-2016

  1. 1. KanbaNet Your stock any time, anywhere A way of optimizing stocks
  2. 2. KanbaNet · What is it? 3 · Double bin kanban 4 · Kanban process 5 · Kanban system components 6 RFID tags 8 10 9 11 12 13 14 RFID panel RFID reader Stockapp · KanbaNet process · Beneficts · Contact
  3. 3. KANBANET SYSTEM 3 The KanbaNet solution, based on RFID technology connected to cloud services, helps users having a controlled and organized stock. It allows having products always in hand for the users. It avoids issues caused by break of stock or expired products. KanbaNet enables rotation of supplies at the right time. What is it?
  4. 4. KANBANET SYSTEM 4 Primary bin Secondary bin Double bin KANBAN system divides the stock for each item in two bins: Primary bin Secondary bin (backup) Each bin is labeled with a RFID tag. Users can quickly make a product request by bringing the bin identification label near the panel when items at any bin are finished Double bin kanban
  5. 5. KANBANET SYSTEM 5 1. The process starts with the consumption of the items at the Primary bin 2. When the items at the Primary bin are finished an alert is triggered 3. The consumption continues with the Secondary bin (back-up) 4. Finally, replenishment is done. Move remaining items from Secondary to Primary bin and replenish the Secondary one. Kanban Process consumption replenishment ! 4 1 2 3
  6. 6. KANBANET SYSTEM 6 When the Primary bin is exhausted, a replenishment alert is triggered, placing the green RFID tag close to the reader. It may happen that the Secondary bin is also exhausted, before replenishment happens, so an urgent alert is triggered, placing the red RFID tag close to the reader. · Green RFID tag means, 50% has been consumed · Red RFID tag means, there will be no items soon. . Kanban process Consumption Replenishment ! ! Replenishment alert Urgent alert
  8. 8. KANBANET SYSTEM 8 Each tag refers to an item. The tags have an RFID chip embedded, which allows to send alerts when they are read by the rfid reader. There are two kind of tags: Green tag: placed in the Primary bin Red tag: placed in the Secondary bin Stock 50% empty Chip RFID RFID tags Stock 100% empty
  9. 9. KANBANET SYSTEM 9 The KF500 RFID reader has a buil- in RFID antenna to read the tag information when they are placed close to it. It reads all the tags and sends the data to the webapp. · Includes its own operating system. External computer not needed. · Reduced dimensions: 200 high x 200 wide x 60 depth mm · Easy wall mount system · Reading capacity: unlimited tags KF500 RFID Reader
  10. 10. KANBANET SYSTEM 10 The KN60 reader panel is a card holder where the RFID tags are placed. It has a buil-in RFID antenna to read the tag information. The panel reads all the tags and sends the data to the webapp · Panel dimensions: 660 high x 380 wide x 125 depth mm · Reading capacity: 60 tags RFID Panel KN60
  11. 11. KANBANET SYSTEM 11 STOCKAPP is a web based application used for stock management: · It is accesible from: ·Itallowscontrollingandmanaging stocks in a quick and simple way. · Eases the creation of records, statistics and items configuration. · Data can be downloaded in different file formats: .xls, .pdf or .xml STOCKAPP
  12. 12. Request Request monitoring Purchase managing KANBANET SYSTEM 12 1. Consumption The stock is been consumed daily 2. Request New items are requested when they are finished 3. Request monitoring All the requests are monitored by the webapp 4. Purchase managing The purchases are processed in the main storehouse 5. Replenishment The items are replenished for further consumption KanbaNet process Replenishment Consumption
  13. 13. KANBANET SYSTEM 13 Improves stock organization and control. Ensures products are always available. Avoids issues caused by stock out. Avoids having expired products. Helps rotating products at the right time. Stocks real-time information. Statistics for further improvement Access to historic data. Reduced replenishment time. Reduces counting time. Reduces inventory costs. Reduces errors. Benefits
  14. 14. SISTEMA KANBANET 14 Address: 48600, Bilbao, Spain Phone: (+34) 634 416 953 Twitter: @stockareRFID LinkedIn: Company Page Email: Partner: Contact Bilbao- Stockare main office Madrid- LaPastilla LaPastilla C/ Batres, 2C, P. Ind. Ventorro del Cano, 28925 - Alcorcón, Madrid, España Tlf: +(34) 91 633 22 71 | Móvil: +(34) 630 15 39 21 |