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Proper email kimi

  1. 1.  Make sure that your username is not inappropriate Make sure it says something about you Also make sure that it makes sense not like… But last don’t use your address or phone number like…. or
  2. 2.  Hey what up my pal!!! Don’t use this if you are writing to someone important! You should have a proper opening like…. Dear ______, Also for a closing you shouldn’t be like… xoxo ;) your bff!!!! It should be like….. Sincerely, _______ But if your writing to like a friend you probably could be like that, but not to if like a company or teacher.
  3. 3.  Subject: None, well if this shows up on a very busy persons email they most like won’t open it first even if it important to you. Have a subject like if you forgot your homework or if you aren’t going to be at your job. Have a subject like…. Subject: Important or like Forgot homework or Not going to be there tomorrow.
  4. 4.  If a teacher is telling you to or a mom or dad says you can then go ahead! But… I wouldn’t just go in some people say what there not! Like I could be like… Hey so yeah want to go to the mall I can drive us there! Well I just said at least I was sixteen, when I’m not in high school yet. So be careful and look for clues if they are telling to truth.
  5. 5.  HEY LIKE WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN REPLYING? Ahhh don’t use caps it looks like your yelling at them, when you could be like… Why have you not be answering me? Also don’t use caps because if you right in a big paragraph it could be confusing or hard to read. Like… HEY LIKE I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO COME OVER BUT LIKE I CANT BELIVE THAT WE CAN HAVE COOKIE CAKE TONIGHT!!!
  6. 6.  Hi like idk wht to do about not going to wrk! Gtg ttyl! Don’t do that because some people might not know that idk means… When it means I don’t know. Also don’t use it like if its to your boss or like someone really important. But it could be fine if its it like a friend or a close family member.
  7. 7.  Hi so I’m not going to be at work tomorrow so tell the boss that I’m not going to be there. So don’t write like I just did because as you can tell it’s a total run-on-sentence. Also don’t start different sentences without periods or commas it can be really confusing like….. Hey so I won’t be at work tomorrow I will be shopping after work want to come over. Well that’s confusing because its suppose to be… Hey so I won’t be at work. Tomorrow I will be shopping after work though, want to come along.
  8. 8.  Don’t be rude, be respectful! By this don’t use sarcasm! People may not know your joking like this….. Haha,Your so dumb!!!!! You probably couldn’t tell I was joking, if I didn’t tell you. So I wouldn’t joke a lot over email, text, gaggle, and a chat room
  9. 9.  Please reply as soon as you can. Ok so let’s say this is in you inbox and you read it, well don’t be like well this is happening in two weeks I will do it next week. Because you may forget, or also they might want the information so the can reserve things.
  10. 10.  No need for a response. Thanks! W ell of course that means I don’t have to respond! Wrong be like…. Hey thanks for the news (or what the said or informed you on) I will remember! Bye See now that’s how you how you can respond even if they say you don’t need to