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Email ettique te

  2. 2. WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Always write in complete sentences. Never write in sentence fragments. Or abbreviate anything. It could really confuse the person you are emailing.
  3. 3. NEVER USE TEXT LANGUE Never write an email like you where texting the person. Never use “thx” or “lol”. Write all of your emails in complete sentences and use proper punctuation.
  4. 4. USE A PROPER NAME Pick a good username you do not want a username like “Emmaloveskaolas”. You want a username with your first and last name. Or your first name and your last name’s first initial.
  5. 5. WATCH YOUR TONE OF VOICE You do not want to write in all caps. Because the person you are emailing might think you are screaming at them. Also do not want to type in all caps unless there is a capital letter to start a sentence or if you are saying someones name .
  6. 6. USE PROPER PUNCTUATION Make sure whenever you are writing an email that you use proper punctuation. Such as comma’s in all of the right places.
  7. 7. GET TO THE POINT Get to the point as soon as you can. Especially if you have to email your boss. You don’t want to make a really long email just to say “hi”. Because your boss probably has hundreds of other email to answer everyday.
  8. 8. NEVER REPLY TO SPAM Never reply to email in your spam folder. Also, never click on any of the websites that say “ you just won an ipad!.” Because it could ruin your computer.
  9. 9. PROOFREAD Proofread every email before you send it no matter who your emailing. Especially if you are emailing your boss you don’t want to sound like you don’t know how to spell or add puntcation correctly.
  10. 10. ANSWER EMAILS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE Answer all of your emails as quickly as you can. One of your emails might be an emergency. For example, if your boss needs you to respond to something for a presentation in a few hours respond as fast as you can. I think between 24 or 48 hours is a good amount of time on responding to emails. If you get an email without a subject it may take longer than usual to respond.
  11. 11. CREDIT TO… All of the pictures are from clip art. All of the facts and titles from me