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MOST (Newsfromthefront 2010)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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MOST (Newsfromthefront 2010)

  1. 1. MOST: Marrying Ontology and Software Technology ESWC 2010 News from the Front, 2010 Jeff Z. Pan, Yuting Zhao University of Aberdeen, UK Steffen Staab University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany On behalf of the MOST Consortium BOC, COMARCH SAP TUD UNIABDN UoKL
  2. 2. MOST Cool Things • Go back and forth between UML and OWL: TwoUse – Intuitive understanding by software developers – Expressive reasoning about UML stuff • Reason as fast as possible: TrOWL – Not one fits all, but different racing suits for swimming, running and flying – Efficient explanation service • Provenance in software development: TGraph2OWL /OWL2TGraph – Traceability • Guiding the software developer by reasoning: MOST ToPF
  3. 3. Data and Ontologies Available Device Models Process Requirement Models Code Models Models Traceability Task Models Ontology Guidance Type Core Ontology Ontology Domain Ontology Artefact Query Ontology set
  4. 4. Who Should Use the Tools? • Everyone who cares about models – Consistency check your model (refinements/extensions…) – New ideas for verifying models? • Everyone who develops software from models – Growing set of metamodels and increasing set of model transformations – Contribute yours! • Everyone who wants task-optimised reasoning and explanations – Best state-of-art for given reasoning task – Add your reasoner! TwoUse TrOWL
  5. 5. MOST Contact Jeff Z. Pan More on MOST at ESWC: TrOWL demo SE Case Studies Ontology Reasoning Techniques System /Demo Services Ontology-assisted process Query Answering • Conjunctive query answering for EL+ TrOWL(EL) / guidance TrOWL Demo Process refinement TBox Reasoning; • Soundness guaranteed TBox reasoning; TrOWL(EL) / checking Justification • Soundness guaranteed approximation based justification TrOWL Demo Physical device TBox Reasoning; •Soundness guaranteed TBox and ABox reasoning; TrOWL(EL) / configuration ABox Reasoning; • Soundness guaranteed approximation based justification TrOWL Demo Justification Requirement analysis Query Answering (with •Conjunctive query answering with NAF TrOWL(QL) / NAF); •Conjunctive query answering based on semantic approximations TrOWL Demo Justification • Soundness guaranteed approximation based justification 5