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ZIGBEE STMicroelectronics Webinar

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  1. 1. SPZB32W Series ofIEEE 802.15.4 RF ModulesGabriel Uribe28 September 2011
  2. 2. Agenda Purpose of this Presentation  To introduce the SPZB32W Series of IEEE 802.15.4 RF Modules based on the STM32W Platform Outline  IEEE 802.15.4 Technology Highlights  Target Application Domains  Portfolio and Roadmap  SPZB32W Series Competitive Advantages  SW Libraries  STM32W108 chipset overviewHW  Module Certification Approvals  SPZB32W Reference Boards overview  Summary AGENDA
  4. 4. WPAN Highlights• Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) •Connections effected via WPANs involve little or no infrastructure •Devices convey information over relatively short distances •Small, power-efficient, inexpensive solutions are implemented involving a wide range of devices. Bluetooth™ ZigBee™ Underlying Standard 802.15.1 802.15.4 Continous Data Streams, Monitoring & Control Application Focus Audio Traffic Data Traffic Battery Life Days Months/Years Enumeration Latency Up to 10 sec 30ms Network Size 7 +1 100s/1000s Bandwidth (K bits/s) 3000 (EDR) 250 C2 Range (meters)* 10+ (C2) 50+ Network Architecture Star Star, Tree, Mesh AGENDA
  5. 5. IEEE 802.15.4 Highlights• IEEE 802.15.4 targets • Low Power Consumption Devices • Low Data Rate Communication • Dynamic and Scalable Ad Hoc Networks• IEEE 802.15.4 operates in license-free bands• IEEE 802.15.4 defines the physical layer (PHY) APPLICATION OEM and medium access control (MAC) sublayers for PROFILES a low-rate WPAN (LR-WPAN) ZigBee or• Few stacks are defined by std committees on NETWORKING Similar LAYER top of IEEE 802.15.4 for use in multiple domains MAC LAYER IEEE • Stack Examples: Zigbee PRO, Zigbee IP, 802.15.4 PHY LAYER 6LowPan, RF4CE, WirelessHart AGENDA
  7. 7. IEEE 802.15.4: A Radio Technology for WirelessSensor Networks Application Domains Healthcare Assisted Living Home/Building Sport & Wellness AutomationEnvironmental Monitoring Industrial IEEE 802.15.4 Network Games & Smart Energy Remote Controller AGENDA
  8. 8. Killer Scenario Smart Grid - Killer Application Scenario•Smart Grid •Reworked infrastructure that embeds digital intelligence into the entire process of producing, distributing, pricing and consuming electricity to allow a continous real-time two-way information exchange between utilities and final users •This vision also impacts the Home Network scenarios where the different appliances can be connected together in order to give individuals over their consumption •ZigBee is identified as one of the enabling wireless technologies for smart grid and home networks scenarios AGENDA 8
  10. 10. ZigBee RoadmapTODAY TOMORROW Self-contained Standard ZigBee IP ZSE 2.0 GatewayZigBee PRO ZigBee PRO Self-contained Interoperable Self-contained Interoperable Standard Standards Standard Standards ZSE 1.X Interface ZSE 1.X Interface Network devices – Network devices – (gateways, bridges, (gateways, bridges, range extender) range extender) Gateway GatewayZigBee RF4CE ZigBee RF4CE Interoperable Interoperable Standards Standards AGENDA
  11. 11. STM32W: Different markets, different requirements,different protocols, a unique open solution Home/ Smart Smart Health Consumer Building Energy/ Smart Grid Light Care Remote Control AutomationAlso supported bythe previous series ZigBee 802.15.4 ZigBee ZigBee PRO based/ RF4CE IP 6lowPAN EmberZNet Proprietary Stack Stack Stack Stacks SimpleMAC STM32W Portfolio AGENDA
  12. 12. SPZB32W1 Series – Available PortfolioSPZB32W1yz.t are based on theSTM32W108CBU6 chipset(8kB RAM – 128 kB Flash) Range Options Normal Range Long Range TX: +3 dBm typ TX: +20 dBm max U.Fl SPZB32W1C2.x SPZB32W1C1.xAntenna ConnectorOptions Ceramic SPZB32W1A2.x SPZB32W1A1.x Antenna In Production – Mass Market maturity Certifications are ok – Samples in Q3 – Mass market maturity in Q4 AGENDA 12
  13. 13. Part Number Schema SPZB 32Wx y z .t Product Family 802.15.4/ZigBee RF Modules Memory Options (integrated micro) 32Wx  32W1: 8/128 kB STM32W108CBU6 32Wx  32W2: 16/256 kB STM32W108CCU7 Antenna Options yA: Integrated Antenna yC: Integrated U.Fl. Connector Power Transmission Options z1: Long Range (Integrated PA) (+20 dB) z2: Normal Range (+3 dB) Stack Options Blank: Open (only for evaluation boards) t1: ZigBee PRO (EmberZNet) t2: ST ZigBee t3: RF4CE t4: SimpleMAC t 5: ZigBee IP AGENDA 13
  15. 15. Benefits of using the SPZB32W Series of RF modules •Advantages in adopting SPZB32W modules come from 4 different aspects •Off-the-shelf solutions •Based on the STM32W core technology •Advanced module design •Same supplier of modules and chipset From the application development perspective chips and modules are equivalent but the modules SOLVE the issues of RF design by construction making the integration of radio capabilities in a target device very easy AGENDA 15
  17. 17. Software Libraries 1/2 Full design freedom Multi-purpose IPV6 Consumer, remote RF control controls Customer application Customer application Customer application ZID profile e:o 2Q/11 (Prod) ZRC profile IPV6 network layer Standard library Standard library Network layer 6LowPan RF4CE stack Standard library (optional) Network layer 15.4 MAC 15.4 MAC 15.4 MAC interface interface Interface 4 3 Part Number last digit mapping Customer code Productized Libraries Under Design AGENDA 17
  18. 18. Software Libraries 2/2 Industrial, metering home automation SmartGrid and lighting Customer application Customer application ZSL profile SE2.0 profile e:o 2Q/11 (Beta) e:o 3Q/11 (Beta) SE and HA profiles IPV6 network layer ZigBee IP Standard library ZigBee PRO stack e:o 2Q/11 (Prod) (including standard peripheral library) 15.4 MAC interface 1 5 Part Number last digit mapping Customer code Productized Libraries Under Design AGENDA 18
  19. 19. STM32W Libraries Memory Footprints Flash (Kbytes) Ram (Bytes) SimpleMAC 7.3 366 Flash (Kbytes) Ram (Bytes) 6LowPAN – Contiki webserver 46 4681 Flash (Kbytes) Ram (Bytes) RF4CE 26 1530 ZRC (Remote Control Profile) 7.2 442 Total 33.2 1972 Flash (Kbytes) Ram (Bytes) ZigBee PRO 75 3250 Application Profile (SE or HA) 20 300 Total 95 3550 AGENDA 19
  21. 21. STM32W108 Block diagram Fully IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio @ 2.4 GHz CORTEXTM-M3 CPU Power Supply Flash I/F Matrix / Arbiter (max 24MHz) 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core Reg 1.25/1.8V ARM ® Lite Hi-Speed Bus 24 MHz 128kB With MPU Flash Memory POR running @ 24 MHz, 1.25 DMIPS/MHz 64- to 256-Kbyte Flash 8-16Kbyte SRAM XTAL oscillators 32kHz + 24MHz Rich set of peripherals Up to 8kB SRAM  Sleep timer, watchdog timer JTAG/SW Debug Reset Clock Int. RC oscillators 32kHz + 16MHz  2x 16-bit GP timers Control Nested vect IT Ctrl Int. RC 10kHz + 12MHz  AES-128 encryption acceleration  Serial communication(UART/SPI/I²C) 1 x Systick Timer  1x ADC MPU Bridge  Up to 24 GPIO ARM Peripheral Bus Sleep Timer Four oscillators (two RC and two Xtal) HW MAC functions 2 x 16-bit Timer Temperature range: –40 to 85 °C Single voltage operation: 2.1V to 3.6V ARM Peripheral Bus Watchdog Event Manager 802.15.4 peripheral @ Power management 12-bit ADC 2.4GHz  Multiple power modes with clocking modes Up to 24 I/Os 6channels/188kHz Lower MAC + choice Baseband 4 Ext. ITs Encryption  Deep sleep mode <1 µA with RAM retention accelerator On-chip debug support 1 x SPI/I2C Analog RF  ARM JTAG or SWD 1 x UART/SPI/I2C  Packet trace interface enables remote monitoring of radio messages AGENDA 21
  22. 22. SPZB32W1 Series – Block Diagrams• Onboard 24 MHz and 32 kHz stable Vdd 32.768kHz 24MHz Xtal Xtal Xtals• Supply Range 2.8 V – 3.3 V STM32W108CB GPIO• Exported the STM32W peripherals Balun BPF (UART, I2C, SPI, ADC) Jtag u.fl.• JTAG interface for programming and debugging SPZB32W1x2.x –• SMD Modules with side pads for easy (TX: +3dbm : ITX: 32mA) soldering and optical inspection• Operating in the industrial 32.768kHz 24MHz Vdd temperature range: -40 °C to + 85 °C Xtal Xtal• Small Form Factor: 26.5 mm x 16.4 STM32W108CB mm GPIO PA/ BPF LNA• All the versions are PinToPin Jtag u.fl. compatible SPZB32W1x1.x – (TX: up to 20dBm: ITX: 130 mA) AGENDA 22
  24. 24. Modules Approvals (1/2) The ZigBee Alliance has created the ZigBee Qualification Working Group (ZQG) to generate certification and interoperability test standards. The ZigBee Alliance has also designated several independent entities to perform certification testing There are different levels of certifications  Not certified products  ZigBee Compliant Platform  ZigBee Certified Product  ZigBee Manufacturer Specific Profile  ZigBee Public Profile The STM32W108CB is  ZigBee PRO compliant platform  RF4CE compliant platform  IEEEE 802.15.4 compliant platform AGENDA 24
  25. 25. Modules Approvals (2/2) SPZB32W1xx.x are RoHS compliant SPZB32W1xx.x modules are CE certified  EN 300 328  EMC EN 301 489-17  Safety EN60950-1 The SPZB32W1xx.x modules are compliant with Part 15 of the FCC  modular approval applies to devices that are not stand- FCC ID: S9NZB32C2 (i.e.SPZB32W2x.1) alone products and are designed to always be included in other (end) products  The FCC ID of teh module must be used on the label for the end host product  Modules with U.fl. Connectors have been also certified with the following external antenna AGENDA 25
  27. 27. Integration Use Modes Cost effective solution based on Network Coprocessor for a complete SOC easy integration with your target host (i.e. end device) processor (i.e. gateways) M2 Application (Part2) Application (Part1) Application M1 Application Protocol Stack Protocol Stack MAC+PHY MAC+PHY GPIO SPI/ Host UART GPIO (i.e. STM32) PWM PWM AGENDA
  28. 28. Getting started with STM32W features and STlibraries RF application board x2 Infrared x2 RF extension Extension kit ORDER CODE: ORDER CODE: Sniffer STM32W108B-SK STM32W108B-KEXT Read ;;;;;; USB Analyzer AGENDA 28
  29. 29. Perytons Network Analyzer ST Kits include an evaluation version of Perytons network analyzer which will allow customer to use the standard edition of software for a period of 30 days. After this customers can upgrade directly from Perytons. Perytons Network Analyzer customer support will be handled by Perytons. ST has developed a special firmware to configure any STM32W application board as a Perytons capture device. AGENDA 29
  30. 30. Wireshark Network Analyzer Wireshark is a the most popular and widely used network packet analyzer able to capture and decode packet from a large variety of standards. Wireshark is Open Source Software released under the GNU General Public License, therefore free of charge. ST has developed a Dot15dot4WiresharkServer which allow to use Wireshark with STM32W boards. Now in beta release at intranet. AGENDA 30
  31. 31. SPZB32W Series Evaluation Boards/Reference Designs (1/2)•Usable together with the tools integrated inthe STM32W Starter KitOrder Code Purpose Key ComponentsSTEVAL- Development Board for SPZB32W1xx moduleIDZ30xV1 SoC Application; Temperature sensor Conf. Leds, Conf. buttons, usb, jtag STEVAL-IDZ401V1 STEVAL-IDZS301VxSTEVAL- USB Dongle; SPZB32W1A2 moduleIDZ401V1 STM32F103 as PC interfaceSTEVAL- Daughter Board to be SPZB32W1xx moduleIDX001V12 plugged on top of STM32F103 (on the STEVAL-IDX001V1; motherboard) Application partitioning Conf. Leds, Conf. buttons, with an host processor usb, jtag configurable; STEVAL-IDX001V1 + STEVAL-IDX001Vxx (motherboard) (daughterboard)•SPZB32W evaluation boards integrate chipset versions that are open touse all the stacks available for the STM32W family•Each evaluation board shipped individually AGENDA 31
  32. 32. SPZB32W Series Evaluation Boards/Reference Designs (1/2) STEVAL-IDZS301Vx STEVAL-IDZ401V1 STEVAL-IDX001V1 + STEVAL-IDX001Vxx (motherboard) (daughterboard) Application Application Protocol Stack Protocol Stack App. Part1 App. Part2 MAC+PHY USB Bridge MAC+PHY Use Mode 1 Application EZSP (PRO) Silab STM32W STM32F STM32WUSB s USB UART Use Mode 2 Use Mode 1 JTAG JTAG USB Bridge Application Use Mode 3 Part1/USB B Part2 Protocol Stack Protocol Stack MAC+PHY MAC+PHY STM32F STM32W USB SPI/ STM32F STM32W USB UART UART JTAG JTAG AGENDA JTAG MB DB Use Mode 2 32
  33. 33. Summary AGENDA 33
  34. 34. Access to the SW libraries and technicaldocumentation FW, Documentation and additional infos on the SPZB32W Series available on the ST website - Modules Datasheets - - SW packages libraries, STM32W datasheets and application notes - - Evaluation Boards technical documentation and FW -  support  evaluation tools AGENDA 34
  35. 35. SPZB32W Series Ready-to-use and pre-certified OEM RF Modules with industry leading performances Outperform competition thanks to the most advanced 15.4 SoC embedding CortexM3 core  Best in class SoC RF sensitivity  32bits widely known ARM core  20% better code density (ZigBee stack) Flexible and cost effective solution for IEEE 802.15.4 applications targeting both Mesh or simpler wireless networks  Protocol stack independence (Simple MAC Library) Offer access to a complete and modular S/W library: 15.4 MAC, ZigBee and RF4CE Stacks Large set of reference boards available for customer support AGENDA 35
  36. 36. QUESTIONS? AGENDA 36