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SEALS (Newsfromthefront 2010)


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SEALS (Newsfromthefront 2010)

  1. 1. The SEALS project Contact person: EC contribution: Duration: Asunción Gómez Pérez 3.500.000 € June 2009-May 2012 <> Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain (Coordinator) University of Sheffield, UK University of Mannheim, Germany 3 2 Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany University of Zurich, Switzerland 1 1 2 University of Innsbruck, Austria STI International, Austria Institut National de Recherche en Open University, UK 1 Informatique et en Automatique, France Oxford University, UK 1
  2. 2. What will SEALS provide? The SEALS Platform • A lasting reference infrastructure for semantic technology evaluation • The evaluations to be executed on-demand at the SEALS Platform The SEALS Evaluation Campaigns • Two public evaluation campaigns including the best-in-class semantic technologies: – Ontology engineering tools – Ontology storage and reasoning systems – Ontology matching tools – Semantic search tools – Semantic Web Service tools • Semantic technology roadmaps 2
  3. 3. What datasets are available? • Test data for evaluating different characteristics of semantic technologies • Evaluation results for existing semantic technologies Ontology Engineering Tools Reasoning Tools Ontology Matching Tools Semantic Search Tools Semantic Web Service Tools OET Conformance 2010 DLBS Classification 2010 MT Benchmark 2010 SST Automated Search SWS Tool Discovery Conformance Conformance Performance 2010 Evaluation 2010: DLBS Class satisfiability Efficiency Search quality Performance OET Interoperability 2010 2010 Interoperability Interoperability SST Automated SWS S3 (Semantic Service DLBS Ontology satisfiability MT Anatomy 2010 Performance and Scalability Selection) Contest 2010: OET Scalability 2010 2010 Conformance 2010 Performance Efficiency Efficiency Resource consumption Scalability DLBS Logical entailment Interoperability 2010 SST Automated Query MT Conference 2010 Expressiveness 2010 Conformance Query expressiveness Efficiency Interoperability SST Automated Quality of Alignment coherence Documentation 2010 Usability SST User Usability 2010 Usability SST User Query Expressiveness 2010 Query expressiveness 3
  4. 4. Building on top of the SEALS Platform Benefits: Evaluation Organisers • Researchers. Technology Technology Validate their Providers SEALS Portal Adopters research and compare with others Entity • Developers. Evaluate Evaluation requests management requests their tools, compare with others and Runtime SEALS monitor Evaluation Service Manager • Providers. Verify and Service show that their tools Software agents, work, increase SEALS Repositories i.e., technology evaluators visibility Test Data Tools Results Evaluation • Users. Select tools or Repository Repository Repository Descriptions sets of tools Service Service Service Repository Service between alternatives 4
  5. 5. Contact: Coordinator: Asunción Gómez Pérez <> SEALS Community Portal: SEALS Evaluation Campaigns: 30.05.2010 5